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What if Daredevil and Oracle Had a Kid?

That’s the question posed to our Sean McFarland as part of this week’s Line it is Drawn (here is what the others came up with this week).

So here is Sean’s take on the child of Daredevil and Oracle (he dubs her “Darocle”) as suggested by joeholzer!

Read on to see Sean’s drawing…

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Great job, Sean!!!

Here is Sean’s website. Go check it out.


Oh, that’s cool. I had terrible, terrible ideas of someone blindly running a wheelchair into the wall, so this definitely went a much better way.

Given that my first guess would be something out of Pinball Wizard, this is a pleasant surprise.

Disabilities are not inheritable. Unless they are genetic, which is not the case for either hero. Well, MAYBE she’d get her father’s senses, if you want to push it.

And what’s that image going into the wall?

I think it’s her radar sense detecting a person in the hall.

Omar got it one, thank you sir.

When I grabbed this one as a suggestion, it didn’t occur to me that maybe this was an attempt to have a very disabled character…. and then it did,… and then I felt bad.

So I went with my initial impulse!

“someone blindly running a wheelchair into the wall”

Best. Idea. Ever. lol

nice love how she seems to wound up not coming off as a blind girl driving a wheel chair into the wall . though thought she would have a red mask like her dad

But yellow is both a Bat-Family colour and the original colour of Daredevil’s mask, so I think the yellow is a better choice.

Another great entry to my proposed “children of heroes” team book (though, unfortunately, one of Daracle’s parents is a Marvel character, so she’d be a tough sell). And yes, I know this will never actually happen and I’m just “fan-fic”-ing here, but a guy can dream.

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