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25 Great Joe Kubert Covers

I mentioned Joe Kubert’s great sequential work in the post about the passing of the comic book legend, but it occurred to me that his cover art was so amazing in and of itself that I should show you all some examples. Not a “The Best of Joe Kubert” type thing, as that’d take forever, but just a sampling of great covers by the man.


One of the things that made Kubert unique was the variety of genres he excelled in. This was evident on this great self-referential cover…

Kubert could do superhero work (the great Dave Gibbons did a list in my recent book about 6 Great Silver Age Covers and this Kubert cover was one of the six)….

He could do breathtaking war covers….

He was a great Tarzan artist…

He, of course, was a great Sgt. Rock artist (defining the look for the hero)…

His layouts were marvelous, always one of the most striking artists out there…

I love Tor…

Talk about a striking cover….

This Hawkman cover won Kubert an Alley Award in the early 60s for best cover….

Another cool Tarzan one…

Kubert didn’t do a lot of Batman covers, but the ones he did, he did well…

I love the angles on this one, especially how everything lines up perfectly…

Viking Prince was a Kubert favorite. He even managed to get him into Sgt. Rock comics!

Here is a recurring theme in Kubert covers. I think I might even do a Drawing Crazy Patterns just on this style of Kubert cover….

Badass Enemy Ace cover…

I love the way Kubert combined his war covers with his superhero covers on this Hawkman cover…

I really enjoy the characterization that Kubert gives all the Easy Company on this cover. You could look at just this cover and know pretty much all you needed to know about all of the characters in the book…

Great Neal Adams-esque cover. For awhile there, DC had Adams, Kuberts and Nick Cardy ALL regularly doing covers for them. How awesome is THAT?

Striking war cover. On the early side for Kubert’s war work…

I like this one just because we get to see Kubert draw SO many different characters, including some he never would normally draw like Archie and Spider-Man…

I wished to finish off with covers from Kubert from just the last five years, to show how the octogenarian kicked some ass even in his later years…

Amazing. The last cover was from earlier this year (thanks to commenter Randy for the head’s up)! Simply amazing.

Thanks to the Grand Comics Database for the covers!


Joe was one of the best.

This might be one of his last cover works. For Winter Soldier #1


nice tribute to one of the last legends left of the golden age of comics. though surprised this list could not fit one of joes own co creations for dc ragman. rip joe . your legacy has made you immortal

I think my favorite one here is Star Spangled War Stories 151.

That cover for Our Fighting Forces #40 appears to have been very influential on Mike Zeck’s G.I.Joe covers.

Thanks, Randy, I added it in!

My favourite was the number 6 Tor. I own it and it really does kick ass from cover to cover.

Just legend. Only word for him.

RIP Joe.

The recent Tor was really nice. Likewise the recent Sgt. Rock he did. Career-wise, my favorite is Viking Prince.

Can’t say I was that familiar with Joe, but I can definitely see similarities between his work and that of his boys, Andy and Adam. Andy was on X-Men when I was in high school, and I loved Adam’s run on both Wolverine and Ultimate X-Men. Even today, I’m enjoying Andy’s work on Before Watchmen: Nite Owl — even if the plot for that one’s leaving a bit to be desired.

I had the opportunity in April of 2010 to visit the Kubert school for one of their annual open houses. I hoped to meet Joe that day but he was busy with other potential students and I figured I would have opportunity again in the future to meet the legend Joe Kubert.

Unfortunately After hearing the news of Joe’s passing today I am saddened by the fact my opportunity has passed me by. As an aspiring comic book artist myself, over the years I have been enamored by all of the Kuberts work, especially Joe’s. And like many other fans of this medium I have participated in the correspondence courses from time to time and have learned a great deal. I am thankful to to Joe for the creation of such a school and the correspondence courses for us the fans to learn from.

Thank you Joe, and your family, rest now and be at piece.

Brian…. idea. We are losing these guys like crazy. They are passing very often now and …. I mean, yesterday, nobody was thinking about Joe Kubert (I mean, in the fandom, and I also mean, in general.) What if you started a feature on all of the older contributors to comics and … the way I’m thinking of it…. give us a chance to kiss their ass. In fact, I sort of like that as a title. We always throw flowers and praises AFTER somebody dies. How about a central feature where we can either interact with, or at least simply feature some of the great contributors to this medium we so love and have a chance to ………. kiss their ass…. :) and say “thanks” and “you’re awesome” and “we appreciate you and your work”…… I still like my crass title though. Just call it “Kiss My Ass” and feature all the guys who are not Stan Lee. Nothing against Stan, but Stan has had his share of praise. I don’t even know if Curt Swan is alive (I think not) but I’d have liked my shot at saying something dorky and fanboy praising and … you know, whatever the hell it is you say to somebody who made something so cool. Then again, one day I intend to buy Garth Ennis a Sierra Pale Ale or a pint of Guiness. :) It’s an idea. Bootsy Collins is doing this on Facebook for people who contributed to music over the years. Why not something for comic book writers and artists? I don’t mean a death watch. Just a….. friendly roast…. or…. eh, you get the idea. I won’t wear it out. Love your columns.

Beautiful choices, all of them. Joe was a pro right to the very end. His style was unique and dynamic. You couldn’t go wrong with Joe’s work. Ever.

Damn, I’m going to miss him. One of the greats, now and forever.

Joe did the single greatest comic book cover of all time:


No, you may not disagree. Not today.

Also, this:


I wouldn’t even think of disagreeing, The Mutt. That cover’s awesome.

Up above, is that Jean Loring subjugating Hawkman and Atom?

[…] Mark Evanier remembers Joe Kubert on his blog, News From Me. First Comics News is collecting remembrances from others in the industry. CSBG has a gallery of great Joe Kubert covers. […]

Jeff C – that’s Andy *and* Joe’s work on Before Watchmen: Nite Owl, so maybe you’re more familiar with his work than you think. :-)

He did kick some serious ass in his old age. I especially like the awesome Tor cover with that awesomely-drawn dinosaur. RIP Joe Kubert.

Sky Shadow,

I had no idea. My opinion of the Nite Owl series has just been upgraded. Thanks for the heads-up!

Wow! The ONLY “off” piece in the whole list is the World Color promo, with Casper being a little too chunky. But then, Casper never had the chance to feel testosterone.

Beach Blanket Django!

August 13, 2012 at 9:46 am

*Raising a glass: TO JOE!!!

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I was hoping for the Justice League cover – I think it’s Earth-two Superman and Earth-one Superman fighting, or something like that? Can’t recall off the top of my head, but I know it was beautiful.

Here it is – Justice League of America 73 – http://www.coverbrowser.com/image/justice-league-of-america/73-1.jpg Beautiful.

Sgt Rock will never be the same. Kubert was the defining war artist. I never liked war comics much, but when Kubert was drawing them, I always had to pick them up!

I had forgot Joe Kubert was such a great Tarzan artist. Another thing I loved was his attention to detail in Sgt. Rock. He always drew guns as though he himself had held and studied them. Today’s artists have no idea, they draw an imitation of those details and you have a hard time telling what is being shot or used as a weapon. Joe was and will always be a legend. His legacy will go on.

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That Winter Soldier cover!

[…] speaks as eloquently for him as his own work. Comic Book Resources has a terrific selection of his covers and NPR has a tribute that includes links to his work. For those familiar with his work, the […]

Craig B: Your description of that JLA cover you were thinking of sounds a whole lot like this Kubert All-Star Squadron cover, which was indeed awesome: http://images.wikia.com/marvel_dc/images/0/01/All-Star_Squadron_Vol_1_15.jpg

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James Fulkerson

August 14, 2012 at 8:30 am

I have long admired Joe’s work, especially Tarzan and Seargent Rock. His style was unmistakable. I think he also did the art (or had a hand in the art) for an adaptation of Burroughs Carson of Venus, his less well-known pre-space-age interplanetary adventurer. His work has been an inspiration to many, and will continue to be so. It’s sad to think there will be no more new works, but heartening to know he was still working right up to the very end.

We’ll miss you, Joe . . .

If there was another artist who combined realism and comic-book-style cartooning better than Joe Kubert, I don’t know who it is. Only the unfortunately also recently-passed John Severin can be considered an equal.

My all-time favorite cover for thirty years has been Joe’s cover to the 1978 Battle Classics 1, which I bought new off the stands. One of my great experiences was having Joe personalize it for me at one of his weekend classes that happened to be in Kansas City in 1992 when I lived there . Sooooo many awesome covers! Joe and Jim Aparo are my top two favorite DC cover artists. Rest well, Joe. You deserve it.

[…] to read dozens of obituaries and bum myself out. Instead, I was filled with awe by Kubert’s massive body of work, his impact on the industry, and how he made the amazing look so […]

[…] [Source: Washington Post & Comic Book Resources] […]

I just started reading Will Eisner’s autobiography and in comes a new kid to sweep up at night: one 12 year old Joe Jubert. My daughter he picked up one of his books at the library for he son a few months ago, and I was astounded by the work he had produced over 7 decades.

Kubert had a style that was his own, and while maybe not one of the founding fathers of comic books, his youthful arrival at least made him the oldest son of the industry. And what a man that boy grew into.

Artist, innovator, and teacher, generations of comic artists will owe their careers to this man.

RIP, Joe.

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[…] The sad news this week is of the passing of legendary artist/teacher Joe Kubert who died at the age of 85. His accomplishments were many, but you can check out a glimpse of his talent including some awesome covers over the decades here. […]

Joe Kubert was indeed one of the Giants of comic book art. Like everyone else, I would’ve loved to have met him. I would have so many questions to have asked him. Again, Joe Kubert was one of the Giants. He is sorely missed by all.

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