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Superman and Wonder Woman Make a Final Stand

Michael “Mic?” Magtanong was not able to make this past week’s Comic Book Cover Homage edition of the Line it is Drawn, but he has his piece up now!

In a tribute to the John Byrne cover for X-Men #137 featuring Cyclops and Jean Grey, Mic? now depicts Superman and Wonder Woman.

Read on to check it out!

Thanks, Mic?! Check out Mic’s here!


Although, sadly no DC (or Marvel) comic will ever make it to issue 137 ever again.

Should that read

“Superman and Wonder Woman make a Final One-Night Stand”


Shizzle, if I’d suggested this idea, I’d have to own that. Great work again mic?!

Yeah, good job. The new costumes depress me every time I see them–Superman’s is just ridiculous–but that sure ain’t Mic?’s fault.

Very nice! Somehow, all the geometric shapes in the background makes the “armor” costumes much more palatable to me than they would be otherwise.

And although I realize this is a tribute to iconic comic book covers and not iconic movies, I still have to ask: Does Supes kiss Wonder Woman for ‘good luck’ before she swings them both to the far side of the Death Star’s reactor shaft, or do they just fly over? :)

@Rollo: Sure they will. They’ll revert numbering as they approach #150.

Man this looks amazing! So luminous and I love the tiny heads! I honestly don’t mind Diana’s re-booted costume, but I will always miss the red trunks on Supes. I know they were a little silly, and dated… but damnit the look was iconic with a capital I! Great work as always Mic!

Thanks so much, y’all! Glad you dig this!

NEMOIDIAN: You’ll have to buy the issue to find out! ;) (*Practicing*)


I’m a big fan of Mic’s style, and love it when he picks my suggestions. I must confess however that I have not been following the rebooted DC universe and havent read a DC book since Flashpoint started.

Superman and Wonder Woman are Super Sexy. I love it.

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