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How to Follow Comics Should Be Good on Twitter and Facebook

Every year, the blogs at CBR like to take a day to show you all how to follow each blog on the social media sites.

For Comics Should Be Good, you can “like” us on Facebook at facebook.com/comicsshouldbegood

And you can follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/csbg

Also, you can follow Comics Should Be Good’s feed here.

Finally, if you need to contact the writers here check out the Contact Us page.

In response to a request, here’s a quick tutorial on how to use html code in your comments.

For all of these things, replace X with < at the beginning of the code and a > at the end of the code.

For italics, Xi/X

For bold, Xb/X

For quotes, Xblockquote/X

That’s really all you need, right?


While you are doing a “how to”, can you post up all the code that can be used in comments.

I know it was done ages ago, but I haven’t been able to find it. Things like how to code quotes etc.

This isn’t aimed at you or this website in particular, Brian, but it really bugs me that virtually every website I enjoy reading seems to demand that I join Facebook and/or Twitter.

“Did you like this? Get the rest on our Facebook page!”

I don’t want to!

And I don’t want to “like” you or “friend” you or “share” you or “tweet” you or “follow” you or “stumble upon” you.

I really don’t want to “disqus” you. Learn to spell, asshole.

I just want to read you. Isn’t that enough?

And if that little fucking bird doesn’t stop wandering around the top of my screen, I’m getting the shotgun.

Sufferin’ Succotash, Mutt!

It appears that you’ve listed steps 1) through 7), but I think step 8) should be what smileys are ok to use.

See what I did there?

Get off my lawn, Travis.

Not in the face, Mutt, I’m too pretty!

And I should add that I should have separated my comment into 2 parts, as the one part was aimed at you (I wanted to make a Tweety reference, but it doesn’t work as well with “The Mutt”), but the bit about the smileys was supposed to be addressed to Brian. Yeah.

The Mutt, sir, I just need my ball back. My friend hit it into your yard by accident, we didn’t mean nuthin’ by it, sir!

Re: The Mutt.
I agree 100%. Social networks are for people with too much time on their hands.

Re: The Mutt.
I agree 100%. Social networks are for people with too much time on their hands.

They totally are. Then again so is commenting on blogs. ;)

Yes, and a comics related blog at that. Completely the thing that people with full rich lives are into….

I bought both of Brian Cronin’s books but I draw the line at joining Facebook or Twitter.

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