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The Abandoned An’ Forsaked – There Were ClanDestine Comics NOT By Alan Davis?

Every week, we will be examining comic book stories and ideas that were not only abandoned, but also had the stories/plots specifically “overturned” by a later writer (as if they were a legal precedent). Click here for an archive of all the previous editions of The Abandoned An’ Forsaked. Feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com if you have any suggestions for future editions of this feature.

Today, in honor of Alan Davis’ recent return to his ClanDestine characters in this year’s Fantastic Four, Daredevil and Wolverine Annuals, we take a look at the FIRST time that Alan Davis returned to his ClanDestine characters.

ClanDestine was a comic book series that Alan Davis created for Marvel Comics about a mysterious hidden family of super-powered beings called the Destines (so not only are they a Clan called Destine, but their operations are clandestine – clever, Davis, clever!!).

After writing and drawing eight issues of the series, Davis left the book.

Somewhat surprisingly, rather than ending the series, Marvel brought on writer Glenn Dakin to replace Davis. Dakin, as you might expect, went in a different direction with the book than Davis would have intended had he not left the title…

The book only lasted four more issues before being canceled.

A notable change Dakin made was returning Vincent (a member of the Clan who was killed before the series began) to life…

A year or so later, Davis was given the opportunity to do another project with the Destine clan, this time in a two-part crossover with the X-Men.

Early in the first issue, Davis addresses the ClanDestine issues that came out after he left…

You don’t get much more dramatically abandoned and forsaked than that.

I especially love how Davis actually has Rory use the phrase “acting out of character”!


I got a really really strong sense of deja vu from reading this entry.

are the names of the penciller and writer pseudonyms? :)

One I was delighted they abandoned and forsook. I liked the Destines and I hated the post-Davis run.

I like that it seems like Alan Davis not wasted much time and just skimmed Dakin’s run: IIRC, William was revealed to be an adopted Destine, not Kay.

One of those post-Davis issues was drawn by then still barely known (I think) chap named Bryan Hitch.

Oh, “You know me… as Vincent!” is actually from that issue.

@SoggyHydrox If Glenn Dakin is a pseudonym, it’s an old one – I remember GD as half of a letterwriting pair (with Steve Way) in Marvel UK reprints as far back as the Seventies.

Wasn’t this same retcon by Davis dealt with in some old entry of “Comic Book Legends Revealed”?

Also: “Clantinues next issue”, how cute…

I’ve been a big fan of Clan Destine during its whole run and I found it odd that Marvel continued on without Davis. I know sales were never very strong and the book got a strange start as having originally been intended to be Marvel UK before that line folded, so I really do wonder what the rationale was for soldiering on…Another non-Davis appearance of Destine members is that Kay showed up early on in Claremont’s FF run as a friend of Sue’s and Janet van Dyne. I always liked that little nod from Claremont to his buddy’s short-lived series. I don’t know the issue. Does anyone else know any other Clan appearances outside their own books?


The tag at the of last issue says Clan-canned! :)

Normally, I hate the “it was all a dream” cliche but those remaining 4 non-Davis issues really squandered the distinct quirks of Davis’ ClanDestine. When the ClanDestine/X-Men limited series was announced, I wondered how he would get the team back to a useable form in just two issues. Rory and Pandora’s conversation really reflected my thoughts about those issues… and yeah, I think William was revealed to be the adopted Destine so he and Kay could be romantically involved but I don’t want to go back and read those stories to confirm.

@Tuomas Actually it was covered in Meta-Messages not CBLR.

Ok, in looking for it I seem to be wrong, maybe it was in CBLR.

This was a terrific series, one that I wish Davis would come back to. I’m so grateful he’s doing more Clan stories in the Annuals. This was unique and quirky with terrific characters. A great concept – kinda Highlander meets superhero’s. I read those post-Davis issues. Hideous. Absolutely hideous. Especially what they did to Pandora. ecch…I was never so grateful to Davis when he said that they were just a dream of Rory’s.The Hitch issue was nicely drawn tho.

Glenn Dakin isn’t a pseudonym. He was a British Small Press cartoonist in the days when Eddie Campbell was starting to be noticed, and he was known for a wonderful series called ‘Temptation’, about a devil trying all sorts of tricks to capture the soul of a hermit in a desert, which got collected into a book: over 100 strips and very funny. And unless I miss my guess, inker Bambos will have been Bambos Georgieu, another cartoonist active in British fandom in the same era. I still have some ‘zines with strips by him and articles by me among their contents.

I found a couple issues of Clandestine in the quarter bin. I didn’t know what it was about, but Alan Davis’ art was fantastic as always.

Hey, everyone remember the great inking team of ‘Robin & Bambos’, because they did…. something?

Hey, Clan Destine! Marvel Universe’s answer to DC’s Soverign Seven!

No, Squashua, bad!

OK, you’re probably right. But I reread my Sovereign Seven issues a while ago, and boy howdy are they bad. Dang.

Anyway, everyone’s talking about Glenn Dakin but did anyone notice the book was pencilled by a fine wine somehow?

Oh, Pino Rinaldi ISN’T a fine…

never mind. (slinks away in shame)

I don’t understand why this book was clancelled.

Then Clan Destine, is a property of Marvel Comics? It must be, I guess.

Like to see Wallop vs. Hulk, madder they get, the stronger they get, there would be no end

Clandestine is my All-Time, All-Favorite team book(after the X-men). Alan Davis is a masterpeice maker underated!!!

I always loved that retcon.

I notice the four non-Davis issues are never printed in trade. Deservedly so.

Pete – yes, it was Will, not Kay who was ‘not a member of the clan’. They tried to say he had no powers, though Davis’ run clearly had people saying ‘no ordinary human could sneak into that caravan’, and he sneaks into the caravan.

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