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Comic Book Easter Eggs – Charlie Brown Cameos!

Every week, I will be sharing with you three comic book “easter eggs.” An easter egg is a joke/visual gag/in-joke that a comic book creator (typically the artist) has hidden in the pages of the comic for readers to find (just like an easter egg). They range from the not-so-obscure to the really obscure. So come check ‘em all out and enjoy! Also, click here for an archive of all the easter eggs featured so far! If you want to suggest an easter egg for a future column, e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com (do not post your suggestion in the comments section!).

This week, we feature a quartet of Charlie Brown cameos…

Reader MLJames suggested Charlie’s big-headed cameo on the cover to Fantastic Four #262 by John Byrne…

Reader Brian S. pointed out that it seems like Charlie Brown is one of many mall visitors in danger of a (unwilling) suicide bomber in Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker’s Invincible #2…

Finally, in one of the more bizarre cameos, check out Betty and Veronica #144 from 1967 (I presume it is Dan DeCarlo art) where Charlie Brown and Snoopy are just randomly on a drawing on Betty’s bedroom wall…

Thanks to Confessions of a Pop Culture Addict on Tumblr for the scan!

Commenter Rob wished to point out the adult Charlie Brown who worked as a bodyguard in Transmetropolitan (here he is in #13. Note that this is a Vertigo comic book, so there’s profanity! Be forewarned!)…

If you have suggestions for future editions of Comic Book Easter Eggs, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com!


I don’t think that is the livingroom but either Betty’s bedroom or a side room. You can see the top of the stairs beyond the door.

Good call, Kendall. Thanks, I fixed it.

If only we could have heard the parents guiding the kid through the mall saying something with a voice that sounded like a muted trumpet (“Wah Wah Wah”)

Wasn’t there an adult Charlie Brown in Transmet that got slapped around by Spider?

I believe Snoopy showed up in Transmet as well, as a dog that got killed when someone got defenestrated.

Thanks for adding that extra page, Brian!

Wow…..And I didn’t even notice Charlie Brown of the FF Cover until it’s been mentioned (and FYI, his head is near the RICHARDS name @ the Right Corner of said Cover.

Check out Weapon Brown by Jason Yungbluth:


This is why I don’t bet — would have guaranteed “Charlie” kicking “Lucy” instead of the ball in Architecture and Mortality would have shown up.

But that Transmet is seriously disturbed — someday I will have to read that, it seems…

Twin Pines Mall is also the mall from Back to the Future.

@PaxHouse – THANKS! It took forever for me to locate that head. Maybe a little in-article guidance might help.

What about Automatic Kafka? I assume that doesn’t count as a cameo, but still!

Check out Weapon Brown by Jason Yungbluth:

Ha! Yeah, I know the comic but I think that goes way beyond “Easter egg,” ya know?

This is why I don’t bet — would have guaranteed “Charlie” kicking “Lucy” instead of the ball in Architecture and Mortality would have shown up.

I love the scene, but I figured I’d stick to actual “appearances” by Charlie Brown.

What about Automatic Kafka? I assume that doesn’t count as a cameo, but still!

Yeah, I thought of mentioning it just to point out that it is way bigger than an Easter Egg. It is the whole focus of the entire issue.

He appeared amongst a group of young mutants in an issue of Joss Whedon’s run on Astonishing X-Men, as well.

Good Grief.

It’s not really an Easter Egg, but I still say Kite-Man was robbed.

Chaim Mattis Keller

October 24, 2012 at 2:42 pm

Darned if that woman in the last panel of the Transmetropolitan page doesn’t look like she could be a grown-up Lucy, too.

I thought for sure you were going to have New Avengers #15.

Not a Charlie Brown cameo per se, but you should check out issue #4 of my Hawkman series from DC. Probably available in bargain boxes in every comics shop in America.

Good grief! I’ve owned that FF issue for more than twenty years, and have never noticed that Charlie Brown head before!

Did anyone else notice that the Charlie Brown on the FF cover bears an amazing resemblance to a Watcher? If you notice, his head is slightly wider than it is high while the real Charlie’s head is a near-perfect circle. (Maybe Byrne’s Brown is the Watcher who keeps his eye on the “Charlie Browniest” Earth.)

I thought you would show Whedon and Cassaday’s Astonishing X-Men scene in the Danger Room.

I can’t believe no one remembered Dr. Doom Charlie Brown from issue 6 of Top Ten (look at the page where crazy Santa is throwing gifts to the kids)

The shopping mall page also shows Jay and Silent Bob.

And still in the realm of ‘too big to be an Easter Egg’, DC’s 2007 Infinite Hallowe’en Special featured a story in which a grown-up Not Charlie Brown and Not Linus tried to summon the Great Pumpkin.

There is an issue of Automatic Kafka that is all about the the adult Peanuts gang.

If I’m not mistaken, Charlie Brown also appeared on a lamp in Batman: Year One.

Is that OMAC by Mr. Fantastic’s left knee?

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