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The Abandoned An’ Forsaked – So Hawkeye Had Sex with a Doombot?

Every week, we will be examining comic book stories and ideas that were not only abandoned, but also had the stories/plots specifically “overturned” by a later writer (as if they were a legal precedent). Click here for an archive of all the previous editions of The Abandoned An’ Forsaked. Feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com if you have any suggestions for future editions of this feature.

Today we look at where the Scarlet Witch ended up after the events of the House of M.


In Avengers #503, by Brian Michael Bendis, David Finch and Danny Miki, it is revealed that the architect behind the events of Avengers Disassembled (including the deaths of a number of Avengers) was none other than their teammate, Wanda Maximoff, otherwise known as the Scarlet Witch, who had basically just went nuts…

In The House of M, by Bendis, Olivier Coipel and a bunch of inkers, the Avengers ponder what to do with the Scarlet Witch, who had been taken by her father Magneto at the end of Avengers Disassembled. Her brother, Quicksilver, freaked out and convinced the unstable Scarlet Witch to use her reality-altering powers to change the world so that mutants were in control of the world.

When the Avengers realized what was going on, they took the fight to Magneto and it led to a traumatized Scarlet Witch to use her powers seemingly one last time…

In the final issue of the series, we see what happened to the various characters involved in the House of M (who lost their powers and who had their powers spared by a Doctor Strange spell). We also see that Wanda is seemingly powerless living in Transia, at the foot of Mount Wundagore, which is where she was born…

In New Avengers #26 (by Bendis and Alex Maleev), Hawkeye (who was killed by the Scarlet Witch in Avengers Disassembled and then brought back to life by her during the House of M) is trying to hunt her down.

He heads to Transia…

Once there, he helps a woman who had her purse stolen. The woman turns out to be…

He passes out and she takes him back to her home where he questions her…

They then have sex. He leaves while she is asleep. Basically he has no idea what to make of the situation. She killed him. She brought him back. She has no memory of her past. It is just a messed up situation all together.

Soon afterward, Beast of the X-Men (in a story by Mike Carey, Scot Eaton and Andrew Hennessey) is trying to cure mutanthood of the Scarlet Witch’s spell. He tries every avenue but cannot find one that works. Ultimately, he, too, ends up in Transia where he also meets Wanda…

Somehow, the two do not have sex.

Okay, so that’s the situation as far as anyone knows. Wanda is living in Transia without any memory of who she once was.

That changes in Avengers: Children’s Crusade, by Allan Heinberg, Jimmy Cheung and Mark Morales, where the Young Avengers (mostly Wiccan and Speed, who believe the Scarlet Witch is their mother – that’s a subject for another time) and Magneto go looking for the missing Scarlet Witch. Quicksilver gets involved, too…

First off, how freaking irresponsible is that?!?! Just chucking spikes into crowded areas?!? What the hell? How is that not addressed in the series how messed up that is?

ANYhow, luckily for everyone involved, that turns out to NOT be Wanda, but rather…

Yes, as it turns out, Doctor Doom. You see, Wanda Maximoff HAS lost her memory and Doctor Doom saddled up to her and got her to agree to marry him. He grabbed her from Transia after the end of the House of M and created a Doombot of her to throw others off of her scent.

This leads to a humorous scene in a later issue of Avengers: Children’s Crusade…


Children’s Crusade also redeemed Wanda by showing that she went to Doom for help finding her kids before the events of Avengers Disassembled, and he manipulated he to the point where she was possessed by a yellow fear monster (or the equivalent of a yellow fear monster). So she did not really turn bad. She was possessed. So now she’s back to being available for writers to use, if they so choose. That’s not really FORSAKING an old plot so much as excusing it, so that particular aspect of Children’s Crusade won’t be appearing in this column.


Somehow, the two do not have sex.


I assume the Doombot switcheroo was done after the Hawkeye scene but before the Beast scene. I know Doom is the premiere robot-maker in the Marvel U, but I can’t believe they would hold up under the scrutiny of sex.

Unless Hawkeye is really dense…(how could he have missed those machine gun jublees?)

I’ve always thought that the story could work just fine if they explained that the woman Hawkeye slept with was just a Wanda look-alike, who he spent the night with in his state of distress. The story’s still creepy, but there’s no rape-y subtext, nor does it become a ridiculous case of Clint being with a glorified blow-up doll.

Wow, she is so obviously a doom bot. Did you see that scene with Beast at the table and she’s standing there with the french bread? Her head is, like, 3 feet to the left of her body.

Considering that Children’s Crusade issue with the Doombot revelation came out less than a year ago (and the one where Hawkeye found out about the Doombot only came out a few months ago) year ago, isn’t it a bit early to call any of those plot threads abandoned or forsaken?

That said . . .

Regardless of if it was actually Wanda, a robot, a look alike or a Skrull, Clint was a first class sleazeball douchebag for sleeping with a woman he thought (A) was suffering from amnesia and (B) he knew, if she had her memory, would never sleep with him (because it’s not like he hadn’t tried).


May 6, 2012 at 1:12 am

This is going to sound horrible but…

Why, in the moment between when Wanda says Daddy and No More Mutants didn’t someone put a bullet in her head, or take her head off?

Or Emma cause her to have a brain hemorage?

They obviously knew whatever she was going to say next wasn’t going to be anything good. It’s horrible but someone should have done it.

In conclusion, in my personal opinion this is the most beautiful looking Abandoned and forsaken ever. Maleev’s art in particular is really beautiful.

Travis Pelkie

May 6, 2012 at 1:31 am

I gotta point out the sweet Klimt riff that Maleev did in that scene with “Wanda” and Clint. Very cool. IIRC, there’s more to the scene that’s more Klimt-y, isn’t there? (the sexy time bits)

In that Beast story, is there a reason she asks him if he writes fantasy? Is it just the discussion of ideas of stopping time? Because it seems a big leap to make from “we’re talking about a common fantasy of people wanting to stop/reverse time” to “ok, he must be a writer”. Unless that’s the Doombot logic at work?

And with either Clint or Hank, didn’t they question the “aunt” more to find out more about Wanda? Or was she the woman in the alley with Wanda and Clint when Clint passes out like a Southern belle with the vapours?

Pietro is a dick, but the throwing spikes is dumb. Oy!

Nice of Doom to frame Wanda’s buh-zooms for us there.

Why, though, would Doom create a fake Wanda, though? Presumably the real one was in Latveria with him, and chances are the superheroes would encounter her there at some point anyway. Plus, by creating a fake Wanda with no memory, wouldn’t that cause anyone who looks for her and finds “her” to look deeper into things, and then find out what was going on, and much faster than if there’d just been no fake?

“Puny Mortal, Doom need not explain his lack of logic to you!”

And although Ms Marvel isn’t here to make the reference better, if Doom married Wanda, wouldn’t Doom’s adoptive mother in law be an actual fat cow?

If memory serves, The Clint issue happens around Civil War. Avengers crusade is a year or two old, right? Wel,, what about during Mighty Avengers? The Avengers storm Doom’s castle, and if I remember right they kind of raid it though this is under the name of “security”. Even so they were at the castle for quite some time and Doom was defeted. They could have find her.

I like Beast’s reaction to Jessica Jones asking, “YOU HAD SEX WITH HER!?!?”

The “WHAT!?!” to me, from Beast has the subtext of, “Goddamnit, all I got was sipping chai! I didn’t even get to first base. Sonofa…”

Between this, and the Comic Book Urban Legends this week that covered Marvel editing a scene to make it look like Wanda didn’t try to persuade Wonder Man with fellatio, she’s having quite the week.

This is up there with Ultimates 3. oh, wrong Wanda!

I thought stuff like Wanda being able to change whatever she wants a weaker part of the last ten years of Marvel. Getting rid of most of the mutants through magic is pretty weak in my opinion. What caused it? ‘It’s magic.’ So no disease or other big event. It just happened?

Bendis said that he made a mistake killing Hawkeye. Now he sees that confessing takes the hurt away and he brought him back. :)

Is she behind Hawkeye changing his costume to goggles? Because I’m also not a fan of that.

The thing that bugged me about that New Avengers issue was that, lovely as the art was, that Wanda didn’t look anything like any version of Wanda I’d ever seen. Even allowing for artistic license as to facial features (it’s not like all the versions of her in the montage look like the same “actress”) she doesn’t have the same hair color as Wanda usually does (again, they’re never really consistent about whether she’s a brunette or a redhead, but she never has LIGHT red hair). To make it worse, she doesn’t even bare a passing resemblance to the Wanda on the cover of that very issue (who has black hair).

Combine that with the fact that, as you can see above, the scenes with Wanda had sparse dialogue and no narration boxes or thought bubbles, so there was no way of knowing whether the redhead is SUPPOSED to look like Wanda or not. Was Haweye surprised to see Wanda or just reacting a beautiful woman? Or wondering what Black Widow was doing in Transia? Sure, it’s unlikely he’d swoon like that if it wasn’t Wanda, but it’s not like swooning is the expected reaction for Clint if it WAS Wanda. We shouldn’t have to think “I have no idea what happened so I’ll assume it’s the thing that makes the most sense plotwise.”

Then she introduces herself as Wanda Maximoff and it sort of confirms she’s probably supposed to look like Wanda, but only sort of. Could be that Hawkeye helps a (seemingly) random woman, passes out from the exertion of the fight (I forget know how strenuous getting her purse back was but I remember thinking this interpretation was possible) then discovers she has the same name as the woman he’s looking for and wonders whether it’s a coincidence or some kind of Seige Perilous thing where Wanda was basically reincarneted with a new face and no memory of her previous life. If memory serves he just kind of wanders off at the end, never confirming whether he’d forgiven Wanda or just decided he couldn’t risk hurting someone he wasn’t sure was the actual person he was looking for. I just couldn’t tell how ambiguous the ending was supposed to be.

(And before anyone suggests it’s impossible to believe Hawkeye could go looking for Wanda Maximoff in Transia and find a woman named Wanda Maximoff Transia – whether she looks right or not – and not be convinced she was the same person, bear in mind that my formative comic book reading years were mostly focused on a book in which both the X-Men and the reader were expected to think it was at least possible that a woman who looked exactly like Jean Grey, was the sole survivor of a fiery plane crash that happened at the exact moment Phoenix died, and had no relatives or memory of her life prior (pun intended) to the crash might NOT be connected to Jean Grey in any way.)

@zzz Spot on, nice-looking art but so off-model on Wanda as to obfuscate the most important plot point.

Talking of that story, is Auntie Agatha Hakness still in the cupboard?

Bill, we’ve seen Doom’s Doombots fool people like Daredevil and Wolverine before. So if they can fool Matt’s and Logan’s senses, they probably smell and feel real.

Linkin-Phoenix, they only had a couple of seconds to react. Plus, Hawkeye tried killing her earlier and it didn’t work.

So, why did Doom make the fake Wanda?

I’m inclined to agree with the commenter who said Doombots probably don’t feel that lifelike (and that it’s silly to send one around, anyway).

So, was she wearing that backless evening dress when Hawkeye saved her purse? Or did she change into it after she got him home?

Also, why the hell does Hawkeye have sex with his amnesiac friend? How is that *not* weird, even without the Doombot thing?

Basically, what I’m saying is: What the hell, New Avengers 26?

Brian Cronin

May 6, 2012 at 8:16 am

So, why did Doom make the fake Wanda?

To keep people from realizing he had the real Wanda in Latveria.

Brian Cronin

May 6, 2012 at 8:17 am

So, was she wearing that backless evening dress when Hawkeye saved her purse? Or did she change into it after she got him home?

The latter.

Also, why the hell does Hawkeye have sex with his amnesiac friend? How is that *not* weird, even without the Doombot thing?

It’s definitely weird.

You know, after reading the comments, I realize how rape-y Hawkeye comes across in New Avengers 26. Ew!

The Wanda Doombot was probably more in the replicant/LMD style of technology.

However, this would have amazingly hilarious if Hawkeye had slept with a Doom-style Doombot.

That’s one of my favorite issues of New Avengers. It’s a character driven, one-off story with Maleev art! No matter how hard Bendis tries, his usual strategy of four-issue-long fight scenes is never going to produce anything nearly as impressive as that. Well, unless Walt Simonson draws it, maybe–I haven’t been reading those issues.

Yellow fear monster?
Isn’t that DC’s thing? Parallax?
And how does sticking a Wanda-bot in Transia throw off the scent? How about not having a Wanda-bot at all and it just looks like she is completely gone. If there is nothing to be found, there isn’t any ‘scent’ at all.
I suppose it is nice they absolved Wanda of wrong-doing in the whole Disassembled mess. That is a good thing, but the way they got there is kind of dumb.

If you look through Hawkeye’s sex life in comics, he’s never been really good at saying no to sex. Honestly, he’s the Captain Kirk of Marvel comics.

If Marvel actually had any guts at the time Bendis was writing his craptastic Avengers story, and told him “NO, you can’t do any of this stuff to Wanda”, there would not have even been a need for a maxi series like CHILDREN’S CRUSADE needed to clean up this mess.

The “Mad Witch” plot was being procrastinated for years, as Brian remembered this week in Comic Book Legends… yeah, Byrne would develop something alike (but not the same) with the Scarlet Witch character a decade before.
And we can’t forget the Dark Witch story in the 1970’s, drawn by the same Byrne in Avengers series. Wanda was possessed by Chthon, right?
So, I don’t blame on Bendis for this situation, because Scarlet Witch was always prone to go nuts any time.
However, Heinberg caused a lot more damage with this Children’s Crusade story… there are lots of inconsistencies in this series.
And I liked the original Young Avengers series very much, so it was a disappointment for me.
As for the “Wanda” doombot… it’s not said that it was really a doombot when Hawkeye met her/it… so Doom could have replaced her with a doombot AFTER that love affair.
Hmmm… not so “Abandoned ‘n Forsaked” for me… hehehe
Maybe the chaos magic stuff could be one.. after all, does it exist or not in Marvel Universe 616?

I don’t think being possessed by a prehuman god equates to “prone to go nuts.” And wasn’t the later Dark Wanda the work of Immortus? Or am I confusing plotlines?

The New Avengers pages highlight something about Bendis that seems to be worse when he’s working with Maleev: the tendency to have panels of people blankly staring off panel at something. I don’t know if this is Bendis’s subtle yet subversive commentary of the decompressed style he’s known for — “If I need to drag this plot out to six issues, I’ll just have panels of people literally doing nothing” — or his fascination with Maleev’s art, which, though pretty to look at, is not always as adept at actual storytelling.

How did hawkeye sleep with a doombot? I thought there was evidence Wanda didn’t entirely lose her powers when Clint reaches for the door to leave?

How does Wiccan even know that was a doombot the whole time?

Fraser,the later Dark Wanda WAS the work of Immortus, but he only manipulated events in an attempt to drive her nuts- he didn’t mind control her into going nuts.
Honestly, this was the problem with Byrne’s storyline- before Byrne, Wanda was one of the most capable Avengers, even having defeated a villain when eight months pregnant. (OK, it was only the Toad, but still…)
Byrne just made Wanda look nuts, which is why most Avengers writers tried to ignore that story or play it down until Bendis.

I’ve been a big fan of Hawkeye since I started buying comics over 30 years ago…but, that said, you can’t deny Hawkeye has been one of the most consistently schizophrenic super-heroes ever. One moment he’s the noblest hero, emulating Captain America in morals, deeds, and smarts…then, the next, he’s a brain-damaged, childish douchbag who’s pretty much out for himself.

I really think his lowest point was when he had sex with Wanda (well, and the Wasp). But with Wanda it wasn’t just the amnesia thing–it was also the “let’s creep out of here before I have to deal with what just happened.”

” If Marvel actually had any guts at the time Bendis was writing his craptastic Avengers story, and told him “NO, you can’t do any of this stuff to Wanda”, there would not have even been a need for a maxi series like CHILDREN’S CRUSADE needed to clean up this mess. ”

You act as though it’s impossible that anyone have liked Bendis’ Avengers work, and that he was a big bully giving every member of the editorial department swirlies.

Personally, I think it’d be hilarious if each year they had a different male Avenger tracking down Wanda in Transia and then end up having sex with her without planning it. :)

Fyodor Kuzmich

May 6, 2012 at 3:25 pm

The most messed up part of this is clearly Dr. Strange’s mustache. Good lord.

I think the other weird thing about it was, the Wanda Doombot claimed she lived with her Aunt Agatha (teased that it was Agatha Harkness, who was confirmed to be dead to the extent of being very decomposed during “Disassembled”.

So Clint stares at this door where the Wanda he just had sex with claims and old lady he KNOWS to be dead is behind it… and then he just leaves.

At the time this came out, we were in the build up to Secret Invasion, and for a second, I was wondering if the amnesiac Wanda was being observed by a Skrull to keep her “off the table” or observe her. Instead, it was just a Doombot with a very odd claim.

hated what avengers disassembled did to wanda but then learing clint wound tracking her down and had sex with her only to find out it was a doom that was as creepy as when wanda and vision did it. not to mention wanda surely would be smart enough to only seek out doom as a last restort she would go to strange first . though love how beast and jessica freak out over learning hawkeye and wanda did the wild thing. at least hawkeye has taste in ladies. till they turn out to be robots

Travis Pelkie

May 6, 2012 at 4:31 pm

Speaking of Secret Invasion, I don’t know the timeline with Mockingbird in regards to that, but do ya think Clint also had sex with the Skrull version?

He really would be the Captain Kirk of the Marvel U, then.

Yeah… loved this storyline. First of all cleans up the Bendis mess that was disassembled. Then makes Clint a bigger loser then he already is (really sleeping with your amnesiac “friend”???) by having him sleep with a doombot. What a relief. Now bring back Wanda into the fold and make some good stories. Hopefully Hickman can really erase most bendis crap and bring back the real avengers finally. Btw a better storyline would be is that Clint gets amnesia and his “friend” Hercules finds him and then takes advantage of the situation. Cuz that’s what Avengers do. They Avenge. And what happened to Wanda needs to be avenged. And Hercules is the right guy to do some avenging. Just sayin’

That issue of New Avengers always bugged me. It made Clint look like the biggest douchebag in my eyes. It being a Doombot doesn’t change Hawkeye’s behavior. He still thought it was Wanda. He still took advantage of someone who was not in her right mind. Someone that was supposed to be a good friend of his. It’s like, “Hey she doesn’t recognize me! Instead of getting her psychological help, I’ll bang her and just leave her here!”

As is often the case with one these, I feel very overwhelmed at the utterly mindblowing combination of oblique imagination, perceptive psychology, zany humor and acknowledgement of subtle and not so subtle artistic effort featured here. And that is just the comments. The stuff in the article itself was really messed up.

I’m almost afraid that I’ll have to go with either a ‘Comics, Everybody!’ or a ‘Wow, how messed up is it that almost every female superhero ends up being rendered completely insane by the amalgam of the storytelling process (or perhaps just John Byrne), or even ‘hey, I just agree with chad.’

I think in this case, I just agree with chad.

Oh, and yo go re

That was a pretty funny line, Brian.

Um, did somebody just suggest that Hercules um…should ‘avenge’ Clint’s ‘situation?’ Cause that is pretty messed up.

Michael Boyce

May 6, 2012 at 4:55 pm

Didn’t Wanda and Cap have sex right before Avengers Disassembled, in Cap’s book with Falcon at the time. Even a cover of her and Steve making out…

But what was in the CLOSET?!

That issue ends with Clint getting out of bed and peeking into Wanda’s closet to find…. something shocking, that is naturally kept out frame, that we never see and is never explained. It’s bugged me for years.

I liked how crusade ended without Wanda being redeemed. As all the xmen and avengers did not care at all about why she did house of M. Just that she did it, which I think is best being its the most interesting thing to ever happen with the character. I hope it remains something for her to deal with.

Yellow fear bug? Um, it was pretty obvious to me that it was the Phoenix Force.

Wanda going bonkers is an Avengers tradition. She’ll probably do it again in another 10 years.

Bendis sure gets a lot of grief from Scarlet Witch fans online but he just took this tendency of the witch to go all evil and attack her teammates to its logical conclusion. I’ve personally loved all the fantastic, high-stakes stories that have spun out of Wanda’s breakdown in Disasembelled.

And Hawkeye really is an idiot.

Well, I didn’t know about this Doombot situation until just now. My immediate impression is that it ruins all the emotion of that New Avengers story.

I also think people are being too hard on Hawkeye here. When I read that story, I thought he seemed to be in very shaky mental condition himself; his resurrection seemed to be pretty traumatic to him.

Travis, yes, it was fairly clear that Clint slept with Skrullingbird.

Damn you Hawkeye, taking advantage of Wanda Doombot by having sex with it and leaving before it wakes up the next day! Doombots have feelings, you know! Doombots are people too!
Or at least they think they are people!

“To keep people from realizing he had the real Wanda in Latveria.”

But that assumes people would have had any reason to look for her in Latveria in the first place and, really, no one did. In fact, it wasn’t until the one in Transia was discovered to be a Doombot that it put anyone on Doom’s trail. Latveria is a closed nation. It’s not like anyone who was likely to recognize Wanda was going to run into her on the street while on vacation Doomstadt (I think that’s what the Latverian capitol is called).

i think cap had sex with the doombot too. in christopher priests run of the terrific captain america and the falcon. wanda was in the supporting cast and she and cap got really close then ended up sleeping together. the next day she acted like nothing happened. then the whole dissembled thing happened and priest run got canned. so we never really found out what was going on with cap and wanda. but ill say this priest wrote it very well it was kind of out of left feild but seemed natural at the same time.
it would be really embarrassing for both cap and hawk to have slept with the same doombot especially if they both found out the other did too

Wow, way to completely ignore the look of a character with a 40 year history, Marvel.. She looks completely different in every appearance! Hawkeye looks pretty bad too in the “pastel sequence” too, he looks smaller, older and less intelligent (even for Hawk).

Pretty much defines why I can hardly ever read Marvel anymore, they just don’t give a damn about their characters. Whatever works for the moment, “eh, it’s a comic. Ship it.”

Coming next summer, Red Hulk is ten thousand years old, founded the FF, and is everyone’s father.

about the wanda-Cap thing, it seems Cap remembers having sex but Wanda doesn’t, which would mean, that it was all an illusion from the real Wanda and it never happened. During disassembled and house of M, Dr Strange and others theorize about Wanda being “playing with reality” for a long time before anyone realized. This sex illusion included. which also brings to mind the LAME plot of Xorneto… which has been claimed to be an elaborate illusion conjured up by wanda in order to have her father alive & well

Uh.. yellow fear monster? So has it been clarified whether Chaos Magic exists or not anymore?

Travis Pelkie

May 7, 2012 at 1:50 am

The yellow fear monster line is a joke, guys.

And as Michael confirms that Clint was with Skrullingbird (great portmanteau), Clint really does like to get freaky when he gets his freak on. Skrulls, Doombot (or from his POV, an amnesiac woman)…he was in a relationship with Black Widow early on, so add “Commies” to the freak list.

I think the NA 26 issue was supposed to be quite ambiguous. As Mary points out, Clint was pretty freaked out too, having been dead and then resurrected.

It’s been a while since I’ve read NA 26, but having seen that some people were still commenting on the WW #7 thing elsewhere on the blog earlier, and the comments above, I’m giving a think here to how “rape-y” the scene here is. I figure if I’m going to be relatively consistent (as I think the WW scene is at least “rape-y”), I need to think about how “rape-y” the scene here is.

The woman/doombot seen in NA 26 might not look like other depictions of Wanda, but looking at that montage up top, a lot of the depictions don’t look much alike. From the context of the issue, though, I think we’re supposed to know that it IS her, or at least, that CLINT thinks it’s her.

I think Brian skipped a page (or more) after he asks how long the woman had been there, and iirc, she replies that it’d been awhile — long enough that she couldn’t be Scarlet Witch Wanda. Or at least had changed her reality enough that she was no longer SW.

Also, there’s no reaction when he introduces himself, so she’s either amnesiac or she’s recreated her life to not include the Avengers.

With the “She’s not here” line, Clint lets us know that he believes Wanda is no longer the same — if she could kill and resurrect him, recreating her life sans Avengers would be no big deal.

However, I think the reason that he bugs out by the end is that he knows that what he did was … at the very least, taking advantage of greater knowledge than what the woman had. Having to face that further was too much, especially as he himself was on shaky mental ground.

Douchey? Undoubtedly. Rapey? hmm…

If it’s the Wanda that’s been in the Avengers, but an amnesiac, having sex with her and leaving without trying to help her (or later on letting others know she’s around) is very much taking advantage of someone with impaired mental abilities, which is one of the definitions of rape, I believe.

If it’s a Wanda that’s been recreated by the SW powers to be a different person, well, I think that’s a slightly different situation. It’s weird, undoubtedly, but new Wanda has her own mind and can decide who she wants to be with.

Which is why Bendis very deliberately had Wanda be the instigator of the act.

If it’s a Doombot, well, I suppose it’s ok regardless….

As some other people said, too, it just makes no sense for Doom to make a Wandabot, as no one was looking for her in Latveria, and if “she” was found at Wundagore, wouldn’t the Avengers come in and try to examine her, at least say, hey, we think you’re our friend, here’s why?

Doom. I suppose even he gets stupid when he starts thinking with the little helmet.

I know you skipped some stuff, but why didn’t HANK let everyone know about “Wanda”? Or did he? Maybe he wasn’t looking specifically for her, but upon finding a woman named Wanda, who reminds him so much of SW, and speaks American accented English, Mr Furry Smarty Pants doesn’t look into it a bit further? Especially as someone who’s had an impostor take over his life for awhile!

I haven’t been reading new Marvel books for a few years now, so this is a little bit confusing. I get the creepiness factor in Clint sleeping with what he thought was his amnesiac ex-teammate who he carried a torch for. But I don’t get, and need an explanation for, how far Doom and Wanda’s relationship went.

Could someone allay my fears regarding Doctor Doom being engaged to, and presumably sleeping with (or at least planning to once married), an ACTUALLY amnesiac Scarlet Witch? I looked up this Children’s Crusade thing but couldn’t find a definitive answer. It seems to me that she went to Doctor Doom for help, then may or may not have lost her memory, became “engaged” to him, regained her memory, and later had an encounter with Doom along with the Young Avengers.

That in-between period there where she was just amnesiac and living with Doctor Doom can’t be as sordid as it seems from a first glance, right? I’m hoping I’m just misreading these summaries of the action, but just that image up there with his arm wrapped around her is so out of character for him. As much as I love Doctor Doom as a character, I’m not someone who thinks writers can never show him committing despicable acts. But something like this would be way too much. He was just keeping her around to harness her power or something, right? The dude turned down the Enchantress in heat. He’s never been portrayed as being particularly lascivious,as far as I can remember. Even if it turns out that ol’ Vic is real big on abstinence before marriage, I just can’t get around him planning to go through with a marriage like this.

Brian Cronin

May 7, 2012 at 2:41 am

Wanda comes to Doom for help with her dead kids. He realizes he can exploit her powers. He uses her powers and his own magic to tap into the “life-force,” a power so great that it could bring people back to life. However, the life force is TOO powerful and Wanda goes insane with the power. After the events of House of M left her amnesiac, Doom finds her again and brings her to Latveria where he begins to court her (leaving a Doom-Bot of her in Transia to throw off anyone who might come across her), knowing that she still has the Life Force power in her and he wants to exploit it. Doom argues that he might actually have legitimately fallen in love with her during this time, but he concedes that he might have been blinded by his desire for her power.

So yes, he planned on sleeping with her (the implication I got was that they had not yet actually slept with each other). He viewed it as a good thing for her, though, that she should be honored to be his wife. Even after he ends up with the Life-Force power himself, he still wants her to be his wife.

I always assumed that Clint and Wanda were doing it since the Kooky Quartet days, keeping it on the down low because Cap’s a virgin and Pietro’s creepy jealous of his sister. That’s why Clint was “suddenly “in love with Wanda when she hooks up with the Vision and after Black Widow dumped Clint. Wanda is the only one to hug Clint when he returns in AVENGERS #172. In AVENGERS #151 she calls Clint my “old buddy” quotes in the text.
Does anyone think Wasp was raping Yellowjacket all those years since she married him when he was under mental duress? It kind of makes hitting her seem like self-defense.

For anyone who doesn’t read Green Lantern, the yellow fear monster refers to Parallax, which possessed Hal Jordan and turned him evil (which obviously some, but not everyone gets).
I don’t think I’d hold Clint’s affair with Black Widow against him: He’s a young kid who suddenly hooks up with a beautiful sophisticated jet-setter and international spy–she had him wrapped around her finger from the get-go.
I don’t buy Clint and Wanda doing it precisely because he was stuck on Black Widow for much of that period (and long afterwards, even after she’d moved on to Daredevil) and Wanda never showed much interest. Her later reactions are perfectly consistent with thinking of him as a close friend and teammate. That being said, if someone retconned it in, I wouldn’t find it unreasonable either.
Re, Children’s Crusade, I only skimmed the TPB–did the time-travel games at the end undo any of what happened earlier? I wasn’t clear.

@Travis Pelkie,

Re; The morality of Clint’s behavior in sleeping with Wanda . . . it doesn’t really matter whether it was actually her or some kind of doppelganger. As far as Clint knew it was her and that’s the defining element for judgment.

i think it is heavily implied that Doom found her in Transia AFTER she had the encounter with Hawkeye… otherwise, why leave the Doombot?

Doom, learning that she has had contact with people from her “former life”, leaves the Doombot as a failsafe (or at least a red herring) in case anyone comes calling on her again.

Matty Macomber

May 7, 2012 at 8:38 am

Mental instability seems to run in Magneto’s line. He, Wanda, Pietro, and Lorna have all been raving lunatics at one time or the other and the women seem to get possessed/dominated/controlled a LOT: Lorna by Mesmero, Erik the Red, and Malice while Wanda gets Chthon, Immortus, That Which Endures, Set and Doctor Doom (Wanda does have a higher class of villain, I’ll grant); I know there’s some I’m missing in there.

I am surprised everyone is alright with Quicksilver throwing sharp objects into crowds. Seriously if that had been the real Wanda he would have killed his own sister. Whoops! Granted that whole scene is beyond forced. Magneto not getting a force field up while others are blocking. He has only been around a few years.Wanda being the only person to get hit so it can be revealed that she is actually a doombot is weak.

Herb Clerecidge

May 7, 2012 at 11:53 am

I just want Wanda and the Vision back together. That’s one major %^&*-up of Byrne’s WCA run that’s never really been fixed.

Francis Dawson

May 7, 2012 at 11:59 am

Oh, Wicked Wanda!

That Maleev art is rilly nice. I’ve not heard of him before. What else has he worked on?

@Francis: he did a whole lot of Daredevil alongside Bendis. It’s Bendis’ best work by far, you should check it out.

David…. I think there still might be something between them though because Doom’s confession to being responsible for everything sounds more like him trying to cover for Wanda than being the actual truth. It is highly unlikely that he would be behind Disassembled since he was consigned to Hell during Waid’s FF. And as for HoM , that was hardly a scenario he would give to himself, being the head of Magneto’s hit squad for dissident humans.

Concerning whether or not Victor and Wanda did the deed, I doubt it. Wanda never mentions it and you would think that is something she would hold against him if he did take advantage. Instead, she returns willingly to him in Latveria when the Avengers and X-Men start fighting among themselves.

But that’s not to say he doesn’t get a little something on the side now and then. After all, it was very obvious that he traveled back to the past to have sex with Morgan Le Fey in Bendis’ Mighty Avengers. I have to wonder though if Doom could have a little business on the side with his highly developed female Doombots.

Doom doesn’t strike me as the sort who would take advantage of Wanda – or women in general for that matter – because it would violate his personal sense of honor. That’s something too crass and beneath him.

Man, I really dislike thinking of superheroes/villains sex lives…

Doom doesn’t strike me as the sort who would take advantage of Wanda – or women in general for that matter – because it would violate his personal sense of honor. That’s something too crass and beneath him.



May 8, 2012 at 12:56 am

Yellow fear monster? How bout an alien cocoon thing? Totally off subject but there is a similarity between the fall and redemption of Jean Grey and Hal Jordan. Go to space, come back a crazy murderer, die, come back blame alien monster, all better. Is there a reycled story listing like the artist swipe files?

I’ve been waiting to bring this up somewhere. This is the closest place I could find.

No-one in particular

May 8, 2012 at 2:39 am

Right, good. That’s how it went down. I was curious. I am now also very glad I didn’t buy The Children’s Crusade. At least someone retconned Disassembled. Worst fridging ever.

Is it absolutely clear here that Wanda was a Doombot when she encountered Hawkeye and the Beast? I assumed that Doom replaced her with a robot after she had those two earlier encounters. Doom may have been responsible for Wanda going crazy, but that doesn’t mean that she did not lose her memory and construct another existence for herself in Transia.

I always thought the Hawkeye encounter was kind of creepy. But there was another element of it that was never explained – what did Hawkeye see in Wanda’s aunt’s room? That unexplained but, apparently, disturbing encounter may indicate that the Wanda he encountered was real, albeit amnesiac.

I have no problem believing a Doombot can pull off sex. If these things are as hyper-realistic as they are supposed to be, they would have to be virtually impossible to distinguish from a real person, at least until they are taken apart.

Brian Cronin

May 8, 2012 at 3:23 am

I suppose Doom could have grabbed her after her meetings with Hawkeye and Beast. It doesn’t seem to be the way they’re playing it (to wit, Wanda doesn’t seem to recall meeting Beast and Beast treats her as not the woman he met in Transia), but it is certainly possible. Wanda was in Transia when Doom got her. But really, it seems pretty clear what Heinberg’s motivation is here – to give her a clean slate from House of M onward. And getting rid of the Hawkeye sex story is a major part of that (and the fact that Hawkeye barely bats an eye at the concept jibes with the notion that Heinberg just wants to wipe that story away – Clint’s basically, “Okay, I slept with a robot. Fair enough. Moving on.” He never mentions it again for the rest of the series).

As for whether a Doombot could simulate sex, Doombots have shown to be extremely realistic in the past, so I don’t see why not.

Don’t clearly recall the storyline, but is there a chance that Hawkeye believed that she was lying transparently about her lack of memory?

The worst part of this story was that Finch and Meleeve took paychecks for that ” art”.

To be fair, who HASN’T had sex with a Doombot?

(Or, for that matter, with Hawkeye)

Travis Pelkie

May 14, 2012 at 12:29 am

I think in the Marvel U they call the desire to have sex with robots of any sort “the Latverian curse”.

Or “Barton’s desire”

It’s not like Wanda never slept with a robot herself. Heck, get Tony Stark to fix up Wandabot, she can be with Vision, then real Wanda’s available to go hook up with Hawkeye or Wonderman or whoever the heck isn’t dead this year.

“It’s not like Wanda never slept with a robot herself.” Truer words have never been spoken. And I am sure she found the sexperience electrifying. But as Wasp once said, Toasters are fine but would ever want to marry one? Who indeed. Ah Wasp, the fount of wisdom. And Clint, just a fount.

Yeah i always assumed Doom grabbed Wanda AFTER her encounters with Hawkeye and Beast and that they were just playing it as a Doombot with Hawkeye for laughs.

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I just think Clint and Wanda have so much in common…. He had sex with a robot, she did too…

I kind of prefer to imagine that was a Doombot in Hell during Waid’s run. It’s semi-well established that Doombots have souls (sometimes), can practice magic, sometimes have blood and tissue, and can fool cosmic beings of pretty much all scales in the Marvel Universe, possibly all the way up through the Beyonder, the Watcher, and possibly even the Living Tribunal.

Surely it makes more sense that the Wanda encountered by Hawkeye (shortly after House of M) and Beast (some time before Secret Invasion) were the real Wanda, and that Doom only replaces her with a Doombot after he returns to Latveria during Dark Reign. Otherwise, where was she while Doom was in exile?

I’m kind of surprised of the reactions of readers about the affair between Clint and Wanda feeling kind of rape-y…
Sorry guys but…
That thought never crossed my mind.
You’re all saying that he took advantage of a friend who wasn’t in her right mind. Never crossed the mind of anyone here that Clint too wasn’t exactly in his right mind too? It’s kind of obvious from the featured pages here. He’s someone who just, you know, DIED AND BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE BUT THE PERSON HE USED TO LOVE. So right, sure. He’s surely in a normal mental state.
He just passes out after simply seeing her, and babbles all story long, a guy that faced alien invasions and whatnot. But he’s not in a bad state of mind no no.
But since he’s not able to say no to a woman who wants to have sex while they’re both in a deranged state of mind, he’s a rapist.
It didn’t seem so terrible from his part to me at the time. Sure it wasn’t the most noble thing to do, but often people don’t do the most noble thing and the story wanted to be creepy and weird and the whole thing wanted to be upsetting, even the love affair itself was upsetting.
But I never thought about any rape subtext. Am I so at fault at this?
Maybe I’m just insensitive, or maybe some people are too sensitive about this kind of themes.
I don’t know.

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