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I Love Ya But You’re Strange – Milk and Cheese Celebrate Their Anniversary!

Every week, I will spotlight strange but ultimately endearing comic stories (basically, we’re talking lots and lots of Silver Age comic books). Here is the archive of all the installments of this feature. Feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com if you have a suggestion for a future installment!

This week, we look at an Eisner Award winning issue of Evan Dorkin’s Milk and Cheese. Issue #666, to be precise!

The concept of Milk and Cheese is that they are, in fact, anthropomorphic milk and cheese, only they are dairy products “gone bad.” Only, of course, instead of just stinking up the joint, Milk and Cheese have gone bad by becoming sadistic jerks.

However, they’re humorous sadistic jerks!

Really, it is a testament to Evan Dorkin’s skills as a comic book creator that he has managed to take a fairly one-note concept (“Milk and Cheese commit some violent act”) and somehow keep it fresh and clever for so long.

In the sixth issue of Milk and Cheese (titled Milk and Cheese Six Six Six), the pair celebrate their anniversary…

This was a nice riff on the idea of getting mixed signals…

“Norman Fell commands it!” Hilarious (I also like the mocking of the Three’s Company plot point about Jack pretending to be gay).

In this next bit, the pair decide to hunt down semi-famous celebrities…

It all comes back to random violence with Milk and Cheese.

Speaking of violence, there’s a disturbing bit in the book about their violence detached from their wide-eyed enjoyment of it all. Dorkin’s depiction of them as blank-faced terrors was, as I noted, very disturbing.

There is a fun extended riff about the guys getting Darth Vader helmets (here’s the third page of it)…

Finally, are Milk and Cheese at fault?!

Dorkin is such a skilled cartoonist. I know this comic is not for everybody, but it is because of Dorkin’s greatness that this comic is for ANYbody! This could easily be some awful comics right here, but Dorkin walks the fine line between funny and “just pointless violence” and makes it work.

(Note: This article first appeared as part of the Fools of April feature – BC)


Even my wife, who doesn’t read comics and doesn’t like violent entertainment, loves Milk and Cheese. It’s that good.

Gangway Morons is my new catchphrase!

dorkins showed that there is in a bizzare way some comedy from comic violence by doing mlk and cheese including their bit of wanting to destroy the cast of fame.

Ohmygod, No Talent Celebrity Stalkers is one of my favorite strips EVER!!! I had to scroll past it so as not to choke on the laughter that will emanate from me upon re-reading it.

And Buttler’s wife is totally awesome. I mean, we all figured that anyway, but this here proves it.

One of the exceptions to the “comics sucked in the 90s” rule.

Astro City
Sin City

Shall I go on, Jack? ;)

It appears my earlier comment is not posted. If not, I said the Celebrity stalker strip is one of the funniest ever, and that Buttler’s wife is (obviously, she married him) awesome. If it appears later, I shall appear insane, yet I am ok with that.

These comics came out in the 90s? They sure talked about 70s and 80s stuff a bunch.

There were lots of great comics in the 90’s. It’s just that most of them were NOT made by DC and Marvel. B

I have never read anything of Dorkin’s that I’ve liked, Stale, unfunny bits that I’ve seen elsewhere, done better.

Dorkin’s work on the Bill & Ted comic was great as well, despite his admitting that he had never seen the movie.

If you get the omnibus Dark Horse put out, you’ll also get the mini-comic version of “Darth Vader Overdrive,” where Dorkin put in more material for the hell of it, goofing on the rerelease of “A New Hope.” Nice bit had Mike and Cheese behind the scenes as Wookies, and one of them says, “If you think we look shitty, you should see the cats we got the hair from.” Great times.

Do you know what “one of” means, as distinct from “the only,” Travis?
Because you seem confused about the distinction; I phrased it the way I did deliberately to take other exceptions into account.

Well, is it a rule if it has that many exceptions, Jack?

That was more my thinking — not really a “rule” if someone can rattle off a half dozen exceptions pretty quick.

I will certainly grant you that there were plenty of suck comics in the ’90s. However, I am not sure that percentage-wise, the ’90s were any better or worse than any other decade.

Merv Griffin!!!

God, I love Milk and Cheese. I read it when I was way too young, which probably explains a lot of who I am today. I even bought the entire trading card series (the old fashioned way, pack by pack until I had them all). To this day, I still keep a copy of the Dark Horse omnibus in the trunk of my car (just in case).

The “Blood Drive” one has always been my favorite, if only for the horrifically offensive (and genius) “Three’s Company” dialogue. Along with Steve Purcell’s “Sam and Max”, Evan Dorkin’s work is a big part of why I am a cartoonist.

“Norman Fell commands it!”

Viva los Milk and Cheese!

Not that we didn’t already know TJCoolguy was cool (it’s IN HIS NAME!), but he name checks Sam and Max also!

Man, a Milk and Cheese/Sam and Max crossover…

As for me, I bought a full set of the Milk and Cheese cards. I got ‘em at the NY State Fair, back in the ’90s when trading cards could make someone enough money at a booth at the Fair!

Milk and Cheese is the alpha and omega. So so good. It’s almost as a reliable barometer of taste as season 4 of the Simpsons. Glad to see someone bringing it back.

I winced at the razor bade panel. Then I read ‘dairy products of a wasteful society’ and laughed.

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