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She Has No Head! – My Favorite SDCC 2012 News!

Wonder Pony by Andy Price

I’m someone that continues to not be able (or willing?) to go to the craziness that is SDCC these days – my one and only SDCC visit was when I was 16 – it’s a WHOLE NEW THING SINCE THEN, or so I hear.

So like many of you I must get my “breaking news” from all the comic sites out there providing crazy good coverage. A particular tip of the hat to The Beat which did fantastic daily summaries of all their stories, making it easy for me to catch up on everything.  And for today I decided to do a little roundup of my favorite news items from the con. Prepare yourself now, there’s lots of exciting all caps talk.

OH! And to kick us off I’ll just leave this here, okay?

#1. Brian Wood is writing Star Wars for Dark Horse. Let me say that again. BRIAN WOOD IS WRITING STAR WARS. Not only that, but the more I read about it, directly from Wood no less, the better the damn thing sounds. And you guys heard that Princess Leia is a an X-Wing pilot, right?


By Alex Ross

#2. Katie Cook is writing a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic for IDW. At first I was disappointed to read that Cook wasn’t actually drawing, I mean, you’ve seen her adorable stuff, right? But THEN I went to the DeviantArt page for the artist – Andy Price. And OH. MY. GOD.


By Andy Price


#3. Neil Gaiman and J.H.Williams III. Is there anything not fantastic about those words assembled like that? Also? Look!

Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams III - WOO!

#4. The Walking Dead #100 becomes the best selling comic of the century by reportedly selling out a massive 383,612 on the day it was released. I happen to really like The Walking Dead comic, but even if you don’t, this is a great thing for comics.  Not just for comics, but for non-big two comics. Image has been a fascinating publisher to watch this year (and the last few years in fact) and despite already having an interesting and proactive year (thanks to things like Saga, Glory, and Prophet) they also announced a huge slate of  upcoming projects at  SDCC this weekend. This is a big deal, for an independent publisher to have this kind of sales. Change…she is a coming? I’d like to think so. Money moves the world and when an independent can pulls these sales, and get a huge television deal, it makes the people who make decisions think. Let’s hope they’re all thinking real hard right now.

Cover by Charlie Adlard

#5. The end of exclusive contracts? Kickstarter opens doors for creators? You all know I’m a big proponent of the latter, but we’ve never talked much on here about the former. Following the news that an Independent publisher is breaking boundaries with sales, I’d say exclusive contracts becoming a thing of the past is a similar and much needed development for comics. I want a world in which Brian Wood can write for Dark Horse, Marvel, and Image all at the same time – and he is  – X-Men at Marvel, Conan, Star Wars, and The Massive at Dark Horse, and the upcoming Mara at Image – this is a great thing. I’d like to see this happening more and more to the benefit of both creators and readers/fans. For example, I love Scott Snyder on Batman and it’s great to see him able to do American Vampire at Vertigo too, but I wouldn’t turn down more creator-owned work from him. So this move away from exclusivity is great as far as I’m concerned, and surely related to the other developments we’re seeing, like Kickstarter and huge independent publisher sales.

Oh, and an honorable mention for this, which makes me laugh super hard.

What about you guys? What was some of your favorite news this weekend?


Tom Fitzpatrick

July 16, 2012 at 9:13 am

Wasn’t THE MASSIVE by B.Wood not enough for you? ;-)

I’m looking forward to the new Sandman limited series by Gaiman and Williams III. I keep hoping for a Endless series by Gaiman as well.

The other piece of news is that RACHEL RISING is slated to end between 30-40 issues, which wasn’t confirmed before.

I was hoping to hear for some MIRACLEMAN (MARVELMAN) news from Marvel, but alas, such was not the case. :-(

I’m super thrilled about all the great comics Image announced! Also pretty pumped that Captain America 2 will be doing the Winter Soldier storyline. It’s a great arc, plus I hope for some awesome Black Widow action in it.

I’m psyched for pretty much everything previously mentioned. but also add to the list the confirmation that Gerard Way’s and Becky Cloonan’s long-in-development project The Killjoys will finally see the light of day next year :)


It’s not the news I was waiting for (by that I mean the official announcement of Umbrella Academy vol. 3) but it’s a close second

Several of my friends (knowing I’m a huge Gaiman/Sandman fan) called to tell me that he was writing a new Sandman story, but apparently they did not realize that I’m also a huge J.H. Williams III fan, because this is the first I’ve heard of him being the artist. Awesome!

new Kevin Eastman book!! http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=39829 i’m also excited for Becky and Gerard Way’s book like Fahad mentioned up-thread.

not much other comics news i was super thrilled by, i feel bad, but what else is new. :\

Wood on Star Wars!


Image’s slate: Bounce! Sex! Pretty Deadly! Nowhere Men! Multiple Warheads! Point of Impact!

Also: I wonder what that Sandman announcement means for Batwoman.

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