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The Abandoned An’ Forsaked – So is Magneto Polaris’ Dad or What?

Every week, we will be examining comic book stories and ideas that were not only abandoned, but also had the stories/plots specifically “overturned” by a later writer (as if they were a legal precedent). Click here for an archive of all the previous editions of The Abandoned An’ Forsaked. Feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com if you have any suggestions for future editions of this feature.

Today, based on a request from commenter JD, we take a look at the shifting paternity of the X-Man known as Polaris…

When Polaris was introduced (check out the amazing Steranko cover above), it was revealed to her that she was Magneto’s daughter.

Luckily, Iceman showed up to tell her otherwise…

That was pretty much the state of affairs for the next thirty plus years. Which, when you think about it, is kind of odd. “Are you Magneto’s daughter?” “No.” “How do you know?” “Iceman told me.” “Oh, how did he know?” “Your adopted parents told him?” “How did THEY know that my birth mother did not have an affair with Magneto?” “Uhm….”

However, things went a bit deeper than that during the Age of Apocalypse, which was an altered timeline of the regular Marvel universe (when Legion went back in time and accidentally killed his father, Charles Xavier, when Xavier was a young man).

In Factor X #2, we get some pretty definitive evidence that Polaris, shown in the issue as being obsessed with Magneto (who is a rebel leader in this timeline)…

is NOT the daughter of Magneto…

However, in Uncanny X-Men #430-431, we discover via flashback that Polaris decided to do some investigating on her own…

and she discovers that she IS Magneto’s daughter.

Now, all you need to do, of course, is have the person who did that blood test turn out to be, like, I dunno, Mister Sinister in disguise or something like that, if you wanted to reverse it. But it appears as though they have committed to the idea…

They have not done much with the concept since it was introduced a decade ago, but there’s plenty they theoretically could do with it in the future!


And then there’s that whole Zaladane thing…

It’s a bit more complicated than that. In Uncanny X-Men 58, the Magneto that Mesmero was working for turns out to be a robot and Mesmero realizes that he never worked for the real Magneto. Later, in Uncanny X-Men 112, Magneto reveals this to the X-Men. But who sent the robot remains a mystery, until Captain America 247-249, where we see that Machinesmith has a Magneto robot. It’s confirmed in the Official Handbook that Machinesmith sent the Magneto robot. So how did Machinesmith find out Lorna’s true parentage, if the retcon is correct?

Actually… she didn’t use the name Polaris until Claremont started writing her in the late 70s. She was just Lorna until then.

I think the original retcon made no sense. I read this story recently. They were really emphatic that Polaris knew Magneto was her father four about four issues. She could literally sense their connection. They actually talked about their blood for about four issues. Iceman’s evidence was really dumb. Then back in Magneto: Dark Seduction they were again connected through a magnetic “emblical cord”. This was even before the retcon.

I think a more sensible retcon is to just retcon that it was really Magneto in Mesmero first appearrance. Machinesmith had no motive whatsover to create a Magneto duplicate and recruit Mesmero. It’s totally random. A better explanation would be that Magneto himself commissioned Machinesmith later.

As for the Age of Apocalypse stuff. Dark Beast was the one who confirmed that Lorna was not Magnetos. He’s the personification of an unreliable narrator. He was also aware that Sinister was plotting to kill Apocalypse by creating Nate Grey. If Nate Grey had of done was he was supposed to and kill Apocalypse that would have left Magneto running around. Considering that Magneto had lost two daughters already, Lorna would have been an extremely valuable bargaining chip, something to hold over Magneto protect himself.

I had totally forgotten this last arc in Uncanny X-Men #430-431, but, anyway, the first time it was said that Polaris was really Magneto’s daughter was in Grant Morrison’s New X-Men #132, about one year earlier.

That was the issue where Morrison brought Unus from beyond death (with no explanation I can remember now) and I said “Morrison is screwing chronology up as always”.

But, as Brian appointed, what was shown in UXM #430-431 was a flashback – maybe to explain what happened and Morrison didn’t bother to explain.

As for Zaladane, I think it was a bad plotline Claremont tried… and that wasn’t developed anymore, as well as the X-Men’s invisibility to technological devices and other ones.

Yet, if the “key” for concluding that Zaladane and Polaris were sisters was simply the “surname” “Dane”, it must be remembered that Lorna Dane is a name Polaris received when she was adopted by the Danes… so Zaladane could be her stepsister (not a real blood relative)… or absolutely not after all.. hehe

OK, I daydreamed through a lot of Biology class, BUT if I recall correctly, a genetic trait passed from parent to offspring is not a mutation. Lorna has been termed a mutant by many characters who should know. So, unless the green hair is the mutation (and it quite possibly could be), the supposition that Lorna’s magnetic powers are inherited as a validation of Magneto being her father seems to have always been a stretch. It’s far more likely that two mutations might exhibit independently of each other, as was generally thought to be the case for Mags and Lorna. (Also, none of Mags’ other biological children, despite displaying mutant powers, inherited directly magnetism, though again with the hair, for Pietro.)

The Grant Morrison thing… the way I read his issue was that Polaris was left barking mad after the Wild Sentinels decimated Genosha. I didn’t take her screaming about Daddy very seriously. But I think Chuck Austin took that moment very literally.

Well Lorna’s green hair has been said to be a mutation since the begining. We know Magneto doesn’t have green hair, I’d imagine mommy doesn’t either. Besides mutants in the marvel universe just posess an X-Gene. There’s tons of mutant’s that have the same powers as their parents in the marvel universe. Usually they have something additional like Lorna has with her hair and that dormant secondary mutation to gain strenght from negative energy.

They haven’t done much with the concept? How about House of M?

She only got a couple of lines in that. She did have the best oufits though. I really like Polaris being Magneto’ daughter. I like the possibility of him having an actual heir.

Just to clarify the biology here: in order for a genetic trait to be considered a mutation, it HAS to breed true in the following generation. If an organism shows a genetic trait that wasn’t present anywhere in its ancestry and the organism doesn’t pass that trait onto its own offspring, it’s considered a freak or a sport or several other words that basically all mean “not a mutant.”

In this case, we assume that Magneto’s parents had no magnetic abilities. Magneto was the first in his line to have those powers. Does this make him a mutant? Not yet! If Lorna is his daughter and she inherited his abilities, then Magneto is a mutant…but Lorna is not, according to proper use of the term. If Magneto never had any children with magnetic powers, he would just be a one-time-only freak.

Basically, Marvel has been misusing the term mutant for all these years.

Dark Beast had every reason to lie to Alex as he would have taken away Dark Beast’s #1 guinea pig to use as a hostage against Magneto. In fact that was why Alex was pestering him about her parentage. There are at least 7 AU/altered timeline universes I can name were she was his daughter.

Her parentage storyline got its restart back in 1998/1999 in Mutant X where she was solidly Magneto’s daughter there. That convinced the 616 writers to bring Lorna to Genosha and depict Lorna as a surrogate daughter type figure. As for Austen he read Morrison having Lorna calling him her dad in X-Men 132 and picked up Alex from an AU storyline (Mutant X) where Lorna being Magneto’s daughter was a big plot point so he said he just figured Marvel was going back to the plotline as he has said.

As for Lorna’s family relationships lets just say they are being developed slowly, but surely. Lorna being lost in space for over five years slowed down that process. But, she did get to interact with Luna in War of Kings as her aunt.

There’s actually been a ton of alternate realities that stated that Polaris was Magneto’s daughter. Shouldn’t they have been referenced here if you going to bring in AOA? Like the End, Mutant X etc House of M even showed her conception.

Travis Fischer

July 1, 2012 at 9:10 am

I always liked the idea that Polaris was just another mutant with magnetic powers. Tying her to Magneto just seems a little too trite.

Well there’s still Stitch, Phantazia and Siena Blaze, three other female mutants with magnetic powers.

And then there’s that whole Zaladane thing…

It’s strongly hinted in a number of places, including (iirc) the Uncanny X-Men issues where she steals Lorna’s powers, that Zaladane is Lorna Dane’s sister. If that’s true then Magneto killed his own daughter in UXM 275.

She could be Lorna’s half sister. She used a different machine to steal Magneto’s powers than she used on Lorna. I wouldn’t be suprised if the intention was that they were both Magneto. Apparently Chris Claremont responded in a letter to a fan about a number of topics and said Lorna and Zala’s father was a “white haired man who disappeared from their lives early on”. Magneto’s inner monologue comparing Zala to him in 275 would also imply that maybe she was.

@Kenn: “She’s not a mutant, she has her father’s powers” is basically the same as saying “he isn’t black, his mother is white”. Yes, children who share their parents powers aren’t technically “mutants”, but they still face all the same prejudices as a first generation X-Gene carrier.
My personal theory is that there are various types of changes that can occur in different combinations in the X-Gene zone leading to different abilities. Clearly Magda had some sort of proto-X-Gene that gave her children by Magneto different powers than his, but his child by another woman just got his same X-Gene.

Wait… so if this article is about Lorna’s possible parentage, and it’s using Age of Apocalypse, then why isn’t House of M (especially House of M: Civil War) mentioned at all? That’s an altered timeline as well by Wanda’s hand, and Civil War not only has Lorna included as part of the Magnus family, Civil War outright shows the relationship between Magnus and Susanna Dane (her mother) that led to her conception. It’s just as apt to mention and explain as Age of Apocalypse.

Magda could have been the carrier of an x-gene without actually being a mutant herself. There was a story about a woman called Faye Livingstone back in the 90s that Sinister was in love with. He thought her offspring would be incredibly powerful but she herself didn’t have powers.

Making it Magneto in Mesmero’s first appearance would be difficult, though, since he was stuck in the Savage Land at the time, Plus, he seemingly had his legs crushed in Mesmero’s first appearance. I guess a simpler explanation would be he couldn’t be there himself, so he contacted Machinesmith and had him send a robot. That still doesn’t explain why Magneto revealed she was his daughter, and then changed his mind about it, and pretended he had no clue what the robot was talking about, and then changed his mind again.

I think it makes less sense that Machinesmith created a Magneto robot, found a girl with magnetic powers by chance and passed her off as Magneto’s daughter. It’s just too random. Magnetic powers are pretty rare.

Besides Lorna’s first appearrance was a great story for the 60s until the end. Removing Polaris’ connection to Magneto takes a lot of from her. What was interesting about her original appearrance was that she a legitimate conflict between the X-Men and their greatest enemy her father. And it made zero sense, seriously for those who haven’t read it, read it! The retcon that she wasn’t Magneto’s daughter was stupid, didn’t make sense and read as very very last minute and then there was the robot……..

Mutant X did not solidly establish that Lorna was Magneto’s daughter. It just showed us a world where she continued believing she was.
Uncanny X-Men #430-431 was the true game changer. Those issues actually retroactively change the reading of Mutant X. And that’s been her status ever since. Ten years already…. wow.

There was zero evidence in Mutant X Max that Magneto was lying to her thoughout about her parentage and they were together the whole time as a family.

There are some people for who this is the VERY MOST IMPORTANT THING in comics. There is no topic in comics, whether it’s Will Eisner’s composition or Alan Moore’s legal issues that could possibly be more important than the fact that Magneto is Polaris’ father.

I wouldn’t consider Alan Moore and Will Eisner issues a comic book topic but a legal topic. They got screwed but I fail to see the need to compare this Polaris’ parentage. There are readers invested in this character and feel passionately about her storylines. Isn’t that the point of any kind of fiction?

As a big fan of Polaris I find this article biased and weak in its research of this issue.

The only solid evidence we have that Polaris is not Magneto’s daughter is Dark Beast’s genetic test in AoA… it is interesting to note that the writer chooses to ignore the fact that Dark Beast, a manipulative and unreliable liar, carried out this test- whilst suggesting that when it was revealed in 616 she was his daughter- that could be explained by Mr. Sinister’s tampering (which doesn’t make an awful lot of sense).

Otherwise- she has been depicted as Magneto’s daughter in Mutant X, various universes’ the Exiles have visited, The End, the Wolverine and the X-Men animated series and the altered 616 itself- House of M! All of this on top of the regular 616 reveal and the support of various writers and creators from Chris Claremont himself to Mike Carey.

Why were 5 pages of Factor X #2 used and none from the various other universes in which she was shown to be his daughter- including 616 itself. Where exactly are all these scans?

It certainly seems like a certain section on the fanbase has had a hard time adjusting to this reveal- and this is not fair for all the progress and development Polaris has had since leaving X-Factor. It undermines everything that has happened in the past 15 years. And it is most certainly not fair on her fans.

If this is the case- then should we not also doubt Vulcan? Siryn? Dare I say… Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver themselves?

Unfortunately Polaris is a character that unjustly and unfairly still lives in the shadow of doubt. The character can simply not be- she must be returned to her old status quo to some fans despite all logic supporting the progress she’s made.

And this is unfortunately likely to continue now that rumours are that her paternity will once again may be doubted in X-Factor as suggested by the solicitations. And that to me is a great shame for the X-books and Marvel who should do more to uphold continuity and remain unbiased. I guess we’ll have to wait and see and hope whatever happens does not undermine my favourite character anymore.

Justin – Maybe Magneto was just mistaken, not lying. We don’t know the backstory. We know the characters believed they were related in Mutant X. But that doesn’t solidly establish they were actually related. That’s just Howard Mackie playing with old Silver Age continuity. The actually change happened in Austin’s run.

Mittloss — The article acknowledges that Marvel seems to have committed to the idea since. Exiles, The End, Wolverine and the X-Men, House of M all happened after Austin’s issue. The point where it was abondoned and forsaked. Factor X came before. Not bias.

Also surprised you don’t have X-Factors future solicit on here! Peter David is going after this story-line very soon! What a missed opportunity!

As has been pointed out above, “Mutant” or “homo superior” in the MU means “having an active X-gene giving you powers”–not the same as the classic biological term. And generally speaking, it’s the capacity for super-powers that the next generation inherits rather than the exact same powers: I believe Immortus stated once that if not for Chthon’s intervention, Wanda would have been an energy-controlling mutant, but he pointedly didn’t say it would be magnetism. Alex and Scott Summers likewise both have hard-to-control energy blasting powers, but different kinds (of course since Alex’s intro I believe it’s been established Scott’s lack of control is due to a brain injury).
And in some cases, it’s the physical look that’s inherited with a different power set. Pietro gets daddy’s hair. Kurt gets Mommy’s skin color (he is still Mystique’s kid, yes?).
As to the specific topic of the piece, I found it fascinating because I’d read the early part of Polaris’ origin and not the rest (much chaos in my young life at the time). As a result I knew Lorna Dane Is Magneto’s Daughter and when I heard otherwise down the road, assumed it was some retcon they’d come up with years after the fact. And now I discover I’ve been wrong all that time (even given that Iceman’s story is, as noted, not much in the way of evidence).

Which raises another question: Back in Xmen1, Prof X presents his team and himself as classic SF mutants. He got his power, for instance, because his parents were exposed to radiation on the Manhattan Project.
So when did the concept of a specific mutant gene common to all superhuman mutants crop up?

My views are set on this- but Max- it did not acknowledge them- they were not named or mentioned… only implied by a long shot. How do you publicly acknowledge something without actually referencing it in any way? In fact- it makes a sweeping generalisation that the concept had barely been used.

If the writer posted 4 or so more pages that show and confirm she is Magneto’s daughter- then we can say this article is not biased.

How can an article that’s not even trying to make an argument be biased? It’s just recapping certain past stories to fit into a theme.
Brian’s not picking a side. He’s just pointing out how there are a few dangling plot-lines and retcons here.

Mitteloss — you may have a point that the article makes a sweeping generalisation at the end. But the point of this series isn’t to argue for or against or confirm ideas. The point is to show you when the point when ideas were abondoned or overturned.

Er… that should read…. The point is to show you when ideas were abondoned or overturned.

That’s a fair point- but there is no doubt to me the article could have payed respect to and acknowledged the various comics that have depicted the relationship since 2003 more thoroughly to properly elaborate the most recent revelation.

Also surprised you don’t have X-Factors future solicit on here! Peter David is going after this story-line very soon! What a missed opportunity!

Really? I hope PAD doesn’t retcon it. Not because I’m particularly for or against the idea, but because I think some ideas, whether good or bad, after a certain amount of retcons and convoluted add-ons, should be left alone.

I am not against the article brining up AoA Max its just it focused a little hard on the word of Dark Beast in one AU story who was given reason to lie about her parentage in story… that he didn’t want his guinea pig taken away from him by Alex which would have happened to use as a hostage against Magneto if he said yes she was to Alex’s question if she was Magneto’s daughter.

By the way, that Steve Epting art is great. I still like his current art now very, very much, but there’s something about his 90s stuff I like so much better. Then again the modern stuff I see from him now on Captain America seems to have a lot of weird computer effects and coloring done to it, so maybe it’s that.

Marvel has always used to have a explanation for mutant children. even if they seemed the same there was always a slight difference so they could still be mutant.

Syrin could fly with out screaming, Banshee could not.

Rachel was a telepath Jean was a telekenetic, although they both eventually got both more powers in time. Cable and Xmen are also not quite the same type of TP.

Polaris as green hair, and also secondary power set, super strength as a back up if the first fails.

the person who lost their mutant status in the last decade was Kurt who dad was a teleporting mutant who looked lie a demon.

Wiccan would not count a traditonal mutant but i think speed would, if it weren’t for the other problems with their origins.

If May Parker has grown in to spidergirl she would not have been a trad mutant.

That said if mutant is just being born with abilities then this whole 1st and second gen thing is pointless.

It took about five comments to remind me why I can’t stand the fucking X-Men. Hey, maybe her father was a robot that had sex with another robot. That would make her a MUTANT robot because X-robogene. No, wait, Mr. Sinister when back in time and mutated a Lorna Doone cookie, creating Lorna Dane, then replaced the cookie with robot cookie, so in the future (our present,) everyone would eat Zala Doone cookies. That way, Magnetobot could still be Lorna’s father, but not Wanda’s because Apocalypse is Pietro’s father from Age of M.

Yes, it all really is that stupid.

“So when did the concept of a specific mutant gene common to all superhuman mutants crop up?”
Possibly What If? 23, where the idea of the Celestials implanting it first appears.

Polaris has been Magneto’s daughter for a long time now. No way they’ll change it again. I kinda like it tbh. I mean, Wanda and Pietro basically hate their father just for the sake of it, while Lorna on the other hand seems to really like him. I like their father-daughter relationship.

Now all I want to know is: Who is Lorna’s mother? I call it Mystique just for the dake of DRAMA. haha.

If it was Mystique she would have kept Lorna. He/she just hates men.

What Oculus Orbus said not only applies to mutants, but pretty much everything in superhero comics.

This is where that ‘suspension of disbelief’ thing comes in handy.
Comics just have to try not to suspend it so often and so much.

have to admit the is polaris magnetoes daughter or not bugged me that marvel kept the back and forth mostly because every time she was told no it was by shady characters leading to yes. that plus the fact she has the same powers as him. the green hair could be from her mother. never revealed. just proves that family trees in the xmen universe are a stuck on this one is a relative nope wrong . including Polaris having Magneto as a father and not just an alternate time line.

Way to open the pandora’s box of obsessed fans, Brian.

Next do how Phoenix: Endsong doesn’t fit in with what they’re doing now. With the White Hot Room, or whatever.

That’ll bring out a whole different batch!

I love Polaris as a daughter of Magneto. It really is the hugest thing that the x-editors and writers need to embrace ASAP. Can’t understand why they’d pass up the opportunity to work this amazing development into their stories.

I love that Marvel has not severed this connection. It’s rare for a character like Polaris who is not even a main character in the x-books to have another, almost completely unexplored layer to her character, besides being Havok’s girlfriend.

I hope to see more of Polaris outside of X-Factor, away from Havok, with characters that can enrich her life and bring meaningful development to her untold story, mostly thinking of her family like Pietro, Wanda, etc….

For a character that has been around since the late 60s, Polaris should be a more important part of the x-world then she currently is. The x-books have a daughter of Magneto and do practically nothing with her for years at a time, while rehashing the same stories with the same characters over and over again.

If a writer comes along and essentially erases the past 2 decades of development by making her not related to Magneto, I’ll stop following the character and X-Factor will be dropped. I’ve waited so long for some development and progress in this area and quite frankly I found Polaris boring as hell before the daughter of Magneto development happened.

X-Men comics are largely responsible for me realizing/deciding that I no longer gave a crap about continuity.

There’s actually been a ton of alternate realities that stated that Polaris was Magneto’s daughter. Shouldn’t they have been referenced here if you going to bring in AOA? Like the End, Mutant X etc House of M even showed her conception.

I see this a lot, so while I normally don’t address it, I guess I should every once in awhile.

In a word, nope.

This is about a story that was A. Established then B. Abandoned and overturned.

Iceman saying Polaris is not Magneto’s daughter is sketchy for A, so Factor X #2 was included. B is Uncanny X-Men #431. Mutant X doesn’t get you B (it is on the same level as the Iceman scene). And once you have B, you’re done. That’s the bit. I mean, I’ll occasionally toss in a scene or two to show that B is still current (like the scene from X-Men: Legacy above) but once you get B, the bit is done. You got your abandoned and you got your forsaked.

This is “abandoned an’ forsaked,” not “abadoned an’ forsaked…and then reiterated here and then reiterated here and then reiterated here and then reiterated here and then reiterated here, etc.” So the other stories not being mentioned are not because I don’t know about about them or whatever, they’re intentionally excluded because they’re not part of the bit.

If someone later tells a story where Polaris is not Magneto’s daughter and then someone else even later tells a story where she is, those would both be included, because they’re each abandoning and forsaking the stories before them, not confirming them.

So if I gave off the impression that this was some detailed history of every interaction between Polaris and Magneto over the years, then my apologies, as that was surely not my intent.

In addition to Magda and Polaris’ mom, Magneto has romantic attachments to the Wasp, Rogue, and Lee Forrester; as well as others we don’t yet know. For an octogenarian, dude gets around a lot. Jim Lee even drew him as a hairy-chested love-god a la Neal Adams’ Batman.

Fair enough. I understand your reasoning. Although I really don’t consider the 00s retcon of Polaris’ parentage a blunt retcon. The only real evidence against it is from AOA and considering the source it’s flimsy at best. Regardless thanks for the response.

Oh and Magneto also struck out with Jean in the 60s.

i’m not going back and reading it, but I could have sworn Xmen Legacy 256 or 257 just a couple of months ago had a panel where the two were either fighting each other or side by side and he either mentioned “daughter” or she mentioned “father”. Sorry I’m being vague but I’m not fishing it out right now, but I could have sworn that pretty much sealed it.

I’ll look into it later if noone else knows what I’m talking about…

JSo, yes they interacted in X-Men Legacy both knowing they are father and daughter and it has been canon that they are for nearly a decade.

Brian Cronin; fair enough.

Though your heavy focus on AoA and Dark Beast’s word I was worried would be quite confusing to fans who aren’t that well versed on what is and what is not currently canon in regard to Lorna’s parentage and that fans would miss your words at the end.

Wow, thanks for covering this, Brian. I was quite tickled to see you’d chosen my suggestion, didn’t know it would be such a huge can of worms!

I actually like the idea of Polaris being Mag’s daughter and Wanda and Pietro’s sister. I just wish she would go back to the black and purple costume with the funky collar -I loved that look.

wait, Magneto made a move on Jean? Granted, he’s hardly above playing ball if there’s grass on the field, but still…

In true silver age style he offered to make her his queen or something like that…what happens in the Savage Land stays in the Savage Land!

X-Men makes my head hurt.

So is Lorna Wanda and Pietro’s sister? Did Magneto boink a cow? Have any of them been ninjas? Aren’t they dead? Have they been bopped with a lollipop?

Given Steven Lang’s later creation of the X-Sentinels, has anyone actually considered that Claremont was intending this to suggest back to us that the Magneto-robot was Lang’s earlier creation, particularly when he drops the later clue that Lang rifled through Trask’s base, the story where it was revealed the Magneto of the Demi-Men plot was a robot imposter?

So was Steven Lang responsible for trying to convince Lorna that she was Magneto’s daughter? If so, to what purpose?

i’m not going back and reading it, but I could have sworn Xmen Legacy 256 or 257 just a couple of months ago had a panel where the two were either fighting each other or side by side and he either mentioned “daughter” or she mentioned “father”

That’s where the above scene (where Magneto refers to his daughter) is from.

I shouldn’t make fun, so. Brian was self aware in what he was posting and he, more than anyone, knows how nutty fans can be about this. He spends time on the cbr x-boards. I don’t even do that. It’s mainly from reading Tom Brevoort’s formspring and the goofy questions he gets from obsessed polaris fans.

I preferred it when Polaris was NOT Magneto’s daughter, but I agree it should probably be left alone now.

Ah, I love the X-men. Seriously.

Nathan, I don’t think so. The problem is that the Magneto robot appears BEFORE the Sentinels created by Lang’s son. It’s fairly obvious that Trask started working on Sentinels AFTER the Mark II Sentinels took their trip into the sun.

So Brian: after I address this entire concept, including the truth of what happened to Lorna’s parents, in X-Factor #243, are you going to be running a follow-up?


PAD, when you deal with a continuity bugaboo like this, do you start at the last story published or the original concept? How in the world do you keep it straight?

It truly boggles my mind how you guys can make any sense of X-Men continuity. If Marvel offered me big bucks to write X-Men, I ‘d just have to say, “Nope. Sorry. I don’t have a clue.” (I’m kidding. I’d take the job in a Metropolis minute.)

If I was the boss, I would do what the bosses have often threatened to do but never came through on. Wipe it clean and start from scratch.

I’m hardly an X-fan and I don’t really have an opinion, but would this be a good opportunity for me to get it off my chest that for the first ten years or so of reading comics I actually thought that Polaris and Megan from Excaliber were the same person? Yes, I know they have different color hair.

I hope it has something to do with Lorna Doone like that poster before said.

So Brian: after I address this entire concept, including the truth of what happened to Lorna’s parents, in X-Factor #243, are you going to be running a follow-up?


But of course.

Why do Polaris fans have such a hard on for her being Magneto’s kid? No good stories or character development came out of it (unless you count Polaris being weak-willed or having inherited insanity good) and IMHO it didn’t make Polaris more interesting, just her origin story. What would be more interesting, is having them develop a relationship because of their powers but I guess Marvel’s keeping the retcon now.

Travis Pelkie

July 1, 2012 at 11:55 pm

It’s a bit off-putting that Dark Beast characterizes her as basically having gone nuts because her poor fragile little girl brain couldn’t handle what happened to her. And she sounds a bit nutty in that Uncanny 430-431 page. Hopefully PAD will confirm that she is indeed Magneto’s daughter so she can go “see, I TOLD you all I wasn’t just some nutty girl!”

At the time, she would have been his only known (to readers and himself) kid, right? So where we see that the major magnetic female mutant is the daughter of the major magnetic male mutant, it seems that Lorna was deliberately introduced to have the similar powers to have that apparent connection to Magneto.

And while Lorna prefers the Distortion album, Magneto is a total bandwagoner and thinks 69 Love Songs is better.

I think there have been interesting stories for Polaris being Magneto’s daughter. Her introduction story was good until it stopped making sense. She might not have been revealed as his daughter in Dark Seduction but that was also good and her being his daughter figure was important. But the best story was actually the death of Xorneto. I hated Chuck Austen’s run but some of the things he did with Polaris were interesting. After the death of Xorn, who at the time she and twins believed were Magneto, they travelled to Genosha to watch Professor X bury him. The issue turns into a debate between Polaris and Xavier where she basically justifies terrorism.

I thought it was really interesting how an event like Genosha could change someone with a very established morality. I’ve read some books recently on the topic. I was reading a book called I Live Here by Mia Kirshner. She was talking about her father who was a holocaust survivor. Even though he lived most of his life in Canada, the fear that it could happen again still motivates him in daily life. How Magneto dealt with the Holocaust presented a route that Polaris could go down dealing with her trauma, but she’s a grown woman so there will be differences. That’s what’s interesting to me. Could she be another Magneto?

Now, all you need to do, of course, is have the person who did that blood test turn out to be, like, I dunno, Mister Sinister in disguise

Leading to the revelation that she was a long lost Summer’s sister instead of Magneto’s daughter. Sounds vaguely Game of Thrones…

Where does Eric Dane fit into all of this?

And who was her mother, She-Hulk? Why is her hair green?

That’s the thing about super-hero comics. The options for retcons (robots, clones, generation-spanning conspiracies etc.) go beyond anything available on say, NCIS or Rizzoli and Isles.
I wonder if Bucky turning up alive counts as Abandoned and Forsaken?

Squashua, I think that was a Steranko thing back then–he also gave us Madame Hydra with green hair (or did she predate him?).

I echo Derek’s thoughts about Lorna on Genosha with Magneto and Lorna Uncanny X-Men 443 and how it and the Genoshan genocide altered her worldview. But, more reciently as in within the past half decade Lorna has had nice storylines in WATXM (the animated series) in House of M and its minis, in Jeff Parker’s Exiles, and in War of Kings interacting with Crystal and Luna all of which would not have happened if she wasn’t part of the Magnus family.

Lorna in Infinity War basically did not talk and just showed up for an issue or two and chewed scenery. Lorna in the AvX #7 preview is talking and barking orders and looks like she will confront Wanda in battle. That wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t connected in the eyes of the writers involved.

Quote from pepper: “Why do Polaris fans have such a hard on for her being Magneto’s kid? No good stories or character development came out of it (unless you count Polaris being weak-willed or having inherited insanity good) and IMHO it didn’t make Polaris more interesting, just her origin story. What would be more interesting, is having them develop a relationship because of their powers but I guess Marvel’s keeping the retcon now.”

Because there’s potential there for great storylines, it perfectly fits in for her development, and it harkens back to her earliest origins. Whether or not there have been good stories is a matter of taste, naturally, but I would argue that House of M: Civil War and an arc of Exiles both presented great stories with her as Magneto’s child. Aside from that, and especially if it has to be 616, the reason there have been no good stories is because Marvel hasn’t even tried to provide many such stories. It took them a decade just to confirm she was Magneto’s daughter, and they haven’t done anything with it. Typically, in the real world, you actually try something before you write it off as having no potential.

i like the line “iceman…you’re so pale.”

what do you expect? he’s made of ice!

Mr. David, I do so love you for tying up loose ends. I know you’re about to delve deep into Polaris’ origin, as well as the connection between Longshot and Shatterstar.

Faithfull X-fans like myself appreciate this immensely. I’m looking forward to the next issues of X-Factor, as I’m aware they’ll change everything about the group.

Well if she is Magneto’s daughter that explains her and Wanda’s attraction to funky headgear.

Reverend Meteor

July 2, 2012 at 11:53 am

My personal fanwank theory is that Zaladane is really Magneto’s daughter Anya who died in a fire.

Some time traveler just plucked a horribly burned Anya from the timestream. They repaired her body and gave her false memories. For whatever reason they wanted to hide the fact that she was Magneto’s daughter so they gave her the cover story that she was really the sister of Polaris who at this point in time was believe to not be Magneto’s daughter. This villain reinvented her as Polaris sister because they needed to explain how she has Magneto’s powers so they made her the sister of the only person they knew who had Magneto’s powers but wasn’t related to Magneto.

So some evil genius turned Anya into Zala and gave her the false cover story that she was Lorna’s sister through the Danes. Turns out she’s really Polaris half-sister through Magneto and the evil genius didn’t know that.

It’s stuff like this that drove me crazy and pushed me away from the impenetrable X-titles.

Mutt–By focusing on the big picture and not obsessing about every detail. I had a story in mind to tell and if it doesn’t match up flawlessly with every single Lorna Dane story that’s been told over the past few decades, well, that’s the way that goes. I figure as long as the story I tell is compelling, that will be sufficient for most of the fans. And for those so detail focused that they won’t be happy until every tale told by a wide assortment of writers matches up flawlessly, they’ll never be satisfied, so why sweat it?


Short of a yet another retcon for Polaris, because even personal feelings aside that’s just confusing, I don’t really care what you do. I’ve yet to read a comic that you’ve written and not enjoyed it.

pedro de pacas

July 3, 2012 at 6:48 pm

What I’m really intrigued by is the suggestion (by Philip Ayres & Derek) that Claremont saw Magneto as the father of both Polaris and Zaladane, and had Magneto unknowingly kill his own daughter when he did so to the latter in UXM 275.

This was at a time when Magneto was coming to the end of his ‘rehabilitation’ phase, but still a ambiguous hero – and other writers began using him as a villain, in Acts of Vengeance and such. What I wonder is, was this Claremont’s way of reconciling these changes, and perhaps a subtle signifier that the character of Magneto, despite any noble intentions, was damned.

What Oculus Orbus said not only applies to mutants, but pretty much everything in superhero comics.

This is where that ‘suspension of disbelief’ thing comes in handy.
Comics just have to try not to suspend it so often and so much.

I hear what you’re saying, but I don’t think this is really a suspension of disbelief problem. The X-Men, I agree, doesn’t really require any more suspension of disbelief than any other superhero book.. In some ways, it requires less even. I think it’s easier to believe for example in a runaway X-gene causing mutations than it is to believe in radiation giving people powers left and right instead of killing them, especially radiation bombs.

What Occulus is talking about is being convoluted as hell. That is a separate issue from being unrealistic and requiring suspension of disbelief. Fpr example Raymond Chandler’s Big Sleep is convoluted as hell, but requires not much suspension of disbelief. A standalone episode of Buffy requires a lot of suspension of disbelief but usually isn’t that convoluted.

I’m with Travis Fischer on this one. I prefer when they’re just two unrelated mutants that happen to have the same abilities. I’ve always found that most compelling. Just like how two different people with no relation can lookalike, why can’t the same be true for powers?

That’s because we are all related.

I do understand that in one way but in another for me it’s the suspension of belief. I would think that Polaris and Magneto would have to at the very least distantly related for them to have the same powers. It just make sense to me that evolution wouldn’t explode all over the marvel universe and two totally unrelated people would end up with the get the exact same strain of mutation.

Zaladane being Lorna’s sister was mentioned in the old X-Men danglers list. Claremont intended that they be related because they have the same name “Dane”, but forgot that Lorna is adopted.

I was writing the X-Forum’s FAQ thread, and this was like, THE Polaris question that always comes up. People go, “She is his daughter? Since when?” Having the answer held for posterity is a lot easier than having to always keep going back and explaining it every time someone asks.

#2 of course, being the Zaladane question.
#3 being, folks who wonder about the times she’s switched powers here or there.

Looking forward to updating that post, after X-Factor #243…

Well she was supposed to be adopted by her “father’s” sister. The sister could always have just kept her maiden name when she got married. She might have wanted Lorna to keep Dane as a way of honouring him. It’s unusual but not totally out there like her older sister having imaginary babies or marrying a robot.

You might be interested to read my post here on the relationship between Mags, Lorna and Zaladane:


Happy speculating:)

I think the two mini-series that focused on Magneto in Genosha (Magneto Rex was one, I don’t remember the name of the other) was the first place the parenthood issue was brought up. I mention this because it predates the flashback scene in X-men Legacy.

In regards to whether or not Polaris is a mutant, I *swear* that during the Twelve storyline they retconned Polaris’ mutant power to actually be energy manipulation, which she has only been able to focus through magnetism (or something like that). It was sort of one of those changes that was forgotten about, like Sunspot’s and Havok’s ability to fly.

As Richard noted, above, if Polaris is really Magneto’s daughter, then her magnetic powers aren’t a mutation. Which means her mutant power is really… her green hair!

Luckly my therapist hypnotized me to believe she’s really Joker’s daughter. Now I can sleep.

I dunno, judging from how she looks in those Factor X pages, she’s pretty clearly Doc Samson’s daughter.

50 years from now all X-Men will be related by blood…

And some day Wanda will travel back to the beginning of time to become the Phoenix force…

Wow, Alex was a dick.

I too prefer them to be unrelated, if they’re related she’s just magneto’s daughter( and all stories will be revolving around that), if they’re unrelated she is Polaris, she can be an individual person, im a fan of her and would love to see/read more stories from Marvel involving her has a main character.

I just read the new X-Factor first TPB. Quicksilver makes quite an emphasis on them being half-siblings.

Regarding the state of Polaris’ mutant powers, didn’t she actually Lose Her Powers during M-Day, and her current Powers were given to her by Apocalypse when she temporarily became his Horseman? I can’t remember how that was explained, but when Apocalypse transforms someone it is usually not considered to be a Mutant Ability anymore.

Also, adding to the family relations drama, Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch have been revealed to Not Be the children of Magneto as of the conclusion of AXIS, so Polaris is actually Magneto’s only living child now.

And as far as Lorna Dane having no character development beyond being the daughter of Magneto… is everyone ignoring X-factor? Peter David has made leaps & bounds with this character standing on her own, not in the shadow of her father, and in All-New X-factor she is the Central Character!

If not for her green hair, I would’ve totally forgotten the character when I first read Polaris’s entry in the original 1983 Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. The revelation of Pietro and Wanda being Magneto’s children was brand new at the time, and fans thought THAT was a great idea, replacing the Whizzer as the father.
I was a little kid, and remember thinking, “Hmp, it would be cool if Polaris was also Magneto’s daughter.” SO, for almost 30 years, status quo Lorna Dane was not much more than Havok’s green haired live in girlfriend, only guest starring when writer’s block needed a mind controlled dupe.
I don’t read much comics anymore, other than the occasional one lying around by younger relatives. When I found out that Marvel decided to go with it, my reaction was, “It’s about time!” Lorna Dane, baby sister to Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, and unwavering daddy’s girl to Magneto, is what the character should have been for years. Think of all the plot possibilities. Plus, I do like Lorna wearing the occasional green versions of Magneto’s and Scarlet Witch’s costumes. Lorna wouldn’t have to alter Quicksilver’s original costume; it’s already green! Without that family connection, Lorna is what she was in the 1970s and 1980s. Polaris is eventually going to make a live action debut. Wouldn’t it be better if she was half Fassbender?

Polaris IS Magneto’s daughter since day one. I understand how many haters out there would prefer this not to happen. The thing is, Magneto and Polaris make perfect sense as father and daughter then those twins who really hated Magneto and never sided with him. Polaris was the only one who sided with him in many occasions.

Polaris was better off being Magneto’s daughter who one day for sure, will be the only one to carry her father’s legacy. I think it’s the reason why Marvel decided to make Polaris as Magneto’s daughter, because she was meant to be his daughter since day one and Magneto can’t keep hanging around for that long. Someone has to take his place and that’s going to be Polaris… his only true daughter. Like it or not. I really love the idea of Polaris being Magneto’s daughter. Glad she is and I always knew she was. So… what’s the problem now? First people wanted her to be Magneto’s daughter and now people are complaining?

Well, I’m glad Marvel finally acknowledge their relationship. So this is it people… The Mistress of Magnetism is the daughter of the Master of Magnetism TAA DAA……..

I rememberthat Polaris and Magneto have some different magnetic powers.

Polaris explicitly can see magnetic fields…. IIRC

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