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Thanks, Tony Isabella!

In Comics Buyer’s Guide #1694, Tony gave a very nice review of my new book, Why Does Batman Carry Shark Repellent? (which you can, of course, purchase right here and not only will you get a cool book but I’ll get a referral fee).

You can read Tony’s review at his nifty blog here. Thanks to my pal Michael for the head’s up!


De nada, o Geek Overlord.

Isabella is one writer I would love to meet someday. Here’s a guy who managed to save his most fan-favorite DC creation from being victim of the censorship and bland banality of Super Friends.

second acers commts about tony saving black lightning from super friends though actully black vulcan got created for the show because hb balked at learning they would have to pay tony a royalty for black lightning since he manage when he pitched him to get a creative own deal with dc. and also like acer want to meet him someday

hol’up…. They’re STILL coming out with Comics Buyer’s Guide??

I somehow doubt Isabella considers what happened to Black Lightning to be a positive. He lost a lot of royalties out of that deal and outside of comics fans BL is extremely obscure as a result.

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