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I Love Ya But You’re Strange – That Time Herbie Made Jackie Kennedy Swoon

Every week, I will spotlight strange but ultimately endearing comic stories (basically, we’re talking lots and lots of Silver Age comic books). Here is the archive of all the installments of this feature. Feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com if you have a suggestion for a future installment!

Today we look at one of the crazier Herbie stories, where Herbie interacts with the Kennedys and travels to Africa.

In 1963’s Forbidden Worlds #114, by writer Richard Hughes and artist Ogden Whitney, there is an incident in Africa and President Kennedy knows there’s only one man…er…boy, who can help…

Herbie arrives and quickly takes control of the White House…

I love how Jackie swoons over Herbie. No wonder Jack was messing around with other ladies.

So Herbie arrives in Africa and one thing I totally dig about Herbie comics is how animals all know to be scared shitless of Herbie…

There really should be “You want I should bop you with this lollipop?” t-shirts. Someone get on that, pronto!

After a minor setback when he confronts the bad guys, Herbie meets up with Tarzan…

Herbie then does better on his second attack…

I love that a magical spirit is still scared of Herbie. And then he bops a freakin’ dragon with a lollipop!! Awesome!

After he saves the day, he ends up back in D.C. and Jack is none too pleased with the situation…

Oh, Herbie, you are so awesome.

(Note: This article first appeared as part of the Silver Age September feature – BC)


On top of the rest it, I know it’s not a big deal but a tiger in Africa?

All part of the magic of Karod!

It’s the panel where Jackie greets Herbie at the White House door and Herbie requests “The Man of the House.” It gets me every time.

I’m starting to think this blog should be retitled ‘I love ya CUZ you’re strange.’

I demand Grant Morrison write Herbie comics

That poor tiger. First it’s so lost it’s somehow wound up in Africa, and then it runs afoul of Herbie.

That’s what’s wrong with this generation: They’re entitled!

Thank you & enjoy your burrito!

Did any president show up in comics quite as often as JFK?

I think only Obama has appeared in more comics than JFK.

Nothing beats Reagan’s appearances in Chester Brown’s Yummy Fur, though.

Herbie swapping clothes with Tarzan bent my brian.

OK, now I really need to get those Herbie books from Dark Horse. Damn!

Does Meranga border Wakanda, I wonder?

They totally should have had Herbie make a brief cameo in the BW: Comedian issue where he’s with Jackie and JFK. THAT would really gotten Alan Moore’s beard twisted!

Ugh, I understand that its a fifty year old comic, but I can’t get over how “Meranga” takes up most of the Sahara crossing and encompassing several real African countries (at least Wakanda, Genosha and Latveria are very small and discrete fake countries), that there is a Tiger in Africa, and the black caricature.

All of that is a lot “stranger” than Jackie Kennedy’s swooning…

ross, I wouldn’t worry about Herbie so much — I had never heard of the Fat Fury until I came to this site, and even more than most comics, it’s impossible to take seriously, even for a kid…

You want to complain about something like Jonny Quest, I’ll go along with that — and that’s still being aired, for crying out loud!

Ronald Reagan meeting the Autobots in a UK Transformers annual and calling Optimus Prime a ‘lorry’ is still the best…


love how even the animals from the statue got scared when they saw herbie including the dragon plus it getting boobed by a lollypop of all things. some one needs to revive Herbie in fact give him to grant morrison and let him work his magic on a herbie reviel

I wasn’t so much complaining, just pointing out what I found ‘strangest’ about the book. Also, that reagan / transformers comic sounds awesome and probably deserves a posting here.

What I find interesting is the casual way that JFK is prepared to coerce an African “province” into his “union” (whatever that is) even though, apparently, it doesn’t want to join.

Looks like security at the White House is pretty lax if Herbie just walks up to the front door and the First Lady is the one to answer. I guess it got beefed up only after JFK was shot.

Maybe they realized they had nothing to worry about–Herbie’s on America’s side!

You know, I clicked the link and thought this was about a Fantastic Four storyline I did not remember. …

Man, LSD in the 1960s must have been pretty powerful.

Heh, one of my treasured herbie books in my collection. I have every herbie book and apperence.Theres a lot stranger herbies then this one.

For some reason, I’m picturing in my head that Herbie is voiced by Mel Blanc.

I demand Grant Morrison write Herbie comics

Can we put a moratorium on this type of comment every time a wacky Silver Age comic is covered? We get it, Grant Morrison likes reviving strange Silver Age concepts. Every week it’s always “Wait til Grant Morrison resurrects this!” or “Little do you know but Grant Morrison is reviving this as we speak.”

As for the main piece, this is a great story, and I read it in the Herbie Omnibus by Dark Horse (highly recommended!), but much like when you cover the Giffen-era Justice League, this column is not as awesome when you cover intentionally strange books. The column is, of course, still awesome, just for raising awareness of an awesome comic like Herbie in the first place.

I demand that Jeph Loeb write Herbie comics.

Is that better, T? Is that what you want? THINK IT THROUGH, MAN!!!

(BTW, I totally agree with what you’re saying. I just like to bust on ya.)

Hahaha, I’ve resolved to go at least a year without Loeb-bashing and you just keep tempting me don’t you, Travis?! I’m too close to the finish line to break now!!

Loeb bashing’s so easy, man, c’mon!

I’m evil that way, T.

I also like to offer dieting ladies desserts, shopaholics my credit card, and ladies trying to abstain from sex my good looks and charm.

I am only taken up on 2 out of 3 of those.

Back to the original point, I actually WOULDN’T want to see Morrison with some of these wacky things, because as much as I love his stuff, he made Bat-Mite into…the imaginative part of Bruce’s brain that would remember who he was when his personality rebooted?…but it wasn’t “magical mischievious genie” like Bat-Mite was in the ’60s. I’m wary of what he’s going to do with Mr Mxy in Action, as well.

So as much as Morrison makes use of wacky Silver Age stuff, I’m not sure that he always does it well (barring some of the bits in ASS, of course.). Or at least keeping it as far out wacky as it was in the SA.

Cuz, y’know, those were for KIDS. We can’t have anything charming and delightful as adults, y’know.

Who the hell is Herbie, and why is everyone so scared of him?

That’s just part of the premise. Herbie is a fat lollipop-sucking kid who’s also the greatest champion of justice the world has ever seen. Nobody messes with Herbie!

Making women swoon is one of his powers, so does that really count?

Karod was so frightened of Herbie that he imported tigers from Asia especially.

Captain Librarian

September 4, 2012 at 9:10 am

Keep Morrison Away from Herbie!

Have Alan Moore write him.

I like that Jackie refers to her husband as Prez.

Well, after read the title of the article I’m just glad Jackie O didn’t lust over a sentient Volkswagen.

I am all in on the Morrison Moratorium.

Anyone else get a shiver of dread when the whole African terror angle came up? I was 70% sure this was going to turn into a crossover with The Mask.

I am a bit unsettled at the line “Do you know your offspring?” Who were these books being targeted at? Or who did the writer THINK would be reading them? If it was adults with offspring, then having Stevenson refer to JFK by his famous initials was probably unnecessary.

“Phony backwoods idol” is the kind of phrase that usually inspires bitchslaps from diplomats. “Mr. President, kindly keep your damn mouth shut any time we’re in front of foreigners, okay?” If Jack really believes that Karod is just hokum, why does he want to send in Herbie anyway? On the other hand, if he acknowledges that Karod is the real deal then WHY IN GOD’S NAME WOULD YOU KIDNAP HIM AND BRING HIM TO THE WHITE HOUSE?! Put him in that warehouse next to the Ark of the Covenant, not the seat of the executive branch! And why does an African deity look so much like a Chinese Budai?

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