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50 Greatest Spider-Man Stories Ever Told: Master List

Here is the master list of the stories that YOU voted for for the greatest Spider-Man stories ever told!

Click on any story to read about the story and see a page from it.

50. “The Crime-Master Versus the Green Goblin,” Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 1) #26-27

49. “Flowers for Rhino,” Tangled Web #5-6

48. “The Original End of Spider-Man” Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 1) #18-19

47. Spider-Man: Reign #1-6

46. “The Horns of the Rhino” Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 1) #41-43

45. “Cosmic Spider-Man,” Spectacular Spider-Man #158-160, Web Spider-Man #59-61 and Amazing Spider-Man #327-329

44. “A Death in the Family,” Peter Parker: Spider-Man (Volume 2) #44-47

43. “The Conversation,” Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 2) #38

42. “Doc Ock Wins,” Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 1) #53-56

41. “The Wedding” Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21

40. “I’m With Stupid,” Spider-Man/Human Torch #1-5

39. “Return of the Burglar,” Amazing Spider-Man #198-200

38. “Return of the Sinister Six,” Amazing Spider-Man #334-339

37. “To Have and to Hold,” Sensational Spider-Man Annual #1

36. “The Commuter Cometh!” Amazing Spider-Man #267

35. “Down Among the Dead Men”/”Venomous”/”The Last Stand,” Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #1-12

34. “Return of the Sin-Eater,” Spectacular Spider-Man #134-136

33. “Venom,” Ultimate Spider-Man #33-38

32. “New Ways to Die,” Amazing Spider-Man #568-573

31. “The Spider or the Man?” Amazing Spider-Man #100-102

30. “Learning Curve,” Ultimate Spider-Man #8-12

29. “Unscheduled Stop,” Amazing Spider-Man #578-579

28. “Spider-Island,” Amazing Spider-Man #667-672 (plus various tie-ins and a prologue in #666 and an epilogue in #673)

27. “Death of Spider-Man,” Ultimate Spider-Man #156-160

26. “The Original Clone Saga,” Amazing Spider-Man #143-149 (plus an epilogue in #150)

25. “Confessions,” Ultimate Spider-Man #13

24. “Maximum Carnage,” Spider-Man Unlimited #1-2, Web of Spider-Man #101-103, Amazing Spider-Man #378-380, Spider-Man #35-37 and Spectacular Spider-Man #201-203

23. “The Second Hobgoblin Saga,” Amazing Spider-Man #250-251, 259-261,

22. “Power and Responsibility,” Ultimate Spider-Man #1-7

21. “Venom,” Amazing Spider-Man #299-300

20. “The Sinister Six,” Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 – 86

19. “No One Dies,” Amazing Spider-Man #655-656

18. “The Death of Captain Stacy,” Amazing Spider-Man #88-90

17. “The Owl/Octopus War,” Spectacular Spider-Man #72-79

16. Spider-Man Blue #1-6

15. “Harry Osborn is on Drugs!” Amazing Spider-Man #96-98

14. “The Alien Costume Saga,” Amazing Spider-Man #252-258

13. “Coming Home,” Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 2) #30-35

12. “The Gift,” Amazing Spider-Man #400

11. “The Goblin Unmasked!,” Amazing Spider-Man #39-40

10. “The Harry Osborn Saga,” Spectacular Spider-Man #178-184, 189-190, 199-200

9. “Spider-Man No More!” Amazing Spider-Man #50-52

8. “The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man,” Amazing Spider-Man #248

7. “Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut!” Amazing Spider-Man #229-230

6. “The Original Hobgoblin Saga,” Amazing Spider-Man #238-239, 244-245, 249-251 and Spectacular Spider-Man #85

5. “Spider-Man!” Amazing Fantasy #15

4. “The Death of Jean DeWolff,” Spectacular Spider-Man #107-110

3. “The Death of Gwen Stacy,” Amazing Spider-Man #121-122

2. “The Master Planner Saga,” Amazing Spider-Man #30-33

1. “Kraven’s Last Hunt,” Amazing Spider-Man #293-294, Spectacular Spider-Man #131-132 and Web of Spider-Man #31-32


Brian- I just noticed you haven’t been revealing how many first-place votes each story received. Is that something you’ll be going back and doing later?

Fans know very well the best of the best!

“Character Assassination” and “Flashbacks” were two of the best stories written since the relaunch. I’m disappointed they didn’t crack the list.

I just reread “Maybe Next Year” (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #33) and “Heroes Don’t Cry” (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #35) and both of those stories are hands down, objectively better than at least three stories on this list.

(I challenge anyone to read those two issues and then tell me that Spider-Man: Reign, Marvel Knights:Spider-Man #1-12, or Maximum Carnage are better stories… I guess it’s possible that people would believe that, but it seems unfathomable to me).

It’s a shame these two stories aren’t better well known, especially since they are relatively recent (the majority of this list are stories that are 25+ years old, including 9 out the top 10 – the most recent being “The Harry Osborn Saga”, which ended in 1993).

Hopefully my kvetching will inspire some readers to check them out.

“Old Soldiers” (MTU #120) was robbed. When will the world realize that Turner D. Century is the greatest man the Marvel Universe has ever known?

Also that one where the Lizard fought Stegron the Dinosaur Man (“War of the Reptile Men!”, ASM #166). Just because.

But the GREATEST Spider-Man story of all time? “The Cat and the Cosmic Cube!” (Spidey Super-Stories #39), which gave us the Thanos-copter.

I was curious about how this list broke down by decade:

1960s: 9 stories (18%)
1970s: 5 stories (10%)
1980s: 13 stories (26%)
1990s: 5 stories (10%)
2000s: 15 stories (30%)
2010s: 3 stories (6%)

Stories published 25+ years ago (ended 1987 or earlier): 25 (50%)
Stories published within past 10 yrs (ended 2002 or later): 13 (26%)

Stories spanning more than one year: 2 (“The Second Hobgoblin Saga”, “The Harry Osborn Saga”)

Single most represented year on the list: 2001 with 5 stories (“Confessions”, “Learning Curve”, “Flowers for Rhino”, “Coming Home”, “Power and Responsibility”)

If a story started in one decade and finished in another (such as “Return of the Burglar” which started in 1979 and went to 1980), I counted it in the decade it ended.

I got all the dates from comics.org

o I wish I had bothered to find out more of the issues and voting procedure now inhindsight.because my favorite, the quest for the tablet, didn’t show. but owl/ock war did show highly, my other favorite. and the conversation also I love

Meaningless Albert

July 4, 2012 at 3:37 pm

Stories I wanted to see n the list:
Black Cat Returns, Spider-Man vs Firelord, Till Death Do Us Part! (Web of Spider-Man 1), Tombstone (Conway), Powerless, Doom Service, Carnage (MAXIMUM CARNAGE slipped in, why not this one?), Shrieking, Doomed Affairs, more Jenkins (Read ‘em and Weep – the poker one -, Heroes Don’t Cry, Maybe Next Year, Spectacular Spider-Man 14, Final Curtain) and the “Saga of Rhino’s Failed Second Chance on Life”.

Jonathon Riddle

July 6, 2012 at 5:58 pm

Not a bad roundup all in all. There’s a decent mix of writer and artist works representedand over the decades. Certainly this list is nowhere near as biased and lop-sided as the Best Cover vote. The top three should, of course, suprise no one. (I din’t even bother voting for the death of Gwen Stacy, since I knew it would place high enough without my recommendation.) And out of the ten votes I placed, seven of them wound up here, which is pretty shocking. The only suprise was what was missing. I know they can’t all make the final cut, but I thought for sure Spider-Man vs Wolverine would have placed.

Lastly, I want to put in one last plug for Marvel Two in One Annual #2. It’s in my top ten because it’s by Jim Starllin, Spidey plays an essential part in the defeat of Thanos – a villian who SERIOUSLY outclasses the web-head – and it features a take on Spidey’s origin that had never been done before. Original copies are expensive, but the comic was reprinted as the final chapter of Starlin’s Warlock epic. Check it out for yourselves, true believers!

[…] Stern is widely considered to be the best Spider-Man writer since Stan Lee. According to CBR readers, he is responsible for three of the ten best Spider-Man stories ever: The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man at #8, Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut at #7 and the Hobgoblin Saga […]

[…] From a list of the best Spider-Man stories, 18 were released after Charles asked why I still bought …. Granted, a few of those were straightforward remakes of earlier stories (Ultimate Spider-Man #1-7, Spider-Man: Blue) and there were a handful of “final” Spider-Man stories on the list (Spider-Man: Reign, The Death of Ultimate Spider-Man.) There were also appearances by new villains (Massacre, Morlun) and four battles against Norman Osborn. So the hero who was introduced in Amazing Fantasy #15 is able to face new challenges, as well as variations of scenarios that had been done before (IE- Spider-Man VS Shocker, Spider-Man VS Norman Osborn & Venom.) […]

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