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The Aquatic Spirit of Vengeance!

Chaz Folgar missed out on this past week’s Line it is Drawn (about comic book characters getting the superpowers of another character – click here to see what the other artists came up with).

So here he is to show his take on

Kholdstare21‘s suggestion of:

Ghost Rider with the powers of Aqua Man

Here is Chaz’s website.

Good stuff, Chaz!


Travis Pelkie

May 16, 2012 at 12:43 am

Before I scrolled down, I thought, “he better be riding a m-f-in’ seahorse!”

Thank you Chaz!

Haha! No prob, Travis! Glad ya liked it, man! It’s a seahorse from HELL!!!

Thanks for posting, Brian!

Because of the color of the helmet, at first I thought he had a very strange Watcher head, but then I figured it out.
I do love the FIshy Penance Stare.

Great work, Chaz! I just love the phrase “Fishy Penance Stare.” :)

That’d also be a good name for a band, now that I think of it.

Ha! Great stuff… but damn those are some creepy fish.

It’s ALL about the Fishy Penance Stare! I’m thinkin’ it could be an alt-rock band or a sweet metal band. The possibilities!

Glad ya’ll dug it buttler, John, and Sean!

Those fish are possessed by the devil! They have no eye lids!!!

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