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Fascinating Step by Step Look at the Creation of a Line it is Drawn Piece

John Trumbull just put up a fascinating examination of how he went about drawing the Jonah Hex/Gotham by Gaslight team-up he did for this week’s Jonah Hex tribute.

Check it out on his Facebook account here (you need to have a Facebook account to see it).


Those of you who don’t have Facebook can go to Hell.

Aw, thanks for posting the link, Brian! I’d better double check that my settings allow people who aren’t my Facebook friends to see it… :)

OK, the album is set to Public now — Have at it, people!

Travis Pelkie

May 24, 2012 at 8:01 pm

Oh, now my Luddite ways have prevented me from getting to see this. Curse you, the facebook!

Hey, Facebook, how is that stock doing?


Wow, that really was fascinating. Amazing stuff. John’s piece was my fave this week so great to see it from start to finish.

Thanks, Dominic — Glad you enjoyed it!

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