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Figuring Out Who DC’s New Gay Character Is

I can’t help it and I’m sure a lot of you can’t, either. If you’re given a puzzle, you want to try to solve it.

So we have DC’s news that a prominent male character who was heterosexual in the old DC continuity will be introduced as gay in the New 52 in June and said character will be promoted heavily as DC’s most prominent gay character.

Courtney Simmons, DC Entertainment’s senior vice president of publicity, referred to the character as both a “he” and as “[o]ne of the major iconic DC characters.”

Scott Snyder has essentially confirmed that the character will be someone who has not already made his debut in the New 52.

So who does that leave?

Plastic Man
Captain Marvel/Shazam (we saw him briefly, but he has not really been fully introduced – Billy Batson has, but not Captain Marvel/Shazam)
The new Green Lantern? Technically we did see him in the Free Comic Book Day 52 Comic, but that was more of a preview than an introduction, so I suppose he would count (but he appears to be a new character, so I guess he wouldn’t count).
Wally West
Ryan Choi (this is the one I’d like it to be – he’s a new enough character that it is not like you’re retconning much)

That’s about all I can think of that fit “major,” “iconic” and “male.”

Unless you think one of the Earth 2 characters would count as iconic.

What do you folks think?



May 22, 2012 at 4:02 pm

It should be Guy Gardner

Jake Earlewine

May 22, 2012 at 4:03 pm

I think DC’s new gay character is Dan Didio.

Guy Gardner! I second that, true gay beefcake!

From that list, Wally West seems the most likely to me.

Gardner is there since day one.

Sean’s bet seems the most likely.


May 22, 2012 at 4:11 pm

Its Alan Scott.

If they are hoping to get mainstream publicity off of it, none those characters will do it.

It will be pretty much a repeat previous attempts, with *maybe* a throwaway line on a news program and a joke on a late night talk show that will probably be about the wrong character anyway.

Although I liked the joke made in Topless Robot’s coverage of the news…
“For the record, Before Watchmen starts in June; so it could technically be Rorschach, which would probably finally drive Alan Moore to murder. So fingers crossed there.”

The Flash is iconic. Wally West is not. Flash has already appeared post-relaunch, won’t be him. Unless they are really generous in defining “iconic”.

…a new Connor Hawke? The new Green Arrow seems to be a bit young to have a teenaged bastard, but the Arrow name is iconic enough.

Lex Luthor?

Apache Chief!

Jan of The Wonder Twins!

My first thought was Plastic Man.

Damien will probably be killed off, and a new (and gay) Robin will be introduced.

Elongated Man!

It’s funny, even without knowing that it was someone we haven’t seen yet in the New 52, just hearing that it was someone “iconic,” I thought of Plastic Man, because his personal life has seldom had much attention. There was that one story about him being a deadbeat dad, but that’s easily retconned away.

I think “Shazam” is a long shot, unless they’ve aged Billy. If he’s still a kid, DC may be uncomfortable giving him a defined sexual identity.

I really think it is Ozymandias because Watchmen is so iconic and it needs more attention.

Travis Pelkie

May 22, 2012 at 4:39 pm

Is there a big time villain we haven’t seen yet?

My guess would be that it’ll be an Earth 2 character.

Will the Wally fans regret wanting him back if he’s the one?

I don’t suppose Roy G. Bivolo, the Rainbow Raider, would be quite iconic enough?

Black Adam?



Jimmy Olsen.

supes replacement on earth 2


I’d say Slade Wilson, a.k.a., Deathstroke the Terminator.

it’s probably Ray Palmer….

Travis Pelkie

May 22, 2012 at 4:53 pm

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

Hey, they’re redoing Watchmen, what do you THINK is next? ;)

My money’s on it being the Atom.

I sure hope it’s not The Spectre.

This whole non-troversy’s stupid. If their idea of creativity is some kind of BS gay innuendo that’s completely arbitrary to decent storytelling, im done with DC.

When has sexual preference EVER played a role in ANY story, except maybe a handful of novels explores sexuality, explicitly. This is so stupid. The gay Young Avengers are just gay. It’s not an event or celebration like this twaddle.

Maybe for their next act Booster Gold’s gonna stick exclusively with hot Asian chicks. It makes just as much sense as this.

Jay Garrick or Alan Scott both Iconic and both being intro’d in next months Earth 2 issue.

I don’t see how it can be anyone other than Wally West. No, “Wally” isn’ t iconic, but “the Flash” is, and I doubt the average joe on the street can tell Wally from Barry. From what I recall, Wally was the Flash on the Justice League animated series, but I don’t really think they ever stressed his civilian ID.

So we get Wally back, he’s still a Flash, Barry is still Barry, and a lead DC icon is gay. Who knows, maybe they’ll change “Linda Park” into “Larry Park” just to keep the relationship apart, and point out that Marvel changed Nick Fury’s race, so changing a gender isn’t all that different.

Anyway, Marvel and DC are reminding me of that South Park episode where everyone became obsessed with “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” It feels like they’re trying to “out-gay” each other just because it’s the popular thing to do.

sonofabaldwin’s suggestion of jimmy olsen is an interesting suggestion in terms of storytelling, but the character they’ve referred to hasn’t been introduced in the new 52 continuity yet.

Has Doomsday shown up yet in the DCnU?


May 22, 2012 at 5:29 pm

Wait, Scott Snyder? So does that mean the character is bat-family related?

I believe that DC just wants the attention. To truly not cram it down our throats by this news appearing in every website and news program. To really make news, just have the character say at the end of the comic I have to go home to my husband. Now you are going to have people demonstrating against comics because they are trying to gain attention.

I was about to post some thoughts along the lines of David’s comment in my usually pedantic and verbose way but it seems that David has managed to be more succinct. I totally agree with him. If I hadn’t already decided to stop giving my money to DC and Marvel (via comics – alas The Dark Knight Rises will receive much of my money) then this would have be the final straw, if you will. I long for the days when the sexuality of a character is not newsworthy, when heteronormativity is no longer hegemonic.

It’s Aqualad because he’s already into watersports. Ding!

‘Larry Park’ lol. Plus it would kind of seem like a slap in the face to Mark Waid, which is seemingly a regular pastime at the DC offices nowadays. I think Wally’s a good bet.

Matthew, thanks for the +1. I think you actually put it better than me. Going even further I really like Gore Vidal’s take on the issue. He says that ‘homosexual’ is properly an adjective, used to describe a sexual act. So when we use it as a noun, it’s really skewing the hoped-for goal that it will be a non-issue, because people will always see each other as different. Racism seems to work like this too :(

Ted Kord!

I’d be happy with Ryan Choi. I’d be happier if it was Wally West and that meant he would also be the Flash again (and thus iconic)…

snapper carr

The word “Iconic” has been thrown around, so maybe Icon?

mr. mxyzptlk

Travis Pelkie

May 22, 2012 at 6:18 pm

Actually, buttler, not only was Plas a “deadbeat dad” in JLA (during the Waid run, I think) with a son, in the Kyle Baker book, he had a teen goth-y daughter. Plus, there was his Kingdom son Offspring (in that awesome Waid/Quitely one shot). So Plas has actually been shown quite a bit as someone who likes the ladies.

Plus, the “stretching” jokes would be a little odd….

Actually, with Wally as the Flash, Plastic Man stretching, the Atom (Choi) and SHAZAM!, it seems there’d be too many opportunities for crude innuendo…

How ’bout Hitman?

Travis Pelkie

May 22, 2012 at 6:23 pm

Oh, and Jason brings up Icon — since DC…do they OWN Milestone at this point? they have them, anyway, and Milestone is a built in reservoir of minority characters — why not develop that some more? Not that you can’t do what they’re doing, but why not try that too?

Obviously they timed this announcement to “counteract” the Marvel Northstar announcement, but it reeks just slightly less of desperation than Marvel. Marvel’s one seems like it was — “gee, who do we got that we can gay marry? Quick!” “Um…um…Northstar?” “Sure, why not?”

I dunno, maybe they’ve been doing interesting things with Northstar’s character and this is the culmination. Somehow I doubt it.

Alan Scott. It puts his “weakness to wood” in a whole new context!

Everything I’ve read about this keeps mentioning words like major, iconic and character. But not hero, at least not that I’ve seen. That in mind, I’m thinking the Riddler. Unless he’s popped up in the New 52 already and I missed him.

Brooks Bowden

May 22, 2012 at 6:51 pm

Once again, just like the article on CBR earlier, some of you guys are NOT READING the article. It plainly states that Scott Snyder confirmed that the character to be named has NOT been introduced in the new 52 yet. Therefore its not Deathstroke, or Lex Luthor, or Jimmy Olsen, not Penguin, not Ray Palmer. All of these have been introduced. My guess is Mr Freeze. He’s being introduced soon in one of the annuals. He’s iconic. No one said it would be a hero. Just male, iconic, and not intro’d yet. Also, Wally West, Alan Scott, Plastic Man, Elongated Man, are all solid guesses i think. but who really knows…?…

I would have said Vibe, but he doesn’t seem iconic enough?

My first thought was Earth-2 Alan Scott, honestly.

Phantom Stranger or the Question, maybe?

I just hope to god that it’s not Doll Man (although, okay, Doll Man? Not really an icon.)

Brooks Bowden

May 22, 2012 at 6:56 pm

Im with you Ron S. I dont think its a hero either. They never said hero. Riddler was in Batman #1 as an inmate at Arkham Asylum. He has a green mohawk in the shape of a question. Small appearance but its there.

If it’s about the current Question, she’s already been outed.

“character” so it doesn’t have to be a super-hero…. so I say Jimmy Olsen.

PLEASE don’t say Plastic Man! I’m begging you!

It depends on what you mean by “iconic”, so we could go by different criteria: Black Lightning, Orion of the New Gods, the Spectre, Doctor Fate, Red Tornado,

Stephen Coughlin

May 22, 2012 at 7:16 pm

I have to go with Crazy Quilt. Only a gay man could be so fashion conscious and into knitting. Well, evil knitting.

There needs to be some gay villains!


I thought Superboy–but if Scott Snyder is correct I suddenly wonder if an Earth 2 version of a beloved, iconic, character is gay?

Travis Pelkie: Man-Thing:

The daughter in the Baker series was adopted, and I was pretty sure the baby in JLA was the future Offspring. But in any case, there was some breeding going on at some point.

If it’s Mr. Freeze, does that mean he’s trying to find a cure for his beloved, uh, Norman?

I think Plastic Man, Shazam, and Wally West are the most likely candidates given the criteria. In a sense I wonder if DC would shy away from changing Plastic Man or Shazam in that way, because they’re both characters that DC bought, and that could be construed as more “screwing with someone else’s creations” that they’ve already gotten so much shit for over Watchmen.

I think Wally makes a lot of sense because his relationship with Linda Park was such a fundamental aspect of his character for so long that DC can lean back in their chairs and feels proud that they made a (capital letters) BIG change.

I think Connor Hawke is an interesting choice, partially because I can picture Ann Nocenti being interested in writing a gay character. And even Chuck Dixon’s original Connor Hawke run had him being a bit… uncomfortable with the advances of attractive women.

One character no one has mentioned yet is Metamorpho, who might not quite qualify as iconic, but is still a pretty major DC character.

Last thought: If DC really wanted to make a major character gay, they should have gone with Dick Grayson. He’s a character that is so often joked as being gay, that DC could have used that as a statement to say something to the effect of “yeah, he is gay, and there’s nothing wrong with that, and he’s still one of our best characters.”

Alan Scott would seem like a smart bet, but I am not sure that he really counts as “iconic”.

So, I am going with Jimmy Olsen. Jimmy is an iconic character and has a long history of being played by gay actors for whatever reason. It would be a nice nod to the character’s back-stage legacy.

The Riddler, Jimmy Olsen, Plastic Man and Alan Scott all seem like good guesses to me. Alan Scott was my first guess as well. But I hope it’s Jimmy Olsen.

Ambush Bug.

Then again, has anybody seen Scooter lately?

From a marketing standpoint, I think Shazam makes the most sense for DC. He’s well know enough to be vaguely recognizable to non-comics readers, but he hasn’t had much in the way of defining runs in the modern age. Plus, he’s not originally a DC character… so it’s not like they’re altering something that was in continuity to begin with.

Almost certainly an Earth-2 character. Alan Scott maybe. But since any of the older Earth 2 characters have been around for so long you could argue they are “iconic.”

It cant be Plastic Man. He had a wife and a kid in the cartoon. Though, maybe they split up because he had an affair with a transsexual Disco Mummy.

So, if it can’t be Riddler because he was introduced in one panel of Batman #1, how could it be Alan Scott who was in several pages of Earth 2 #1? That is, of course, assuming that they really mean the character has not been seen yet.

Admiral Ackbar

May 22, 2012 at 10:04 pm

That’s gonna be the big reveal when Billy Batson first transforms, “SHAZAM!” and bam- he’s in a big red s&m suit complete with strap-on dildos.

I find it more ridiculous that they have to put a teaser out there to get PR. Is this meant to distract from Northstar’s insipid marriage?

Besides, it’s Hawkman. A hero with feathers that carries mace…

Travis Pelkie

May 22, 2012 at 10:16 pm


Had to bring back the “Man-Thing” I added to my name in THIS post, huh? :)

But I missed that the daughter in the Baker one was adopted. I am missing several issues of that GREAT run, though.

Which reminds me, and maybe they could do this:

I think it’s the last issue of that Plas series where Billy Batson is being given a funeral, and the narration includes a bit about that Billy was given to Dr Light so he could do…stuff to, “like that’s his power now”. (A nice post-Identity Crisis jab.) Since Identity Crisis was bought by lots of people, Dr Light might be considered iconic….

Actually, if it’s Mr Freeze, I hear Kevin Smith will do a mini about him introducing his companion Snowball. (For all you Clerks fans….)

Its funny how when I see people say ‘i dont want it to be this character or that character’ – I get a bit defensive. Thinking, what is wrong if they were gay?!? But then I also have a list of straight characters I don’t want to see changed into a gay character just for the hell of it! haha… Its a little like when your talking shit about your family and then someone agrees or says something else, and your first response is – don’t talk shit about my family, they are MY family, so I can. haha… Weird I know! :)

Tim Drake is a great example. I grew up with him. He was one of the first characters I really got into. And if he ended up being gay now he just wouldn’t be Tim anymore. There were no signs in 20 years. With Shatterstar, Rictor and Obsidian – you knew they were in the closet and it just took a while to reveal.

Only one thing comes to my mind about this stunt – “GAY FOR PAY”.

The only reason I hope it isn’t Wally is that I like the idea that the pre-reboot one is running around outside of reality.

Spider Jerusalem

May 22, 2012 at 11:42 pm

Paul Kirk: Manhunter.

You’re all very welcome.

Has Orion shown up yet?

I really hope it’s not Ryan Choi just because my favorite subplot from his book was him dating Giganta. For the same reason, I’d hate to see Elongated Man be gay because it means no Ralph and Sue.

The problem with making Plastic Man gay is that the only thing seperating him from Jack on Will & Grace right now is that he occasionally turns into a dress to trick Big Barda into putting him on. Take that away (and hope everyone forgets that incident altogether and we don’t end up with “hilarious” jokes about why a gay man would want to turn into women’s clothing) and he’s just a stereotypical “camp gay.” They’d have to tone his personality way down to avoid being perceived as portraying gay men as spastic divas.

And it can’t be Mr. Freeze – he was in Birds of Prey last week. Has Bane appeared in the New 52 yet? Is Catman “iconic”?

I kind of like the idea of making Lobo gay, but I’m not sure he’s “iconic” and I can kind of see his “biker” angle being seen as inviting Village People jokes. I’d love it if they made Zauriel gay but he isn’t even close to iconic. Has Dr. Fate appeared in New 52 yet? I can’t remember him having any major romantic subplots that would be derailed by changing his orientation, and he’s at least close to iconic. I think he’d be a good choice.

Oops, sorry, Mr. Freeze was in Red Hood, not Birds of Prey. I knew it was one of the “Night of the Owls” tie-ins.

I really hope it’s not Ryan Choi just because my favorite subplot from his book was him dating Giganta.

I liked that, too, but with the reboot that plot would be highly unlikely to continue anyways. He’d be basically an open book. And since he is supposed to be joining the Justice League, he’d get a high profile.

Also, I guess if they really promote Alan Scott, he could work. We met him as Alan Scott but not yet as Green Lantern, so I think it could still count.

I liked Alan’s relationship with his wife well enough, but it surely was not such a great thing that I’d miss it the same way seeing Wally would always make me think about Linda and be a little sad that their relationship was not still around.

Travis Pelkie

May 23, 2012 at 1:23 am

Funky Flashman

Hey, he’s based on an icon, right?

Let’s not forget, though, that we might be getting fed a line. Remember, this is the same company that said that the “reveal” at the end of Batman RIP would make us spontaneously orgasm at the awesomeness of the reveal!!!! And then….yeah, I LIKE RIP and I still don’t know what the import of the reveal was….

Maybe it’ll be the Mutant Leader from DKR, if he’s showing up in Batman Inc as it sort of appears the Mutants might. He’s an icon! And you know after Before Watchmen, DKR will be toyed with…;)

Travis Pelkie

May 23, 2012 at 1:25 am

Oh, also, since Alan Scott is a good candidate, it would fit, because they’re already detaching the JSA from its WW2 origins, so why not change something else big like that about a character?

You all are missing the obvious choice… The Gay Ghost!

Finally DC can stop running from that name and use it proudly.

I’m guessing Aquaman, ‘cos he likes swimming around sea men.

It should be Plastic Man

And here I thought based on that GL pic from above, We’d see at least one “flaming” joke.

No one else thinks John Henry Irons, Steel?

I’m putting my money on Jimmy Olsen, though: he’s had loads of stories and hardly any are him going after a girl, so there’s little to retcon. And DC wouldn’t make a big deal trumpeting this is they were going to make a villain gay.

It’s got to be a character they are introducing this month, and likely one that will be the focus of their higher profile issue. Alan Scott or Mr. Freeze.

“I’m putting my money on Jimmy Olsen”

You know, that’s a good guess. They could get some brownie points by having Superman be totally cool with it, and nobody would get too upset because it’s not a “real” hero being made gay.

I still lean towards West, but I could see Jimmy too.

Ted “Wildcat” Grant. He spends a lot of time at the gym.

Because I like repeating my own jokes:
Harvey Dent. He’s Bi-sexual.


I just wonder if DC has thought ahead enough to realize that they can use any backlash to shut down future diversity requests.

After all, if they pick a popular (well, popular by DC standards. Most of these guys wouldn’t be recognized by an average guy on the street) character, there will be people who object to the change for legitimate reasons. But DC can then say that these objectors are against diversity, and that obviously their readers don’t want such characters to be created. (DC has kind of done this before.)

Or just to say that they [DC] are more open-minded than the readers. (Kind of like the twisted logic used to defend the New-52 Amanda Waller being turned into a generic supermodel.)

Iconic. So someone that’s been around for years…

Hasn’t been introduced yet in the new 52.
And Snyder confirmed the above… meaning it could very well be a bat book… which leaves:

Chief O’ Hara!

your welcome!

It’s Solomon Grundy– after he’s been jogging.

its actually superman need proof go to fox news type in DC gay character

fox news dot com haz it all

The totally depressing thing about this is that I can think of two semi-prominent supporting characters in DC at the time the writers were using them in Pied Piper and Kyle Rayner’s assistant Terry that they used to explore gay issues (at times) in Flash and Green Lantern, and they did it without a press release, and the stories were solid. I even used Brother’s Keeper in one of my English classes for discussion points.

I guess I just don’t see why this should matter. Have the character come out and treat it like business as usual if you were interested in telling a story. Instead, it just looks like a cheap marketing ploy.

In any case, I’m not seeing any of the popular guesses working that well, but new universe means we can just do whatever the hell we want anyway and forget everything we knew. I really don’t have a horse in the race and don’t read DC anymore that much, but:

Plastic Man: Even if you want to get rid of the deadbeat dad story Kelly ran with in JLA for a while, you still have his son around (who is established as his son), unless you want to do away with Offspring all together. I guess that’s not much of a loss, but still, it’s a good chunk of stories to just ignore.

Wally West: I’ll leave it at that this would have to be such a revamp of the established character Wally West that it would have to be Wally West in name only. It would also, in many ways, almost be a Mary Jane style retcon; Linda and Wally were too tied together for that.

Captain Marvel: If Billy Batson is younger (say early dating age 12-13), forget it for all the heat it would probably generate. Not that the current DC editorial seem to care, but still…I just can’t see that.

It’s not Plastic Man. That would be a disaster. I mean, look at him. He can’t look like THAT and be gay without it looking like a crass stereotype.

It’s not Jimmy Olsen either. He’s been in the New 52 plenty of times, so if the “they haven’t shown up yet” clue is true then he simply can’t be. Also, the backlash would cause a hurricane. He might not be a big deal to some of us, but to old-timers he’s a VERY big deal and they’re the ones who tend to dislike this sort of thing.

Wally West being the one would look like an insult, as Dan already doesn’t care about him or his fans. Not saying “gay” SHOULD be an insult, just saying that it’s often used as one and in this case it would CERTAINLY look like one. “Hey, Wally fans, your guy’s coming back! Aren’t you happy? Oh, but he’s gay now. Yeah, he’s our cynical promotional pawn. See you guys, hope you still like him! Hahaha!”. So. . .yeah, Wally’s out.

Captain Marvel is a possibility. Might explain why Billy’s so pissed off all the time in the New 52, because he’s got a secret and no one he trusts enough to share it with.

I used to lean towards Al Pratt, but he’s already been shown. Now I’m thinking it’s Alan Scott, and since Joan hates Jay in New 52-land (f**k you for that one Mr. Robinson) maybe he’ll awaken the same feelings in his former hetero life-mate. Maybe they were gay all along but the WW2 setting was the only thing that held them back. Yeah. . .the more I think about this the more right I feel.

It’s probably Alan Scott.

Alan Scott seems like a good guess, though it makes me wonder if that means there won’t be a Jade and an Obsidian in the New 52, or if they won’t be his kids (I know gay people can have kids – which is why I say “it makes me wonder if” instead of just “that means there won’t be…” – I just wonder whether DC would consider givine a gay hero two kids to be “confusing” or be afraid it would look like they were trying to make him “not too gay” or something).

It occurs to me, though, that I may have been too hasty when I said it couldn’t be Mr. Freeze because he’d already appeared in the New 52. It’s entirely possible that Scott Snyder didn’t know that Mr. Freeze was going to appear in Red Hood before his “debut” (i.e., Batman’s first run in with him) in Batman (or that Snyder made that comment before the Red Hood issue came out). And, more importantly, flipping through the issue right now, Mr. Freeze mentions that he is “motivated by love” but – perhaps pointedly – doesn’t mention the gender of the person he loves. (Plus, when he says he’s “motivated by love” there’s a footnote referring the reader to Batman Annual #1 in case you are, and I’m quoting, “mystified” by that comment. Which implies either that his backstory has been changed or that DC editorial thinks the average reader didn’t watch BTAS or see “Batman and Robin.”)

My vote is for Showershark and his 19-year old sidekick, Ambiguous Devin.

Elongated Man and Stu Dibny

And… I guess Dr. Light, then.

*facepalm* You know, I thought the whole point of gender equality was to NOT judge people based on their sex? Doesn’t that mean a character’s sexual orientation should not matter, except in the context of his/her own stories (eg. who they love) Why should it matter if a superhero is Gay or not? Sure it’s nice that we are getting more LGBT characters, just like we are getting more ethnic characters, but that should not just be a big issue in itself. Sorry it’s just that this announcement, coming along Marvel’s announcement of Northstar’s wedding, just smacks of “gay issues are hot now, let’s exploit them!” (probably due to Obama’s recent Pro-gay marriage stance) and not of good storytelling. And DC ALREADY has a major gay hero- Batwoman, who is btw an example of how they mishandled the issue: they focused so much on SHE’S A LESBIAN! when she came out, that it’s become the main thing she’s known for- without that, she’s just Batman with tits. Nothing I’ve seen about her has made me like her yet. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again with whomever is being “outed” now.

Everyone’s already said it (including me, in one of the Shvaugh Erin discussions), but I’m really just waiting until they can manage to do this shit without it being a big deal. When you find out a person you recently met is gay, you most likely aren’t like “WHAT? How interesting and different!”

As Sijo said above, I can’t wat ’til Batwoman starts being referred to as just a great character, not a “great LGBT character” or “great female character”.

(Incidentally, Sijo, I know you never said you though she was a great character, but we agree on the whole “not a big deal” thing.)

Alfred Pennyworth

Iconic as they come.

It will not be Alfred.

Elwood Hemingway

May 25, 2012 at 12:08 am

The Specter.

Blip from the Wonder Twins. He and Congrilla would make a cute couple.

I meant Gleek. Those space monkeys are hard to keep straight.

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