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DC/Marvel Character Tourney – Winner of the Westchester Region!

The winner of the Wetschester region is here!

The result is rounded to the nearest whole number, except when doing so would result in a tie.


Out of 991 votes, Spider-Man killed Wally West 50.05% to 49.95%. One vote! I kid you not!


Brian, you copy-pasta’d Utopia Region three times.

I like to imagine that Cap is just so proud, he has to announce himself whenever he enters. “Hello everyone! Winner of Utopia division here!”

One vote? Good lord. I killed Wally West. Me. It was me.

And I’m not sorry, do you hear? I’m not sorry at all.

One vote? Damn….

Take note, DC! Wally West is ALMOST as popular as Spider-Man!!


Yet you continue to publish comics about that Boring Allen doucher.

Barry Allen, LITERALLY the most boring DC character ever given an ongoing.

Why do you do this to me, Geoff Johns?

Wow, my vote totally decided this match-up!

Strange that this Flash is so popular, or might OMD still have some effect there?

It’s always good to know when you’ve made a difference.

i wish i coulda voted twice for Wally. i was just re-reading some Waid Flash & remembering the good ol’ days. Sigh…..

Spider-Man won on MY vote, dammit! I was the difference! Meeeeeee!

Who knew you Wally fans were so prevalent?

My guess it is more that Wally fans vote with a chip on their shoulder, so they make a point to support Wally while Spider-Man fans don’t since he is already so popular. I wonder if Wally could have gotten within a point of Batman under the same principle.

Isn’t it a reasonable chip to have? Plus, it’s not like Spidey was fighting Speed Freak.

Not knocking the chip, just noting its existence.

Well, Wally always liked a race.

And yeah, DC take note and all that.


March 31, 2012 at 2:35 pm

Damn right Wally fans have a chip on their collective shoulders! I can’t believe it came down to one vote! One more vote and Wally would have been just as popular as Spider-Man! I really hope DC is paying attention.

surprised to see the results for thought wally speed would wind up so spider man had to use his mind instead of webbing.

Ooh, what would have happened if one more person voted for Wally?

I wish I could remember how I voted. I think I went for Wally, because I tend to dig him more.

I killed him. So I got that going for me. Which is nice.

Wow. So many people taking credit for offing Wally West. But not me. Nope. You can’t prove anything. I just voted.

Voted with hatred.

(Actually, I liked Wally. I also like Barry Allen. But Spider-man kicks both of ‘em to the curb.)

I came very close to voting for Wally but went with Spider-Man because he’s been portrayed more consistently over the years, whereas Waid’s Wally isn’t terribly close to Messner-Loeb’s for example. But I do quite like Wally despite that and my vote could have gone either way.

I do have some affection for Barry and don’t find him *quite* as boring as some, but he’s more interesting to me as a great hero who willingly paid the ultimate sacrifice to save the universe/multiverse; I can’t think of a better written death scene for any superhero. I liked seeing him in flashbacks/time travel sequences and the like but he should never have been resurrected.

Wait wait wait, I know why it was so close!

Nobody wanted to be the one to kill the other character, because for both of these guys…

“Nobody Dies”

I will say that, while I like Spidey way better, I do like Wally and would have preferred that he remain the Flash.

Which is funny, because as Kid Flash he was easily my least favorite Teen Titan.

This is astonishing. And to think, I forgot to vote over the weekend. I could have caused a tie! Actually, I like both characters a lot and it would have been a coin toss for me.

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