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You Decide Returns…In a Fashion

You might recall my series of polls (here is the 2011 edition and here is the 2009 edition. Well, I’m now doing them every Thursday on the Comic Book Resources’ front page.

First up was “Who is the definitive Batman artist?”

Narrowing it down to 10 options was a tough task, and do note that one of my original ten was omitted for Greg Capullo (who I did note would do very well on the poll if he was an option, so I can’t really fault his inclusion).

This week’s poll is “What is the best DC company-wide crossover of the last twenty years?” Apologies to Eclipso: The Darkness Within, Bloodlines and Joker’s Last Laugh for not making the cut (Our World at War wasn’t really a company wide crossover, was it? It was more like a Superman titles thing with a few one-shots for other titles).

If you have ideas for future polls you’d like to see (preferably topical ones), e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com

Now go vote!


It was tough trying to decide between Breyfogle, Aparo and Adams, but in the end I decided I liked them all equally, so I voted for Breyfogle because I knew either Aparo or Adams would top the poll anyways, might as well give my vote to a guy who doesn’t normally get recognition

My heart said Mazzuchelli but my head said Adams.

The only DC crossover event that lived up to the hype was DC 1,000,000. Great main series, fun tie-ins, and an all-around good time. Final Night, Underworld Unleashed, & Final Crisis were okay. The rest left me cold, with Genesis being the nadir.

Yeah, I’ve only read like five of the crossovers on that list, and I went with Zero Hour because it’s the only one I enjoyed enough to read three times lol Wish the cut-off date had been moved back, I would have gladly voted for COIE

This is like asking for a favorite bowel movement. That said, I went with Final Crisis, because it actually made me feel something (besides buyer’s remorse).

Bah! No Marshall Rogers! No validity.

FINAL CRISIS. Easy choice.
52 isn’t on there because it was not a crossover.

Final Crisis shouldn’t be there because it’s nonsensical garbage.

That’s weird – I clicked on the link for the crossovers poll, but it says “Thanks for your vote!” and shows me the results as if I voted, which I didn’t.

I wonder if there’s a glitch in the system by which if it thinks you voted when you didn’t, it defaults to the first one listed. That’s the only thing I can think of to account for how Blackest Night is doing.

That’s weird – I clicked on the link for the crossovers poll, but it says “Thanks for your vote!” and shows me the results as if I voted, which I didn’t.

Whoops, sorry, buttler, it should go to the right thing now.

Thanks, Brian!

Michael’s right that none of them are actually any good, so I went with the only one that I even kinda liked. (DC One Million.)

Genesis is the only one that doesn’t even ring a bell, though with some of the others I wish that was the case.

If only it was 21 or 22 years. Armageddon 2001! I went with Underworld Unleashed. I enjoyed it when it came out and it did have some good lasting changes.

Irv Novick is missing in the list. I think he drew more Batman stories than anyone on the list with the exception of Dick Sprang.

No Marshall Rogers or Graham Nolan? Has to “settle” with the great Norm Breyfogle.

Kate Beaton is the definitive Batman artist, but if she’s not an option I gotta go with Aparo.

Man, the first two artists that sprang to mind (see what I did there?) were Marshall Rogers and TIm Sale. And I couldn’t vote for either.

I guess “definitive artist” can depend on how you’re defining it. For me it has nothing to do with amount of stories, how good the stories were, notoriety, etc. For me it’s just the simple question, when I picture Batman, what do I picture him looking like? And I picture some sort of cross between the dynamic poses and cape stylings of Rogers with the exaggerated darkness and gothicness of Sale.

Were either Sale or Rogers the artist that got bounced for Capullo?

Jerry Robinson is the definitive Batman artist.
And the Best DC crossover is Legends

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