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Legends at ESPN.com!

This is pretty neat news.

My (from Sports Legends Revealed) will also be featured at ESPN.com in their Playbook section.

The first one went up today. It is about whether Richard Nixon actually called a play in a Washington Redskins playoff game. Check it out here.


Always cornering the market on Legends Revealed coverage. I think you must have learned how to research stuff in law school. Congrats.

Further proof that “Brian Cronin” is really a series all-knowing of robots.


Just remember us little folks that don’t stop making snarky comments when you’re drinking in all that big time Kool-Aid. Congrats!

Congrats as well, Brian. You are movin’ on up to the East Side!

Neat news, indeed! Congrats!

I saw a link to the article on the first page of ESPNs mobile website. Congrats.

The Crazed Spruce

September 14, 2012 at 6:08 am

Awesome news, dude. Congratulations! :)

Your’e not leaving us for the bright lights of Bristol are you? Congrats on landing with ESPN.

Yeah, but ESPN is pure evil. I … I don’t know how I feel about this …

That’s fantastic news Brian, congratulations. (I don’t reply but I’ve been reading csbg for a long time)

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