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A History of Superman and Wonder Woman’s Hook-Ups

I wrote a piece for the main site about the history of Superman and Wonder Woman’s kisses, hook-ups and near hook-ups over the years. Check it out here.


“Where is the hero who threw me to the ground and took me as his rightful prize”? Really, Frank?

Great article.

I guess the lesson is that hook-ups between these two characters are a tricky business. The attraction between them has always worked best for me as a subtext. It is a relationship where a moment (or a little kiss) can be fraught with meaning, but mountain shattering sex is really stupid.

Will that article have a followup? You didn’t touch on Byrne’s take on the subject.

[…] A History of Superman and Wonder Woman's Hook-Ups | Comics … […]

Leslie Fontenelle

August 30, 2012 at 3:02 pm

This latest hook-up just screams “stunt”, doesn’t it? It’s a sad cry for attention. I suppose it was either that or kill someone, since DC already used “getting someone out of the closet” and the universal reboot recently.

Leslie Fontenelle

August 30, 2012 at 3:03 pm

Maybe they’ll marry two heroes next? I’m calling it right now, Starfire and Arsenal. They’ll be DC’s Sid and Nancy.

Captain Librarian

August 31, 2012 at 7:18 am

Can’t read the article at work. For some reason CSBG is okay but ComicBookResources is blocked. Strange. That said:

“Where is the hero who threw me to the ground and took me as his rightful prize”? Really, Frank?

Yeah, that’s…yeah…

Though…wasn’t there an old Silver Age story where in order to marry an amazon you had to beat them in a wrestling match?

Dunno if it’s the same problem that Captain Librarian has, but I’ve noticed that computers I use to look at CBR act a little strange with it, but CSBG is always ok. I dunno if the newer redesign of CBR is prone to more buggy-ness or what, but it’ll refresh tabs sometimes, or get one of those “you’ve got a virus!” screens come up. I just come here to CSBG from links in my email.

Since the DKR/DKSA universe is a separate thing, I don’t mind that Frank goes bugf— crazy with it. I LOVE DKSA for being so over the top, it’s wacky fun.

But yeah, gettin’ Clark and Diana together on a more permanent basis seems dumb. And given the track record, I don’t think it’s going to turn out better than we think it might.

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