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Speaking of Vibrators…

Now that Comic Book Legends Revealed has let us know that the Shocker was not originally meant to be named the Vibrator, I thought I should point out to you the device that Penelope Pitstop (of Wacky Races fame – she even had her own series, the Perils of Penelope Pitstop) had in her car (the Compact Pussycat).

Was it really called the vibrator?

Check it out here in this installment of TV Urban Legends Revealed.


If I remember correctly the vibrator was in the intro of every episode and still is during repeats so no one seems concerned about it. Or maybe it was on a regular ad on boomerang in recent years.

In 1968 when Marvel published the short-lived Spectacular Spider-Man magazine, the 2nd and final issue included an ad from Frederick’s of Hollywood for a “neck massager”. The ad included an illustration of something that was not a neck massager– though I guess if you made sure it was washed off…

Was the Compact Pussycat supposed to be a little red Corvette?

I had no idea TV Urban Legends was even a thing that existed. Now I have to go read all of them, and I have a dinner appointment in just an hour and change. I guess my supporting cast will just have to wait and wonder what’s keeping me – now I know how Spider-Man feels! Curse you Brian Cronin!


If you use the Vibrator long enough, your Pussycat is no longer compact. More like an impact Pussycat.


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