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DC/Marvel Character Tourney Finals Winner! The Closest Finals Yet!

Who won the 2012 DC/Marvel Character Tournament? It was the closest finals yet!

Read on to find out!

Out of 3,585 votes, with a margin of just 51% to 49%, Batman buried Spider-Man…

The last time these two tangled was back in 2010, where Batman won 55% to 45% (back in 2009, Batman won with 61% of the vote). Don’t look back, Batman, someone is gaining on you!

Here is the final bracket…



Man Batman wins every year…

You know, burying Spider-man never takes. Just ask Kraven the Hunter.

I’m fairly certain that Batman will take out Spidey at the box office this year as well. Must be great to be Batman.

hate that bat

Spider-Man beat Thor??!!??

The God of Thunder Thor???!?!!?


No matter how often you tell people that it isn’t about who can beat who in a fight…

Batman is incredibly overrated… but still pretty great.

Spider-man is an all-around better character though.

Batman is just a crybaby Mary Sue who needs to go to a shrink

I like Batman the franchise a lot more than I like Batman the character, whereas I like Spider-Man the character more than I like Spider-Man the franchise.

Good fight! That was fun.

Can Batman be left out of the tournament next year just to see who wins?

and once again batman proves he is the hero that can if he chooses to beat all other fighters including old web head maybe spidey will get revenge at the box office

Batman is boring! I don’t see the appeal…

I’m pleasantly surprised.

“Can Batman be left out of the tournament next year just to see who wins?”
Answer: Spider-Man.

Better leave them both out in that case!

The winner and still champion, most commercially successful superhero of ‘em all!

An LOL at the Spidey fans whining that Batman is “boring”. Currently Spider-Man is a shadow of the hero he once was, a pitiful manchild who’s willing to sell out to the devil and give up the woman he loved just to postpone the demise of his mother figure (and the consequent loss of his last connection to childhood). Seriously, between these two Batman definitely isn’t the only one who needs therapy, but he’s the only one who didn’t cut a deal with the actual devil.

Batman also doesn’t punk out when facing his greatest foe – while Spider-Man was the one to throw up his arms and give up in the recent Avengers storyline, when they were facing Norman Osborn and the Spidey-Child quickly announced defeat, “Dude we’re done” and proposed that the Avengers should tuck tails between their legs and run away. Which they did, probably yelling “Avengers Abandon!”, and in case you were wondering THAT’s why they never let Spidey into the Avengers before: He’s not good enough! He’s a minor-league player who has no business among grownups! If superheroes were actors Spidey would be Rob Schneider!


April 3, 2012 at 9:37 am

So relieved that the majority of comic book fans understand the appeal of a real hero, with gripping psychological motivations and character-driven imagination at the root of his very creation. For a character whose only superpower is personal drive, courage and the desire to genuinely want the world to become a better place for good people. Thank you all, for making the right choice. I almost lost faith in you all!


sandwich eater

April 3, 2012 at 11:51 am

This was a tough choice. I’d say it was like having to pick favorites among my kids, but luckily I don’t have any kids.

I always thought that Batman epitomized what an adolescent thought they wanted to be, while Spider-Man was actually about adolescence. And hey, it’s not Spider-Man’s fault he has had some crappy writers and editors recently.

Probably my two favorite comic book characters ever.

I say, to avoid a Batman four-peat, that next year we Bring on the Bad Guys and do a villains-only poll/bracket. (So, out of Joker/Luthor/Darkseid/Doom/Magneto/Goblin, which two are only 2 seeds?)

Jeff – I think the most recognizable villains would be Joker, Luthor, Doom and Magneto (who’s only a part-time villain anyway). Other good candidates for an all-villain competition: Catwoman, Galactus, Dracula (who once even had his own regular series, like the Joker), Doctor Octopus, internet-darling MODOK and Thanos.

Spider-Man is by leaps and bounds the best superhero ever created. Batman is the coolest, though, so I’m ok with this.

@TheFlashisanascarfan He also has the power of being a natural genius and athlete, as well as having inherited billions of dollars.
So is Powergirl the MVP of the tournament?

Love that Dick Grayson takes out Darkseid but is taken down by Ben Grimm.

Justin Bieber's Thong

February 19, 2013 at 1:07 pm

If you don’t want Batman to win, stop voting for him!

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