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Horrific Shooting at Batman Midnight Screening in Colorado

At a midnight screening of the Dark Knight Rises in a theater in a mall in Aurora (a suburb of Denver), a gunman wearing a gas mask and body armor opened fire on the crowded theater, killing at least 12 people and wounding 50.

There is at least one suspect in custody.

The gunman apparently broke in through an emergency exit, threw a smoke bomb into the theater and then began opening fire.

What a horrible tragedy. Read CNN’s coverage of the tragedy here for more information.

Our condolences to all of the victims and their families.


Good freaking Lord…

Our society is going to hell in a hand basket. This is madness. Sheer, utter madness.


July 20, 2012 at 5:26 am

It just had to be some psycho from colorado, this is very sad news.

People going in to watch a movie only to get shot by some d-bag with issues. A very sad world, my condolences to all the victims involved in this.

Bloody hell. That’s a thing to wake up to.

I feel horrible for the victims and their loved ones.

This is a tragedy anyway but WHY was there a 3 month old baby there at a midnight movie?!? I don’t care how passionate you are (and I am someone who went to a Watchmen midnight showing after a late MRI stemming from a Transient Ischemic Attack a few days before – disregarding only my own “well being”) if you have a 3 month old baby and cant get a sitter – you WAIT for the movie to come home or when you can get a sitter. Obviously those parents never could have expected such a dire outcome and dont deserve what happened but after the overall shock and sadness of the story I was shocked at this part.

…but we don’t need better gun control….


A Horde of Evil Hipsters

July 20, 2012 at 7:24 am

Can it really be a coincidence that a gun-nut targets the audience of a film that Rush Limbaugh declared to be part of a “liberal conspiracy”?

In any case, all cases of gun-related violence do have one thing in common: the perpetrators have guns. Yanks may whine all they want about their precious right to shoot perfect strangers, but the fact remains that less guns = smaller bodycounts. One simply can’t kill as many as quickly with a knife.

@ converge241 – that’s what you came away with? jesus. obvious concern troll is obviously concerned.

Pete Woodhouse

July 20, 2012 at 7:46 am

Just saw this on BBC News site. Horrendous and very sad. As an outsider it puzzles me why a law giving the right to bear arms – which was set up in the days when early America was a frontier land – to clearly protect colonists against bears and suchlike, was not revised/abolished.
Result: any idiot or nut can get hold of guns – and frequently they do, it appears.

converge241: Believe me, a baby at a midnight showing doesn’t surprise me in the least. In the past decade, I’ve noticed it a lot more – I saw a 10 o’clock showing of Sin City, of all things, where there were babies and young kids in the audience. I don’t know why people don’t get sitters or wait for the movie to come out in a home-viewing format, but I’m not surprised at all that there was a baby at the midnight showing.

Horrible, horrible news.

some stupid japanese name

July 20, 2012 at 7:58 am

First off, I have never owned a gun and don’t plan to.
But it’s silly to think outlawing them will make them go away. I’m pretty sure crack is outlawed, yet it wouldn’t take me very long to get some if I wanted it. Put anything you want into that scenario that is banned, if you want it, you can get it.
One thing I will agree on is that less guns would equal smaller body counts. Thank God that if you want to kill someone, using a gun is the only way to do so.

That said, this is atrocious. I’m not 100% for the death penalty, but in cases like this; it is hard for me to argue against it.

Condolences to the victims and their families.

…but we don’t need better gun control….


Can we please not politicize this right now? 12 people are dead and it’s not even 12 hours old.

I disagree with you, but that’s beside the point anyway. There’s a time and place for that.

@T: Respectfully, when is it appropriate to discuss gun control if not immediately after a shooting rampage?

We don’t know much about this shooter yet. Maybe tighter restrictions on gun sales wouldn’t have flagged him. But there have been cases in recent years — Virginia Tech, Tucson — where the shooter turned out to have a clear history of erratic behavior and mental problems that should, reasonably, have prevented him from purchasing a firearm.

And hey, maybe those two guys (or this one) WOULD have just bought a gun on the black market if they’d been prevented from buying them from an authorized seller.

But there’s a good chance they wouldn’t have.

“How could this have been prevented?” is absolutely a good question to ask in circumstances like this. Sometimes it brings up absurd scapegoating (ban CounterStrike!) but sometimes it DOES result in better safeguards (I know that, at least, the V-Tech shooting led to a better consolidation of medical records for red-flagging potential buyers with a history of mental illness, and everybody, including the NRA, seemed to think that was a pretty great idea).

“How could this have been prevented?” is absolutely a good question to ask in circumstances like this.

Because these really aren’t “How could this have been prevented?” comments. Sure they’re disguised as that, but they’re really about “See? This ideology is tthe best ideology, this is proof it is the best ideology, it just happens to be MY ideology also, therefore by association my ego is validated”. It’s about dividing everything into angels and devils, then constantly looking at the world for proof that you’re on the side of the angels, then trumpeting that.

If we really cared about preventing this, we could ask hard questions: Who is this guy? Why did he do this? Did he have a history of mental illness, and if so, is it genetic or created by culture? If it’s created by culture, is it a sign of a collective pathology that’s spreading? If so, what is it about our culture that’s creating the type of disenfranchisement and pathology that creates these types of incidents, and how can we contain or reverse it? How does the way we live contribute to this collective pathology, if there is indeed one?

But those take too much work, don’t allow for instant ego validation that claiming “my team is right” gives people, and requires us to work with others on a deep level to find cures rather than debate others superficially and point out symptoms. Reducing this problem to a gun control issue is meaningless, when we should instead be focusing on why our culture produces people who want to do this with guns in the first place.

I’m mourning the loss of innocence – what is going on in the world?? So sad. http://wp.me/p1RlRY-4r


That kind of reasoning proves my (snide) point exactly. No point in bemoaning the tragedy if you ideologically oppose reasonable potential solutions.

Sick people, enabled by zealots and fools.

@StSean: Seriously? Is this what YOU came away with and all that you care to contribute to the events and discussion?

Unreal, that in the moments of tragedy people will STILL find a way to try and cause trouble with their trashcan hands.

Thoughts and prayers to those in CO.

sick sad world


That kind of reasoning proves my (snide) point exactly. No point in bemoaning the tragedy if you ideologically oppose reasonable potential solutions.

Sick people, enabled by zealots and fools.

I don’t oppose reasonable potential solutions. I opposed superficial political talking points that only attack symptoms and are meant to signal moral superiority to onlookers.

Aside from the obviously paramount issue that 12 people are dead, many more injured, and dozens of families are shattered, there is something that always bothers me about events like this. Now this film will always have that tragedy attached to it in people’s minds. Thousands of dedicated people spent a lot of time, money, and effort on creating a work of art to entertain their fellow man, and now it will always have this ugly, cruel, unconscionable act of violence associated with it.

Like Brandon Lee’s accidental death during filming of “The Crow”, or Heath Ledger’s shortly after wrapping “The Dark Knight”, any conversation about this film will always have to touch on this, and that makes me sick.

Disgusting. Both the act itself and the people leaping to captialize on it to make a point. I’m sorry that there are people who take a horrific act of inhumanity as a cue to be less kind to each other, not more. I don’t understand that kind of mentality at all.

I’m pro-gun control and anti-censorship, but guns didn’t make this crazy person do this, and comic books didn’t make him do it either. Political disagreements aside — as they should be — T’s right. This is a time to mourn, not to attack each other with political zealotry of any stripe. If you want to leap down each other’s throats with this ad hominem crap, save it for a more appropriate time, such as when we’re talking about how whether Superman could beat Thor.

I don’t know what kind of weapon he used – but he never had to reload. So yeah, a gun control discussion is relevant here. You don’t need 100 rounds to shoot a deer for dinner.

Paul, NOTHING about any enforceable gun law could have prevented this – there is ZERO “realistic” and ZERO “potential” for your “realistic potential solutions”. If someone wants a weapon, they’ll get one. All trying your way does is lead to people robbing banks with butter knives and bats, and the REGISTRATION of dinner knives with no edges as deadly weapons, with all the “weapon crime controls” you want for guns – just look how far this has gone in the UK.

The fact that the guy has his apartment rigged shows that this isn’t anything that demanded use of a gun – just a really twisted individual going on a killing spree. By your logic, fishing line should be banned because it can be used for tripwires. Given the presence of the booby traps, and his knowledge to make them, he could have (and probably would have, lacking a gun) simply just gone around the parking lot during the movie and ran all those bombs and trip wires between the cars – probably with even more casualties. The only reason the guns came into play was the sicko wanted to actively strike terror and kill/maim, not do it passively, and it was lighter and quicker than tossing pipe bombs into the crowd – as he very well could have, based on his apartment.

More and more evidence is coming in that the guy had gone bonkers. Stuff that knocked him out of his medical schooling, and that his parents knew about. There’s even circumstantial evidence that he might have deliberately been emulating the Joker from one of the scenes from the previous movie.

Flabbergaster – he didn’t have to reload because he had THREE weapons – one of which IS a hunting weapon (shotgun) that by its nature has an area attack where each trigger pull could hurt a half-dozen people with one round.

To get OFF the political subject, I’m more worried about how this could effect costumers in comics, SF, gaming and anime fandom. After all, his getup was easily taken as something a costumer might have (And again, there’s comments from some of the persons in the theater that indicate the guy might really HAVE been pretending to be the Joker – if he didn’t actually think he WAS the Joker).

“Sure they’re disguised as that, but they’re really about “See? This ideology is tthe best ideology, this is proof it is the best ideology, it just happens to be MY ideology also, therefore by association my ego is validated”.”

Aren’t you doing exactly the same thing by listing a whole bunch of potential solutions that could be discussed and pointedly not including gun control itself (and, in fact, saying that any mention of gun control is politicizing a tragedy)?

This was something I did not want to greet me this morning, especially since I plan to see the movie today. Well, since this tragedy has reared its ugly head, I have decided to do something that I wish all of you here should do as well–I’m going to write a small epithet honoring the Colorado victims on the back of my ticket stub.

As for the madman who perpetrated this–I wish nothing more than for him to be lobotomized, suffering for all the death and damage he caused as punishment enough, by forever lying in a catatonic state. I dream of a nation that no longer needs guns, but instead, uses only their bodies to fight–martial arts all around.

Sorry, terrible incidents like these should force the NRA fans have to take a second look at this “guns for everyone all the time” attitude, regardless of its constitutionality. I think that the statement “if it was harder to get guns, it would be less likely that impulse massacres would occur” is simply true.

People who keep guns around at all times will be more likely to turn to them as an outlet or fantasize with them until their violent dreams come to fruition. Without automatic guns and large clips, random mass murder is a lot harder to do. I think Batman would agree.

The comments are depressing me almost as much as the tragedy. What a horrible thing; how can somebody do that? I hope they can get this guy off the streets soon, and maybe figure out how the hell this happened and keep it from happening again. Sad world.


July 20, 2012 at 2:55 pm


Get your facts straight. Wait, you’re an Internet commenter, you don’t need facts

The fact is, he had an AR-15 – a freaking assault rifle which holds up to 100 rounds

So, we’re back to my original question – do you need 100 rounds to kill a deer for dinner

The solution is simple, if gun-happy people in the U.S. want weapons – sell only single-shot bolt-action guns. Make that the only kind of gun you can buy. Then you can defend your house from the occupying British colonial forces (which is why we have the right to bear arms in the first place)

Good luck

I have to wonder if this will affect the upcoming films, such as the reboot and JLA.

Incidentally, the foe Bane they originally intended as a variant of Doc Savage.


I am also astounded that any one can justify civilian ownership of a weapon that can potentially kill 20 or 30 people in less than a minute. Why? Can someone tell me why this is a good thing??

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