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DC/Marvel Character Tourney – Winner of the Utopia Region!

The winner of the Utopia region is here!

The result is rounded to the nearest whole number, except when doing so would result in a tie.


Out of 855 votes, the Thing was better off fighting the Champion than Cap, as Cap whupped him good, 57% to 43%…


And then the… is that the Melter on that cover? And then the Melter choked Cap down. Very sad. All hail the Melter, surprise winner of this region!

HA! Melter IS victorious!

Seriously though, buttler is the real winner here; the winner in our hearts.

lol love the cover to show how bad the ting got his butt whipped by cap.

I waited until the Final Four to ask, what is Utopia?

Sean: Aww, you’re too kind.

The Mutt: I think Utopia is the X-Men’s island base off the coast of San Francisco, built from the remains of Magneto’s Asteroid M.

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