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Flippin’ through Previews – June 2012

Previews #285. “I’ll try this again …”

I don't know what to say about this

Dark Horse:

Colin Smith, wise blogger that he is, has some thoughts about Resident Alien #1, including the odd way Dark Horse explains that issue #1 really isn’t issue #1, but issue #2, and there exists a “zero” issue that begins the story. Smith thinks this is a very strange way to market the book, and I agree with him, even though I knew that the #0 issue was a bunch of reprints from Dark Horse Presents, so I understand Dark Horse’s reluctance to make it a “#1.” Now they’re doing it again, with The Creep #0 on page 28. These are reprinted stories, everyone! It doesn’t help that Dark Horse doesn’t put that in the solicitations, which seems idiotic. It also doesn’t help that when they solicit the “first issue,” I imagine they won’t put in the solicit that you’ll be picking up the story in mid-stream. We always pick on Marvel and DC’s shoddy marketing, but other companies screw up, too, and I don’t get this. Apparently, Dark Horse didn’t even put a recap in issue #1 of Resident Alien, making it even more egregious. Sigh. Marketing is an inexact science at the best of times, but this is just silly. (8 August)

Speaking of reprints, Beasts of Burden: Neighborhood Watch (page 30) reprints stories from DHP, and it’s well worth a look. In case you missed them the first time around. (1 August)

Doesn't Jill Thompson draw cute lil skulls?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike #1 on page 33: Spike goes to space? O … kay. (22 August)

I’ll get around to reading B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: The Return of the Master (page 36) soon enough (whenever Dark Horse gets to it in their giant-sized hardcover treatment, which should be in 5-6 years), but I found something interesting in the preview art on page 37. One of the soldiers about to be eaten by a giant wolf says “Holy Christ!” and then, in the next panel, another soldier’s curse word is grawlixed out. I’m not a Christian by any stretch of the imagination, but why is swearing by Jesus acceptable in this book but saying “fuck” isn’t? B.P.R.D. isn’t a kids’ comic, after all, so why is there any censorship whatsoever? Who makes the call to let someone say “Holy Christ” but not “fucking”? Godless hippies, no doubt. (29 August)

Especially because on page 42, we find Michael Avon Oeming’s The Victories (yes, that’s the title), which is a fairly standard-sounding superhero book. Oeming uses “fuck” in the book with no censorship, although I find it humorous that the preview art shows “fucking” but blacks out the “uck” in “fuck.” I’ll chalk that up to someone at Previews missing it (Previews always blacks out potentially objectionable material, but they’re broader-based than many of the comics contained within, so I understand that), but why does Oeming get to use naughty words but Mignola and Arcudi don’t? (15 August)

On page 44, Dark Horse Presents has a new Rex Mundi story by Arvid Nelson and Juan Ferreyra. I wonder what that’s all about. The comic ended the tiniest bit ambiguously, but overall, the story is over. I’m very curious about this. (22 August)

So I just got the final Fear Agent trade, and what does Dark Horse do? That’s motherfucking right, they offer a hardcover of the first fifteen issues for $50. Motherfuckers. This is a really good series (I haven’t read the final trade yet, so I can’t say how it ends, but before that, it’s a really good series), so if you’re looking to take the plunge, you could do a lot worse than pick this up! (31 October)

Not for the easily saddened!

I’ve been waiting for the trade of Star Wars: Agent of the Empire volume 1 – Iron Eclipse (phew!) by Ostrander and Stephane Roux, and it’s there on page 52. Do we have any Star Wars comics aficionados who can tell me how good this is? (24 October)

It's Ostrander, so it has to be good, right?

Bryan Talbot writes but doesn’t draw Cherubs! on page 59. Mark Stafford provides the art for a story of five angels falsely accused of Heaven’s first homicide who escape to New York to find the real killer. Oh, and there’s the Apocalypse a-coming. Of course it is! (17 October)

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DC Comics (a.k.a. “Detective Comics Comics”) has a section of Previews. In this section they solicit:
* 69 single issues.
* 5 covers that show heroes fighting each other or apparently just having fought each other (give or take)
* 3 issues that promise “shocks,” including one that promises “shock after shock”
* 1 issue that promises someone giving birth to something “unexpected” (does that count as a “shock”?)
* Issues that promise “Chaos … unleashed,” “something worse than the Rogues,” “the menace of Zither” – this is a zither, remember, a “monster hiding in the shadows of New York,” a “horrific secret,” a “staggering new threat,” a “mad dictator,” a hero preventing “mass death and destruction,” and heroes facing “nightmarish visions of themselves.”
* 1 issue that promises a “final, blood-spattered battle,” while another that promises “betrayal, revelations, blood, and DEATH”
* 1 final issue
* These as fairly standard covers, including that one which shows a person’s face apparently completely covered with blood:

DC also has decided ever so slowly to collect comics from the 1980s and early 1990s, as on page 123, we get Legends of the Dark Knight: Alan Davis in hardcover. This collects Detective Comics #569-575 plus a few other comics. It’s 40 bucks, which is quite a bit, but I hear that the issues aren’t easy to find and are kind of expensive, so maybe it’s just easier to pony up the bills for this. I wrote about this brief run here, in case you’re interested. For some idiotic reason, DC is published the first chapter of “Year Two,” which Davis drew, but because he left the book after that, the rest of the story isn’t included (some dude named Todd McFarlane finished the arc). Even when DC gets it right, they get it wrong! (10 October)

Showcase Presents: Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld volume 1 on page 125. Yes, it has arrived. (19 September)

Buy two copies!

There’s a second volume of The Annotated Sandman on page 133. Good stuff! (24 October)

I don’t get the way DC prices things sometimes. On page 136 the third trade of American Vampire is offered. When the hardcover came out, I noticed that it collected the next arc plus the Sean Murphy mini-series, and I wondered if DC would split those two in softcover. Well, they don’t, which is nice, but that means there are 12 issues in this trade. For 17 bucks. I love that, of course, but why does DC charge essentially the same amount no matter how many pages they put in a trade? The most recent trade was ONE DOLLAR MORE for 150 FEWER PAGES!!!! Comic book companies make my head hurt too often. I will, of course, take advantage of their stupidity, but this just makes no sense whatsoever. (26 September)


Mars Attacks #3 shows up on page 148. I normally wouldn’t mention this, but I saw some of the pages from the first issue at the Phoenix convention, and they look unbelievably awesome. I’ll still probably wait for the trade, but I just thought I’d mention that. (I also got some amazing news at the con, which I’m not allowed to share. Damn it!!!! You’ll be impressed when you hear it, though.)

Mark Waid and Chris Samnee are doing a four-issue, all-new Rocketeer story, Cargo of Doom, on page 149. Well, shit, that will be very cool, won’t it?

You can't go wrong with a team like that!

On the one hand, HOLY SHIT A GODZILLA MINI-SERIES BY JAMES STOKOE!!!!!!!! (Page 151) On the other hand, that doesn’t bode well for more issues of Orc Stain any time this, you know, decade.

Where's my Stokoe Kamandi book, damn it!

There’s a new Love and Capes mini-series on page 164. That’s good, because Love and Capes is good. Yay, good comics!

It shows up every year, and no one can escape it! It’s … the J. Scott Campbell Fairytale Fantasies Calendar (page 173)! Gaze upon some images from past calendars and feel the need to take a shower!

Starstruck gets a handy trade on page 173. This is an old comic, of course, but the IDW version just came out recently, and their trades usually look very nice, so perhaps it’s time you read this wacky science fiction adventure!

So much great Kaluta art!!!!


Howard Chaykin shows up on page 180 with Black Kiss II. I’ve never read the original, but I would like to, and I’m torn about this. On the one hand, it’s Howard Chaykin doing what he does best. On the other hand, it’s 2012 Howard Chaykin, who hasn’t done good art in a very long time and whose writing has always been a bit spotty and seems to get more embarrassing as the years go on. The preview art doesn’t help, because it’s clear that he’s still blending his nice drawings with painfully bad Photoshopping of various other elements in the scene, and it’s part of what makes his art so lousy these days. But, if you’re interested, there it is! (1 August)

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Do I really want to know?

The second volume of The Bulletproof Coffin gets a trade on page 190. I liked the first one well enough, so I’m on board with this one. Did everyone see the issue where they cut out each panel and then rearranged them in random order? I wish they would do it again for the trade, so that if you bought the single issue, the trade features a completely different version. Of course, the ultimate thing would be to do a different order for each trade, but the printing costs would be astronomical. That would be cool, though. (29 August)

The first trade of Glory is out on page 191. So far, it’s pretty danged good, I tells ya! (22 August)


Speaking of first trades, Manhattan Projects volume 1 shows up on page 193. Three issues in, this is a blast to read, although I do hope that Hickman will ease back on the weirdness to tell a good story. I don’t mind it right now, but I imagine it will get tedious. Still, it’s a cool book, and here it is in trade format! (22 August)

Speaking of first trades of reimagined properties, Prophet is out in trade on page 194. I’ll be picking this up, and I hope it’s as good as everyone says! (1 August)


Marvel Comics (a.k.a. “Marvel Entertainment, LLC”) has a section in Previews. In fact, they have their very own Previews catalog, separate from the unwashed heathen publishers who inhabit the main Previews catalog. In this section they solicit:
* 82 single issues
* 29 issues with the word “X-Men” in the title or issues starring characters primarily associated with the X-Men
* 15 issues with the word “Spider-Man” in the title or issues starring characters primarily associated with Spider-Man
* 14 issues with the word “Avengers” in the title or issues starring characters without their own, established books who are primarily known as Avengers
* At least 7 issues promise some kind of secrets revealed, including the “secret history of the X-Men”
* At least 6 issues promise something “surprising,” “shocking,” “stunning,” or “startling,” including Strong Guy doing the “unthinkable”
* 2 issues promise something “epic,” while one, in all caps, gives us “ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL MOMENTS IN THE LIVES OF BOTH SPIDER-MEN!!!”
* Fairly boring covers, to be completely honest, so I’m not even going to show any

I’m still liking the idea of the “Season One” graphic novels, especially because Marvel is putting some good talent on them. Dr. Strange: Season One is by Greg Pak and Emma Rios. Yeah, I’ll be getting that. (12 September)

I take what I can get!

On pages 82 and 83, there are TWO Journey into Mystery softcover collections. Did I miss the “Fear Itself” one? It seems like that one has already been offered, because it’s sharing space with another trade. I haven’t read a bad thing about Gillen’s run yet, so I’m going to get these, but I wonder if getting the “Fear Itself” trades are worth it. What say you, good readers? (19 September)

Well, I’d like to get Gillen’s Uncanny X-Men in trade, but there’s Marvel, charging an extra dollar for the trade. That means 4 dollars for 20 pages isn’t enough, and for the trade, you get to pay even more. Sigh. I try not to factor in money when it comes to buying comics, because I tend to agree with Chad Nevett on that, but when it’s borderline, money does come into the equation. If this were two or three dollars less, I’d probably buy it without worrying about it. But 17 dollars for 4 issues? Really, Marvel? (12 September)

Elektra: Assassin gets a new printing on page 95. That’s great, but it’s weird that Marvel stopped reprinting the Miller/Sienkiewicz Daredevil graphic novel with it, because that seems pretty natural. Either way, if you haven’t read this yet, you really should. (15 August)

John Byrne’s Namor run gets a second trade on page 97, and it’s another good comic. Yes, Bryne might have gone ’round the bend these days, but this is worth a read. (22 August)

Let’s give a look at the back of the book!

SLG offers the second half of Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer Part 3, which is listed as “volume 4″ even though technically it’s “book 2″ of “volume 3.” Did you get that? Anyway, the first two volumes are quite good, so perhaps SLG will offer a giant omnibus at some point.

Story continues below

The art on Ramiel: Wrath of God (page 234 from Ape Entertainment looks a bit sketchy, but the premise of an angel walking the earth fighting against both Heaven and Hell can be intriguing … plus, it’s written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach, and he’s a good writer. So I’ll check this out!

I don't know what the cover of the trade will look like

Archaia has its usual good stuff, including Cow Boy: A Boy and his Horse by Nate Cosby and Chris Eliopoulos. The story in this years FCBD book was pretty good, so I might have to pick this sucker up.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch guest-stars in Archie #636 (from Archie Comics, naturally) on page 239, as she switches the genders of everyone in town so they can experience how the other gender lives. I’m sure it will be fairly trite, but I do like how Archie Comics always seems to tackle societal issues much better than, say, certain Big Two comic book companies.


Boom!’s reprints of Grant Morrison’s old comics about the Avengers must have sold well, because the company is launching a Steed and Mrs. Peel ongoing on page 263 from Mark Waid and Steve Bryant. Waid could write this thing in his sleep, and Bryant’s old-school art will probably fit the book well, and maybe it will give him enough money so he can some more Athena Voltaire comics! Wouldn’t that be nice?

Dynamite has a trade of Kirby: Genesis on page 288. It’s been a pretty good series so far, and this has every single issue for 30 bucks, which isn’t bad. Of course, it would be nice if issue #8 could come out, but that’s a minor detail, right?

Fantagraphics always has something for the “too-cool-for-school” comic book reader, and on page 305, they have Weird Horrors and Daring Adventures: The Joe Kubert Archives volume 1. Obviously, I will be all over this like Fat Betty on a Twinkie, and you should be too. It’s JOE KUBERT! You know what would be awesome? A cage brawl with Joe Kubert (born 1926) and Chuck Bednarik (born 1925) as one team and any comic book creator and any current professional football player on the other team. KUBERT AND BEDNARIK WOULD KICK SOME ASS! I wouldn’t even use my credit card to pay to see that fight, I’d just use, you guessed it, “Straight cash, homey.”

Jeff Amano and Julian Totino Tedesco have Divine Wind on page 310 from Kickstart Comics, which is a story of the battle of the Japanese against the Mongol invasion. You may know Tedesco more than Amano (especially that Marvel has taken notice of Tedesco’s artwork), but Amano has written some good comics in the past, so I’m hoping this is also good.

The second Tedesco cover in this post!

NBM collects two Neil Kleid graphic novels together in one handy package on page 314. Both Brownsville and The Big Kahn are very good, so now they’re together for only 25 bucks. That ain’t bad, let me tell you.

Ross Campbell has the 6th volume of Wet Moon from Oni on page 318. I haven’t read the first five volumes, but Campbell is a very good creator, so I’m sure they’re worth seeking out.

I’m not sure if Young Love from Pure Imagination Publishing are “some of the best comics ever published,” but they’re Kirby comics, so you know they’re not going to be bad!

Titan Books offers The Black Dragon on page 330. It’s yet another Claremont/Bolton joint, and I’ll have to pick that sucker up. Dragons in medieval England? Of course I’ll read that!

Ken Krekeler has a new comic out called Westward on page 330. Krekeler has turned into quite a good comics creator, so you might want to give this a look!

Don't miss it!

Jeff Lemire has a new book from Top Shelf on page 332: Underwater Welder. I really, really, really hope it’s about a person who welds stuff beneath the surface of the ocean! Lemire’s DC work might be a bit disappointing, but when he goes all indie on us, he’s usually pretty good, so I’m looking forward to this (and I have been since last summer, when I first heard of it).

Well, that’s enough for this month, because nothing else was really grabbing my attention. As always, you can check out Mike Sterling’s tour through the weirder corners of Previews for some of the more … esoteric stuff contained within! And, as always, ask your retailer if you can have Previews for free! If he knows you’ll order from it, he just might do it!


Archie Comics seem to be doing the most innovative concepts with their old franchise characters than any other company. I’m actually interested in buying Archie books, and I’m a caustic, pretentious 27-year old. Wow.

Travis Pelkie

June 2, 2012 at 4:44 pm

Black Kiss is…odd. I’m trying to remember the storyline enough so I can tell you some things without actually spoiling anything, but I can’t. Suffice to say, it’s primarily a stroke comic, with the storyline being secondary. So long as his figure work is still decent, that’s the reason to get this book.

Basically, I want to know if I can hold the book one handed, ok? Because I’m a bad bad boy.

More comments later.

Innovative is hardly the word when like the ponderous Batman franchise, and the endless X-Men nonsense all we do is shuffle around the same characters and tell the same stories over and over again, in reverse, as the cover above clearly indicates.Of course they did give us Kellar,a new character with a different orientation. Which is what DC didn’t have the courage to do,and retrofit Alan Scott.Then Archie, in it’s perpetual infant stage decides to make Red Circle teeny boppers in High School.Like who buys this stuff year after year anyway? Written by a caustic pretentious 60 yr. old.

Jake Earlewine

June 2, 2012 at 4:53 pm

Is that a “Fear Agent” cover shown above the Star Wars cover, with the quotation of “Not for the easily saddened!”? Because it is quite a flagrant rip-off of Frazetta’s cover to Weird Science Fantasy #29 from 1955. Shameless theft here.

In this Previews, 98 percent of Marvel and DC’s solicitations look like garbage — or worse: MORE OF THE SAME garbage. Got no love for the Transexual Archie cover, either. Gosh, what will they think of next to sell comics? Beastiality? Coprophilia? Or have they already done that in all the zombies comics?

This issue of Previews doesn’t offer much (there are some decent-looking reprint collections, but I have the originals, so I can skip the retreads) All in all, it looks like a great month for saving my money! And catching up on reading some “real” novels — you know, the kind without drawings.

Thanks for your second pair of eyes, Greg. I’m in total agreement with you about the deterioration of artistic abilities in former greats like Howard Chaykin and John Byrne. It’s a sad thing to watch. Reminds me of when Genesis stopped putting out cutting edge music, and instead gave us “Duke” and “ABACAB”. Sob! Choke! Whimper!

Jake Earlewine

June 2, 2012 at 5:00 pm

OOPS! I meant “necrophilia” for the zombies!
Although, I guess if you’re a Marvel Zombie, that automatically qualifies you as a coprophiliac.

Greg, I wouldn’t recommend reading the second Big Black Kiss without first reading the first one! It would be like coming in after the punchline.

I keep fooling myself into buying Chaykin stuff, because he keeps working on projects that seem right up my alley–most recently Avengers 1959. Then I actually read it and remember why I haven’t liked a thing he’s written in decades. (It’s funny how all women turn out to be bed-hopping, backstabbing Nazis with lurid lipstick.)

The implications of that Cinderella piece are disturbing.

Jake: That Fear Agent piece is from 2004, according to Tony Moore’s signature, so I doubt if it’s the actual cover. But I imagine he knew about the Frazetta piece, because it’s so famous, but who knows?

I’ll give you ABACAB, but I rather like Duke …

The Underwater Welder is indeed someone who welds underwater. I really don’t know what else it could mean…

It looks great.

Rory: I was just joking, because the title is so straight-forward. I like it – “Here is a story about an underwater welder. We call it THE UNDERWATER WELDER.” I just thought it was humorous. And you’re right, it does look great.

Do you think Stokoe will be allowed to draw Godzilla’s dong?

Tom Fitzpatrick

June 2, 2012 at 5:39 pm

Mr. Burgas, as funny as how Mr. Earlewine used the word “necrophilia”. It’s actually addressed in Chaykin’s BLACK KISS.

BLACK KISS has plenty of sex in it, we all know how much you hate that in comics! ;-)
You should give it a read if you’re not too squeamish before reading BK II.

Speaking of John Byrne, any mention of the Fantastic Four Omnibus vol. 2 in this month’s Previews?

Is the cover of Previews by Colleen Doran?

jp: That is the question!

Tom: If I could ever find Black Kiss, I’d probably read it!

The cover of Previews is by Jenny Frison, not Doran. That wasn’t a bad guess, actually.

Lemire’s DC work disappointing? Whaaaaaaaaa?????????

Star Wars: Agent of the Empire was just that awesome. Ostrander has a talent for stepping outside the core cast of either Star Wars trilogies and presenting something new and original, while still operating within the familiar bounds of Lucas’ universe. Plus, this is more “guns and intrigue” Star Wars than Jedi force battles. In fact, I don’t recall ANY Jedi or Sith in the story outside of a few mentions.

The *only* possible downside is that, as with most of his other works, Ostrander has a habit of using characters from his previous stories showing up in his newer works. (I.e., he sneaked some characters from his Star Wars: Republic stuff into Star Wars: Legacy.) There’s particular reference to a character from his “Stark Hyperspace War” set in the Episode I period. I don’t think it will hurt your reading if you don’t know the character, but you may want to read or reread that story before getting AOTE.

Marvel really has to either change thier prices or increase the page because their on thin ice.
One bad move and I’m off to DC, Dark Horse, and Image full time.

Lazarus Pit Foreman

June 2, 2012 at 7:27 pm

Yes, Star Wars: Agent of the Empire was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed this a lot aside from the fact there was a fill-in for Roux on a couple of issues. Anyhow Ostrander does his usual magic here. Think of it as James Bond in space! I hear there is gonna be a sequel.

Black Kiss has the usual strapping Jewish Chakyin stand-in in the midst of a plot involving the Vatican, the mafia, a Southern California cult, and a possibly vampiric starlet and her transsexual lover. It’s sexy, ridiculous and…well, just sexy and ridiculous, really.

Teenage me liked it a lot.

1. I can’t believe you didn’t mention the Looker one-shot. Looker!!!!

2. Marvel had not solicited a softcover Journey into Mystery collection previously. I had been patiently waiting for one. Since they’re doing two in one month I probably won’t buy either, and with the crazy length my Amazon Wish List is at, that probably means I will never buy it.

I will pick up Prophet, though, and probably Manhattan Projects.

3. August is looking to cripple me financially as it is. There’s the above, plus stuff like the Milkman Murders, Stokoe’s Godzilla, Van Lente’s Archer & Armstrong, Vertigo’s Prince of Cats, the collection of Mike Norton’s 24-Hour “The Curse” comics, and like a bunch more. I’ll have to pass on a lot. I’m not made of money like the Burgases.

4. Is Steed and Peel coming out in August or September? I did not see it in Boom’s solicits. I am totally on board for that series. (I’ve been watching the black and white episodes on Youtube for the past couple weeks.)

5. They’re not collecting Sean Murphy’s American Vampire separately? Dammit. I have not been following the series but I would have bought that arc on its own.

Teenage me wanted to read Black Kiss hella bad back when I saw a story about it in Comics Scene (the best comics mag ever IMO).
When Dynamite did a reissue of it last year I actually preordered it just in case my LCS didn’t stock it.
After a fair flip thru, it still sits on my shelf unread, because …it just feels that dirty.

And yea, Greg:
Dynamite reprint, hardcover, looks great. … I’ll sell you mine?

That Journey into Mystery Fear Itself arc is VERY, VERY worth the read. Great art from Doug Braithwaite and, honestly, it was by far the best thing about Fear Itself.

Best part is that it can be read totally independently from Fear Itself. Gillen’s spin on the event is so great and so freestanding, that I often forget that it was actually a tie-in.

Really, really good and an arc that exemplifies everything great about the series. If you’re looking at getting some JIM trades, you’d be skipping quite possibly the best one if you gave that Fear Itself trade a miss.

Travis Pelkie

June 3, 2012 at 2:16 am

I was going to ask why Image didn’t reprint the original Black Kiss, but I see that JRC has a version from Dynamite. Again, an HC seems like it’d be hard to hold one handed, which defeats the purpose. I have a floppy SC version that Vortex put out years ago (Thick Black Kiss, I guess, even though I think BK was 12 issues, 10 pages an issue. Seriously.).

If you’d like to read a comic with the line “it feels like a pound of meat back there”, BK is the comic for you :)

Yeah, it looks like a slow month coming. I might go for Cherubs, as the artist did the covers for Rich Johnston’s Avengefuls books.

Glory and Prophet both are pretty good. I’m catching up with them this week, along with reading all the old Extreme/Maximum/Awesome stuff. I’m not as big on Supreme, unless Larsen does a lot better with it (too dark and depressing, the exact opposite of what Moore was doing), but surprisingly Bloodstrike isn’t awful. Tim Seeley’s taking the best parts of the original, and is doing something kinda interesting with it (at least in 26 and 27. Haven’t gotten to the store to get 28 yet). I’m hoping Youngblood isn’t totally awful — did I just type that? — but the preview and the CBR review make it sound like it is.

But Glory and Prophet were both pretty cool. Glory’s a little slow for my liking, Prophet looks great with all the weird creatures and shit.

Manhattan Projects definitely is good, but what the hell are they collecting? There are only 3 ishs out right now!

Re: Namor: Byrne’s gone so far around the bend, he spells it Bryne?

Actually, I’ve just read the first issue, but Trio 1 wasn’t too bad. Nice old school stuff.

I like those DC covers much more than I should.

The next time a 52 title is axed, I want it to be replaced by an Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld ongoing.

and with the crazy length my Amazon Wish List is at, that probably means I will never buy it.

Nice(?) to read that I’m not the only one in this situation. Since I kicked the weekly habit, I add stuff that I read about online and am pretty excited for to my wish list, and then six months to a year later I see it at the bottom of page 4 and think “now, what is that again?” I guess it’s a version of throwing stuff out when you move – if you haven’t thought about it since you added it to the list, you can probably live without it.

Marc C.: I wasn’t thrilled by Sweet Tooth, and I just read the first trade of Animal Man and wasn’t too impressed. Those are the DC books by Lemire I’ve read, and I would call it disappointing. Your opinion may vary, of course!

Bill: Apparently, I get in trouble when I mention any DC or Marvel books, so I had to pass. I’ll be buying that issue, even though I hate Vampire Looker.

Boom! doesn’t do release dates in Previews, so I don’t know when Steed and Mrs. Peel is coming out. This is a zero issue, so maybe that has something to do with it?

Travis: Whoops! I hate typing Byrne’s name, because I’m always afraid I’m going to make that mistake.

The Manhattan Projects trade collects issues #1-5. They’re anticipating that the book will come out on time, so by 22 August, the next two issues (June and July) will have come out!

JRC: Hmmm … Send me an e-mail and we’ll talk!


Going through your thoughts, Greg…

Yeah, I feel Dark Horse is blowing it with the whole DHP appearance first, then a “zero” issue, then a #1. (I believe they did the same with THE MASSIVE also – seems to be a trend.) They should just do an oversized #1 reprinting the stuff from DHP and continue the story through, and do it at a $3.99 price, then lower the price back down to $2.99 for #2 forward because it’s a normal length comic instead of double sized or whatever, instead of gypping us $2.99 twice, costing us and themselves more money in the long run because you have extra solicitation costs, the cost of shipping the additional book, and other fiscal considerations to worry about.

But you know, that would be *gasp!* intelligent business planning, and we cannot have such things in the comics industry. “We have to flood the market with as many extraneous products as we can to grab our market share!” *wink wink nudge nudge*

As for the BEASTS OF BURDEN collection, Dark Horse (or any other publisher) should be required to cite the stories they’re reprinting (as in “reprinted from DHP # X, Y, and Z”, not “reprints three stories from DARK HORSE PRESENTS”). I don’t know whether I have them or not, based upon the solicitation, and I’m not buying what I already have. So I’m probably going to have to go ask Evan or Jill via email what’s being collected.

This sort of thing is very annoying. Bad marks for Dark Horse on those two fronts.

RE: BPRD commentary: Look again, Greg – It’s fairly obvious that the person saying ‘Holy Christ’ is a CIVILIAN (not a soldier) who (like some people in the real world) isn’t cussing as much as they are saying ‘Holy Christ’ as a quick expletive prayer asking to protect them from harm, while the solider in the next panel is in fact swearing. It’s called characterization, dude. Now, as for why the cuss word is grawlixed out… personal choice of Mignola. Go back and read your Hellboy and BPRD, man. “Damn” and “Hell” = OK. But the F and S word is always grawlixed out no matter who’s talking, if I’m not mistaken.

Louis: Yeah, that is a civilian. Still, how many people, even Christians, really say “Holy Christ” like that? I don’t know, but it feels more like a non-Christian saying “Jesus Christ!” than a prayer. But you can read it both ways, certainly.

If it’s a personal choice by Mignola, I have to say it’s a dumb one. If editorial is allowing it, you should either go whole hog or not at all. If you’re uncomfortable with “fuck” and “shit,” don’t even put them in the characters’ mouths and then put grawlix there instead. It draws attention to the fact that they’re saying “fuck” and “shit.” If the entire Hellboy-verse books had only “damn” and “hell” in them but no grawlix whatsoever because no one ever said “fuck” or “shit,” I doubt anyone would notice. That soldier, for instance, could easily be saying “Damn it!” and it wouldn’t change a thing. The grawlix draws attention to itself, and it makes the choice – if it is Mignola’s choice – even sillier.


I kinda wanted the Alan Davis Batman collection, but… I’m thinking I’ll pass, if they’re going to put the first issue of a story arc at the tail end of the collection and leave me hanging (especially since the follow up artist was McFarlane. BLECH!)

I’m undecided about that AMETHYST collection. I certainly won’t buy two, but I’m vaguely interested in one. It’s a shame DC hasn’t enough brains just to segregate the character from the DCU, retool it to stand on it’s own and get a strong manga artist style to do a new series. It’s perfect high fantasy stuff that lends itself easily to the format and could target *GASP! THE HORROR!* female readers. But nooooo, everything’s gotta be tied into the bullshit that is the Terrible Trio’s Bid For Comics Industry Domination!

I’ll get NIGHT FORCE and IZOMBIE as I have been. While it’s a shame DC and Chris Roberson have parted ways so abruptly, I sadly have to admit I’d have dropped IZOMBIE at #25 if things were going swimmingly between them. But I’m getting all the way to the last issue. What’s three issues more to have a complete run?


RE: STARSTRUCK — Seeing as I don’t have my original issues anymore, it’s not a bad deal.

And how come no mention of the Kaluta sketchbook Vol. 2 solicited on the same page? Too pricey for you at $10 for 48 pages?

What, no ragging on Byrne’s TRIO? Don’t’cha just gotta see what kind of insanity he’s made out of his GOLGOTHA character, that first appeared in TORCH OF LIBERTY like eighteen years ago? I know I’m amused enough to see what screws have fallen loose.

Like the AMETHYST trade from DC, I’m also wavering on whether to get the 5 issue weekly DEADWORLD: WAR OF THE DEAD series. Do I buy them at $3.99 a pop, or wait for the trade? It’s the first time DW’s been in full color (to my recollection), and I’m far more of a loyalist to Gary Reed than I ever will be to the overrated recyclist hack that is Robert Kirkman, but I’m not sure I have the extra $20 to spend. Thing is, if / when they collect it, it’ll probably be $24.99 or higher. *sigh* Decisions, decisions…

And is it just me, or is the IDW TMNT stuff as of late oddly appealing? I mean, I was never a TMNT fan (I think I’ve own two issues total in my life), but for some reason seeing all the original stuff remastered and in color has been piquing my curiosity. I haven’t actually ordered anything, but I’m considering it. That’s more than that DC or Marvel can say about their products these days…


Can’t say as Image has anything that interests me,nor much of anybody else … from Oni I’ll be getting COURTNEY CRUMRIN, but that’s it. Maybe that STRONTIUM DOG trade from Rebellion / 2000 AD, but I’m not sold yet – anybody know if that’s the beginning trade volume, or a later one? I’m not a big 2000AD guy, but if / when I get a collection, I’d like to start at the beginning.

I just don’t find much to read like I used to. That’s probably both good and bad. Good, because I really can’t afford the books these days anyway, and bad because well, there’s NEVER enough good stuff. *wink*


RE: language usage —

I don’t know if it’s Mignola’s choice to grawlix the cussing, it just seems that since they’re his characters and it’s creator owned, it would logically be his choice. Is it silly? Perhaps, perhaps not. His story, his way. I don’t think it legitimately hinders the story either way.

I would totally bang Archina.

I don’t care what society thinks.

Anime-style art for a rejiggered Amethyst? As maybe the biggest Amethyst fan on the planet, that sounds stupid. Give me a Ryan Kelly, thanks. Anime art as some sort of magical gateway for new female readers is a painfully outdated notion.

I have to say, IDW’s earned some serious fealty from me for its Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who crossover alone. I just read the first issue last night, and I just about exploded with geeky glee: http://theidiolect.com/comics/they-are-so-easily-assimilated/

I don’t know why on earth I’m not reading their Godzilla comics. That needs to be rectified.

Andrew Collins

June 3, 2012 at 11:41 am

I almost picked up the first issue of Resident Alien and now I’m glad I didn’t. Had no idea there was a #0 issue and so I’ll be waiting for the trade later on.

I’m tempted to pick up those Archie issues with the gender swapping just because they’re drawn by Gisele Lagace, who does my favorite webcomic, Menage a 3. (It’s NSFW but check it out, it is hilarious…)

And Amethyst was happily pre-ordered the moment the listing went up on Amazon…


I never said anime style art was a ‘gateway’ to new female readers, nor did I ever state that a manga / anime style was the only way to make the character a viable product. And personally I don’t find anything wrong with your suggestion of Ryan Kelly, either.

However, my initial statement was based on my personal experience of having been asked on dozens of ocassions about this specific character property being done in a manga format, by primarily female fans, 90% of them mangaphile cosplayers in groups of 5-8 girls, ranging in age from 13 to 20.

What other possible conclusion should I be coming to other than there is a potentially viable market for a manga style version of the character done as fantasy away from the mainstream DCU, seeing as how this is specifically what THEY are telling me they want, if I may be so bold as to ask the ‘maybe biggest AMETHYST fan on the planet’? I’m sure you know what they want better than they do.

Louis: I know you’re an artist, but I’m just not a big fan of art books. I figured mentioning the Starstruck trade was a good way for people to enjoy Kaluta’s artwork!

I haven’t read Trio, so I won’t rag on it. I have no interest in it, though.

Generally, I like Reed’s writing, but I just don’t like zombie stuff, so I’ll probably skip that.

I have read some good things about the TMNT stuff, but man, I already buy so much …

Annoyed Grunt

June 3, 2012 at 6:49 pm

For a second the shots of all the DC covers were for the Watchmen prequels and was excited top see them trolling everyone by have Liefled do the covers.

Agent of the Empire is great, although Roux only did the art for #1, #2 and #5 I believe, but it does live up to it’s James Bond/ Star Wars premise.

They did put a recap in the front of Resident Alien. It’s on the flipside of the front cover.

Not that that made the #0 thing any more annoying, as I don’t even remember that being solicited.

How much are the Prophet and Glory trades?? If they are cheap I’ll be picking them up! ;)

What’s this about Elektra: Assassin? Your comment confused me a bit. Is this edition incomplete since it wasn’t included in another collection?

R. Oh, okay. I didn’t realize they put a recap, but you’re right – it’s still annoying.

Faust: The Glory and Prophet trades are only 10 dollars, which is a good value. Sorry, I should have mentioned that.

Patrick: Sorry for the confusion! No, the trade collects the entire Elektra: Assassin mini-series. Miller and Sienkiewicz did a graphic novel called Daredevil: Love and War around the same time, and I know hardcover collections in the past have put the mini-series and the graphic novel together because they’re by the same people. It appears that they’ve stopped doing that. If you get this new printing, you won’t even notice, because the mini-series stands on its own.

I personally thought Agent of the Empire wasn’t Bond-ish ENOUGH.

This first arc introduces us to the main character… hopefully future arcs will be more focused on the original premise.

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