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The Abandoned An’ Forsaked – Maybe We Should Just Forget This Issue of Excalibur…

Every week, we will be examining comic book stories and ideas that were not only abandoned, but also had the stories/plots specifically “overturned” by a later writer (as if they were a legal precedent). Click here for an archive of all the previous editions of The Abandoned An’ Forsaked. Feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com if you have any suggestions for future editions of this feature.

Based on a suggestion from Matt Bird, we examine how Alan Davis handled an ersatz issue of Excalibur in the time before he returned to the title to take over as writer/artist.

Matt originally suggested this as a Meta-Message, but I think it fits here better.

In early 1991, Marvel released a one-shot issue of Excalibur titled Excalibur Special: The Possession. It was written by Michael Higgins and drawn by Tom Morgan.

It opened with Nightcrawler and Meggan sparring. They were interrupted by Captain Britain…

Then Alistaire Stuart (a friend of Excalibur who works for the Weird Happenings Organisation) got reamed out by a bureaucrat…

It turns out Meggan is possessed by a lost spirit. An old man helps the group. First they go to Braddock Manor…

Eventually the old man reveals himself to be Merlin, who was thought to be dead.

This one-shot came out very soon before Alan Davis returned to Excalibur with issue #42 to take over as the writer and artist of the book. Davis’ run was delayed for awhile (it was originally going to start nearly a year earlier) and he had plans for the book that the one-shot got in the way off, so in #47, Davis does one of the more aggressive abandoning and forsaking of a storyline that you’ll see…

Yep, he just takes the story apart, bit by bit. Davis had his plots ready for nearly a year and the main Excalibur book was written by Scott Lobdell during this time to specifically not conflict with Davis’ stories, so when this one-shot DID, Davis felt he had to address it.

Thanks for the suggestion, Matt! If anyone else has a suggestion for a comic book story or plot or idea that was both abandoned and then specifically overwritten by a later story, let me know at my e-mail address – bcronin@comicbookresources.com


Not that Marvel comics int he mid-90s needed MORE editorial stewardship, but shouldn’t this have been addressed much earlier than before it went to print?

WOW. That’s a good one!

Yeesh. Davis sure didn’t pull any punches.

Gotta love the comment on the “ogre in pajamas”! The moment I saw those panels, I was like, “Why is this guy dressed up like a 1930s comedian?”. Davis obviously noticed the same thing.

Not just any ‘ogre in pajamas’ but a ‘FAT ogre in pajamas!’ I love it!!!

I don’t know about this. While it’s funny, I feel like John Byrne would be lynched for doing something similar. I mean, I’m sure the writer of that one-shot meant no harm. . . .

I think Charlie Ward’s right (difficult to admit, as a lifelong Canes and Heat fan), but it’s still so thorough and over-the-top that any annoyance is outweighed by how entertaining it is. And of course, Alan Davis is awesome without any of the negatives you can’t help but associate with Byrne. It’s so matter-of-fact: “She’s all wrong…He can’t be real…She’s dead…The computer is wrong…It was all wrong.” I think that makes it pretty hilarious.

Michael Higgins was an editor, IIRC, so maybe it was harder to override him on this or something.

“I’m totally against my team training to fight bad guys. Let’s just wing it!” Really, Alan Davis, really? LOL!

Also, that non-Davis art is UGLY.

haha. awesome. i love alan davis

can’t wait to see the articles for the inevitable post-DCNU stuff. maybe alan can fix that too?

Tom Morgan’s art isn’t just ugly, it looks really amateurish. Yuck!

Brian forgot to mention Fat Kitty … it’s all WRONG!

I had gone back and picked up all of the Davis issues of Excalibur and hadn’t realized what all this was referring to exactly. This makes it even more enjoyable. Man, I love the ideas you guys at Comics Should Be Good come up with for columns!

Hysan: Captain Britain was specifically against those sessions because several times they ended with Nightcrawler making out with his girlfriend! There was a good explanation for it but I won’t spoil it here, everybody should check out Excalibur if they get the chance. It’s great stuff, very fun!

Wait a minute, it was revealed in latter issues that the fake Merlin that appeared to do the exorcism was actually the real Merlin (who wasn’t actually dead) and that this whole thing was part of his plot to gain ultimate power by using Excalibur as his pawns. In fact the real Merlin appears in this same issue your referencing as the chess player who sets Captain Britain off to kick down Roma’s door. The issue was retconned but not completely abandoned.

Also I’ve always been confused by the Emma Collins thing. When she appeared in The Possession I thought it just meant that the issue was taking place in the time when Captains Britain’s crazy brother was animating her.

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