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The Wrestling History of Bane

WWE Magazine just put up a fascinating story on the design of Bane, including an interview with Bane co-creator, Graham Nolan. Clearly, Lucha libre (the form of wrestling developed in Mexico for the last hundred years or so) was an influence on the design of Bane, and Nolan speaks to that influence, along with some early sketches he did of the Batman villain.

Check it out here.


thanks for the heads up!

I like how Nolan was originally going to make Bane have eyeholes, like Dr. Doom, instead they went for the Doom 2099/KGBeast closed-off eyes.

Pete Woodhouse

July 20, 2012 at 7:51 am

I admit when Bane first appeared I knew nothing about lucha libre, so initially the wrestling inspiration flew over my head! By the way, TDKR is getting mainly fantastic reviews over here. The film premiered in the UK the other day.

For Bane, I’ve hardly ever been able to see him as anything BUT a lucha libre wrestler. His design doesn’t have that extra push that gives him a supervillian look rather than a wrester one, IMO. I don’t think that was done until they gave him a bit more of an S&M look in the second run of Batman: The Animated Series:


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