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Comic Book Six Degrees: ALF to Amy Pond

I name two comic book characters. You then have to connect the two using only shared appearances in comic books (official appearances in comics only – no cameos like Terry Austin sneaking Popeye into the background of a panel and no outside comic book appearances, like cartoons and the like). You have to do so using less than six comics total. Covers and pin-ups do not count – only actual appearances in the same comic book story (so it doesn’t count if they each appeared in separate stories inside the same anthology). Mythological characters and real people (by the way, unless a fake name is used for a real person, like Ronald Raygun or whatever, you can use the person even if they are not officially named in the comic) are unique to their own comic book appearances (so DC’s Thor is different than Marvel’s Thor, DC’s Ronald Reagan is different from Marvel’s Ronald Reagan, etc.). But a licensed character is the same in all of their various comic book companies (so the Marvel Red Sonja is the same as the Dynamite Red Sonja) and approved appearances by a real person can go across comic book companies, as well (so, for instance, you can use Marv Wolfman from his Teen Titans appearance to connect with Marv Wolfman in his Fantastic Four appearance). Approval tends to be the key (except for public figures, of course).

Every week, whoever connects the two characters in the least amount of turns gets to pick the next week’s match- (in the event of a tie, the winner is chosen randomly). Last week was Spider-Ham to Destroyer Duck. David was one of a few people who were able to connect the two in four moves (without using the Destroyer Duck Marvel crossover I rule out in this post every week). Here is how David connected the two…

Spider-Ham in Avenging Spider-Man #12 with Spider-Man.
Spider-Man appeared in Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man with Superman.
Superman appeared in Superman/Savage Dragon: Metropolis with Savage Dragon.
Savage Dragon appeared in Savage Dragon/Destroyer Duck with Destroyer Duck.

David’s challenge is…

ALF to Amy Pond

E-mail me your answers at bcronin@comicbookresources.com. Do NOT post your answers in the comments section!

Whoever connects the two characters in the least amount of comics gets to pick the connection for next time around (I’ll pick a random winner in the event of a tie)!

Remember, only authorized appearances in comic books count (for instance, all the Marvel characters in Savage Dragon/Destroyer Duck do not count)!


Goddamn. This is a hard one so I’ll just sit this week’s one out.

Aw, damn, now I have to find Avenging Spider-Man 12!

Wow, this one…I dunno where to start, even.

I hope that these posts mean that all is well for you in NYC, Brian, and not just that they’re appearing automagically.

All incarnations of the Doctor count as the same character for the purposes of this challenge, right?

All incarnations of the Doctor count as the same character for the purposes of this challenge, right?

I believe that’s fair, yes. Do note that it can be done without that stipulation, though.

I’m gonna say “What Doctor?”, but I cannot come up with any better variation on “Who’s On First” to keep going with. I suck.

I have it. But in the interest of fair contest I’m not gonna submit my solution.

Ayrn, you can email it to Brian at the email address.


He’s not showing everyone his emails….

I can actually do this one.

The problem is, the one I was saving for if I ever won this thing was ALF to The Doctor.

To Michael P: I’m sorry I unknowingly took your idea.

I got it to five. I think it can be gotten to four but I’ll have to think harder.

LOL though if you threw in the Transfomers … this could have all kinds of fun connections.


ALF to the Doctor would have been easier. Done in four.


It can be done in four but I won’t say how.

I’m curious about the answer to this one, because I figure it’s gotta be neat if 2 different people have independently come up with the same 6 degree puzzle. Something to look forward to this week, I guess.

See I couldn’t get it down to 4. Best was 5 for me. Good job David if you get it.


Lol … though you thought it up, correct David?


Yes I thought it up and once the next Six Degrees is posted I’ll post my answer.

My answer
ALF to Amy Pond
ALF appeared in ALF Annual #1 with High Evolutionary.
High Evolutionary appeared in X-Men Annual #3 with X-Men.
X-Men appeared in Star Trek The Next Generation/X-Men: Second Contact
#1 with Captain Jean-Luc Picard.
Captain Jean-Luc Picard appeared in Star Trek: The Next
Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #1 with Amy Pond.

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