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Flippin’ through Previews – November 2012

Hey, what do you know? Another month has passed, and Previews #290 has dropped! Let’s check it out, even though all of this has been available on the Internet for two or more weeks!

These days, Aquaman is SO BAD-ASS that he can fight off Superman, Cyborg, AND Wonder Woman AT THE SAME TIME!!!!

Dark Horse:

Brian Wood takes over writing a new Star Wars ongoing (page 34), set between the first two movies, it appears. That should be interesting. (9 January)

It's adorable how they still try to pretend that Luke is important

There’s volume 4 of Axe Cop on page 39. If Bill Reed still posted here, he might be able to tell us how awesome Axe Cop still is. But he doesn’t, so he won’t. So sad! (6 March)

A few years ago, Geoffrey Thorne and Todd Harris brought us Prodigal: Egg of First Light, which was one of the best mini-series of the year. Now they have a new story in Dark Horse Presents #20 (page 43) called Journeyman, and I hope they can keep the good comics going. Maybe they’ll get a bigger audience for their work! (23 January)

The Massive gets a trade paperback on page 44. As you might recall, I’m not in love with this series yet, but you still should give it a try, because Brian Wood always has something to say, even if you don’t like it or the way he says it! (20 March)

Francesco Francavilla’s pulp hero, The Black Beetle, is back on page 48. I’m trying to decide whether I want to get this in single issues or in trade – I don’t want to wait for Francavilla’s gorgeous artwork! (16 January)

Well, dang, that's a beautiful cover


Man, Jae Lee, what’s up with Adrian’s hands there? (page 77; 16 January)

They're like hams with deformed fingers attached!

Why is Aquaman wearing a golden staple remover on his belt? (page 81; 30 January)

He shops for his clothing at Office Depot!

I know Danny D. wants to bring back the 1990s, but I didn’t think he was THIS serious. (page 86; 9 January)

Come back from the Dark Side, Yildiray Cinar!

Batwoman #16 is called the “penultimate chapter” (page 99). Does this mean that once Williams leaves the book, DC will actually let it die a natural death? I know that would suck to lose a book starring a good female character, but I’d be impressed if DC simply allows it to end, rather than milking it to death! (23 January)

So DC is trying to tie every single one of their books together into really, really tight continuity, right? That’s fine and all (it’s not my cup of tea, but whatever), but then I read the solicitation for Swamp Thing #16 (page 111), which refers to the “ruins” of Gotham City. Is Gotham City “ruined” in all the Batman books? Is that a thing? Is it something that hasn’t happened yet but seems to be coming? Scott Snyder writes both Swamp Thing and Batman, so you’d think he’d be keen to keep things … continuitous? Help me, DC readers, you’re my only hope! (9 January)

The solicitation for Dial H (hey, it’s not cancelled yet!) on page 113 speak of “The Centipede.” Then, the cover shows a conga line of men, the first holding the dial thingy. And yes, I immediately thought of … the Human Centipede. Brrrrr …. (9 January) (Google it if you don’t know what it is, because I’m not getting into it here!)

Does Tom Six know about this?

Threshold #1 on page 116 is … a space comic starring characters like Star Hawkins and Space Cabbie? Really? You can say a lot about the DCnU, but by gum they’re throwing a lot against the wall to see what sticks! (16 January)

You know why DC had to cancel Blue Beetle (page 119)? Because a giant gaping head started coming out of his groin!!!!

If that conditions persists, he really should see his doctor

That can’t be good for anyone! (23 January)

I’m not buying Arrow #3 on page 123, but I can use its existence to point out that the new television series … is pretty good. It’s certainly not high art, but it’s pretty entertaining. That Katie Cassidy is easy on the eyes, isn’t she? I couldn’t remember where I had seen her, and then I checked her IMDb page, and saw that she was on Harper’s Island. HARPER’S ISLAND WAS THE MOTHERFUCKING BOMB!!!!! (30 January)

I took a chance on waiting for the trade of The Shade, because James Robinson was tweeting about it getting cancelled before it even finished, but I’m glad I did, because on page 132 we get the entire 12 issues in a nice trade … for 20 dollars. Damn straight! (27 February)

Story continues below

I’ve been reading really good things about The New Deadwardians, which gets collected on page 144, but for some reason, I’m just not jazzed by it. I don’t know why. Should I ignore my gut and get it anyway? I don’t know … I’ll have to do some mulling. (6 February)


John Byrne keeps cranking out new series, as we get The High Ways on page 173, about a dude who signs up with a space freighter taking stuff all over the solar system. Say what you want about Byrne, but he keeps on keeping on!

Man, that’s all that’s even remotely interesting from IDW this month. A TON of licensed stuff, as usual, but nothing really grabbing me. Let’s move on!


Invincible hits issue #100 on page 182. Good for Kirkman! I loved Invincible early on but gradually got more and more tired of it, so I dropped it. But good for Kirkman anyway! (23 January)

On page 184, we get One Trick Rip-Off/Deep Cuts from Paul Pope. I have no idea how much of this is new (the solicitation is very coy about it), but I know I haven’t read any of it, so 30 bucks for 288 pages of awesome Pope art – yeah, that’ll work for me.

Hot diggity!

Dias de las Muertas (page 186) is an interesting three-issue project. Riley Rossmo is teaming up with a bunch of different writers to tell horror stories. Each issue is 40 pages and is in the “Golden Age format,” meaning it’s bigger than your usual comic, and it sounds pretty keen. (9 January)

The art will be nice!

I don’t know if Todd, the Ugliest Kid on Earth (page 192) is any good, but it has a weird hook – America’s most dysfunctional family having wacky adventures – and M. K. Perker on art, so there’s that. What I do love is that Todd walks around town with a bag over his head. That’s pretty funny. (16 January)

Chynna Clugston Flores draws It Girl & the Atomics #6 on page 197. She’s good, don’t you know. (23 January)

Glory #32 features a crossover with Emi Lenox’s Emitown (page 208). O … kay. I’m sure that will be fun! (23 January)

Marvel: (Marvel’s Previews didn’t come out last week, so I don’t know page numbers or ship dates. Sorry!)

So we’ve seen Storm on a couple of covers with her Mohawk hair cut, including Uncanny X-Force #1, and I’ve read some people around the Internets expressing their happiness about it. But I say, “Why?” If we get grumpy about comics constantly eating their own tails, it doesn’t matter if writers regurgitate good ideas or bad ideas – it’s still regurgitated. Storm originally got the Mohawk for a very specific reason, and I doubt if she would do it again. I hope that wherever it debuts (unless I missed it and she already has one?), the writer will try to explain why she’s doing it. Because if he (I’m assuming it’s a male) doesn’t, that means she got a Mohawk because someone thought it was cool and read X-Men comics when they were 10 years old. Fuck that noise.

Still, that's a cool cover

Young Avengers #1 looks and sounds awesome, so of course it will last a year, if that. Let us hope not!!!!

All-New X-Men #6 gives us guest artist David Marquez … for three issues. Again, I wonder why Marvel and DC even announce creative teams when they’re so fast and loose with them. I don’t have a problem with Marquez’s art, but he’s no Stuart Immonen.

And then there’s Fantastic Four #3, which places the group on a new planet … for a year. I know people criticize me for taking continuity too seriously (which is hilarious, since I don’t read too many superhero books anymore), but will the Fantastic Four be out of every other Marvel comic – including the next big crossover? – for all of 2013? I would really, really dig that, but I doubt it.

The solicitation for Hawkeye #7 reads: “Cherry’s got a gun. And she looks good in it. Hawkeye gets distracted. Just like you are right now.” I like Hawkeye, but the solicitation texts aren’t doing it any favors. I mean, whoever writes these for Marvel always sounds a bit smug, but that one annoys me even more than usual for some reason.

Story continues below

Still, another groovy cover

Marvel collects Silver Surfer: Parable #1-2 in an eight-dollar “trade,” and I might have to get it. I’m sure Lee’s prose is super-purple, but Moebius drawing the Surfer? Yeah, I can live with that. The few pages I’ve seen of this (thanks to Our Dread Lord and Master, whom I believe has posted some of it right here on this blog) look dreamy.

Marvel figured out that charging less for their trade paperbacks might encourage people to buy them instead of single issues, so they decided to charge 17 dollars for four issues of Wolverine and the X-Men in the second trade. Congratulations, Marvel, you just lost a sale.

Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee’s Thor: The Mighty Avenger gets a trade collecting the entire run plus the FCBD issue. These are really, really good comics, people. Don’t let it pass you by a second time!

So let’s move deep into the back of the book. What lurks within?!?!?!?

I don’t watch Downton Abbey, but I like the sound of Agent Gates and the Secret Adventures of Devonton Abbey from Andrews McNeel (page 232), which parodies the series by turning a valet into a secret agent who protects the abbey from all sorts of nefarious sorts. It could be quite fun.

Antarctic Press has Crawling Sky on page 237, which is written by the Lansdales (Joe R. and Keith) and drawn by Brian Denham, who’s quite good. It’s a horror story set in the Old West – did you expect anything different from the Lansdales? – but it sounds pretty keen.

Now THAT'S a tag line!

I’ve been waiting for the trade of The Spider, and Dynamite offers it on page 285. Greg Hatcher likes it, so it must be good!

I’m not sure if I’ll get Messages in a Bottle by Bernard Krigstein, but Fantagraphics has it on page 296 for 35 dollars. I’m sure it will be good, but I’m just not sure about it. I probably will end up getting it, but I’m still thinking about it.

Humanoids offers what sounds like a ridiculous yet awesome comic: Jihad (page 302). A Russian dictator in 2040 wants to invoke the spirit of Genghis Khan to create an empire, but he needs the “corpse of the latest reincarnation” of the Mongol conqueror to do so. Has anyone read this? Is it ridiculously stupid, or ridiculously awesome? I wonder …

Down on the bottom of page 329, Valiant offers the first trade of Harbinger by Joshua Dysart and Khari Evans (mostly). I’m a bit wary about getting into the Valiant books as it seems like they’re gearing up for a giant crossover (really, Valiant?), but I’m giving this a try. Why not?

I hate to bring it up, but it’s just too … something: Wizard World offers The Situation #1 on page 340, in which the Jersey Shore cast member has some kind of super power (the power of abdominals? the power of tanning?) to fight evil. Yes, he really does. Paul Jenkins and Talent Caldwell bring this to you, in case you’re interested. Oh, Paul Jenkins. You wrote Hellblazer once, didn’t you?

Arrrgggghhhh!!!!!! My eyes, my eyes!

I really want to leave you with that image, so I will. Ponder the fact that Mike Sorrentino is in a comic book and makes more money than you do. PONDER IT!!!!!!

Previews: Usually you can find good comics in it! Don’t be afraid to crack it open!


here some info on the Pope book,

Young lovers Tubby and Vim want to escape – escape the mistakes they’ve made, the lives they’ve lived, and the dirty city weighing them down. Their plan is simple –all they have to do is rip-off Tubby’s pals, the One Tricks – the toughest street gang in LA.
If they pull it off, they’re set for life. If not, their lives won’t matter much anyway.
What was going to be a smooth, straight-forward heist becomes a fast-paced battle to the death.
From Eisner Award-winning writer/artist PAUL POPE (Batman: Year 100, THB, Heavy Liquid, 100%) and presented for the first time in color by JAMIE GRANT (All-Star Superman). ONE TRICK RIP-OFF/DEEP-CUTS is 288 pages of raw power, of which over 150 pages are comprised of new, rare, and never before seen stories created during POPE’s time traveling the world in the ‘90s.
Included in the “Deep Cuts” section is a bounty of unpublished and rare work POPE did in the ’90s, including the legendary “Supertrouble” manga, created for Kodansha in Japan, appearing here in print for the first time.

This is from the Image solicit here at CBR

Damnit, Wolverine & the X-Men hit its peak with issues 5-8, please don’t stop getting it. Or at least see if your dealer has the back issues instead of getting the trade. Or buy the trade from Amazon for a few dollars less so its worth it. Don’t let Marvel’s idiocy keep you from reading good comics.

Pope of Greenwich Village

November 4, 2012 at 3:40 pm

WATXM is not a good comic, Third Man. Up your standards.

Isn’t the current Swamp Thing/Animal Man crossover set in an alternate ‘bad’ future? That would be why Gotham is ruined.

That Centipede made me too think of the Human Centipede, but not enough to not make think “That looks like a fun character to read about!”

Snyder’s Swamp Thing is currently in a crossover called Rot-World, in which there is some sort of future version of the DCU where Lemire and Snyder’s dreadfully boring Rot has taken over the DCU, which is why Gotham probably won’t be ruined in any of the Batman books.

Long-story short re: the whole Gotham/Swampy thing:

In Rotworld, the current cross-over between Swampy and A-Man, Swamp Thing and Animal Man venture off into the Rot. It turns out to be a ruse; they thought they were only in the Rot for 20 minutes, and it turned out they’d been in their for a year (or was it two-three years? I can’t remember).

Anyway, the point is that Swampy and A-Man are, time-wise, quite a bit ahead of the rest of the DCU (which is still somewhere between Swampy and A-Man’s jumping into the rabbit-hole a few issues back, and their return to find the world ravaged by the Rot).

PS: I’m sad whenever I read the word “canceled” related to Dial H. I really want to read everything Miéville has planned for it, and it bums me out that that might not happen.

also yeah, we already know that whole Fantastic Four thing isn’t going to line up given that Reed Richards is a member of Hickman’s roster on New Avengers.

Not that I can be bothered to even TRY to care about such things.


The worst part about Dial H getting canceled is that from issue to issue, you can really tell that Mieville is finding his footing in the comics medium. He’s getting a better handle on it with every issue. I can guarantee that, say, issue 20 of Dial H will end up reading a hell of a lot better than issue 2.

Hopefully the return of Ororo’s mohawk also signifies a further exploration of her sexuality. Originally it coincided with her meeting Yukio, in a sequence that was so loaded with homoerotic subtext that they might as well have been Solid Snake and Otacon.

Given that the new gimmick for FF is the adventures of the scab team filling in for Richards & family while they’re away, I’d have to say that, yes, the events of Fantastic Four will indeed be reflected in other books.

Yes you should get The New Deadwardians. The premise sounds rather dull and been there done that but it is far more clever than it lets on. However the ending is a bit weak in my opinion. Still, I’m fairly confident you’ll enjoy it.

Trey: Yeah, it’s that “150 pages of new, rare, and never before seen” stuff in the solicitation that I was talking about. Like I mentioned, it’s all new to me, but they don’t quite get around to saying which is brand new and which is from the 1990s.

Third Man: If I do get it, it will be from Amazon. I just wish I could justify getting it from my retailer, but Marvel doesn’t want that to happen.

Thanks for the information about Swamp Thing and this Rot World thing. Gadzooks, that sounds like a bloated crossover! I may eventually read about it in trade paperback format!

I haven’t read a thing about Dial H, but I’m certainly glad that issue #8 has been solicited, because it seems like it would be a prime candidate to get the axe. I liked the first two issues and I’m looking forward to reading the first trade, but I’m still rather amazed it’s still around.

Alex: I didn’t realized Reed was in New Avengers. I won’t read either book in single issues, and I don’t care about it TOO much, but it does strike me as funny when stuff like this happens – like Captain America being in a completely different dimension in his own comic yet leading the Avengers in the other books.

Neil: I very much doubt that. I enjoyed that story with Yukio, because you’re right – it was loaded. But these days, you can’t have major characters exploring their sexuality – how would that play in the inevitable movie?

Does Wonder Woman have hairy armpits in those two Throne of Atlantis pictures? It would be so awesome if she let her freak flag fly. Lose the razor, Diana! Real women don’t shave.


JH Williams isn’t leaving Batwoman. He said that he’s going to stop pencilling, just so he can work on the new sandman mini.

Mutt: That’s disturbing. When I was re-reading this to make sure I didn’t have any typos, I thought WW’s pits on the cover of Previews looked a bit dark, and I thought, “Why WOULD she shave her pits, anyway?” We’re on the same wave length!

Randy: Oh, I see. I figured he wouldn’t be drawing it anymore, because of the Sandman book, but I thought he might leave the writing, too.

To be fair, the Marvel movies don’t follow the comic storylines, and the comics are still below the radar of parent groups. Hence the fact that nobody’s complained about how in the Ultimates we have Cap as an unintentional bigot, Hank Pym as a vicious spousal abuser, and the Hulk as a cannibal. Except, of course, for the fans of the characters. They could give Ororo an obvious bisexual experience, and they probably should; she’s a character for whom identity and sexuality are more fluid.

First, though, I want to see Steve Rogers and Tony Stark sleep together. Otherwise Civil War was completely useless.

New Deadwardians might be worth about $10 if you can find it for that price. It’s good, it’d even make a decent TV miniseries, but it isn’t reinventing the wheel. I should have waited for the trade, but I have a hard time dropping a finite series once I start.

Re: Fantastic Four:
Apparently, Fraction intends the FF to be gone for a year of their own relative time in another dimension, but amounting to only a few minutes in Earth time. Yes, I know that this is the exact opposite of what relativity would predict, but it’s comics!

Roman: That’s hilarious!

I’m actually excited for Fraction’s Fantastic Four/FF. It seems right up his alley (unlike Thor, Fear Itself, or X-Men) and he’s working “Marvel-style” with two talented artists.

Aside from Hickman, there also aren’t really any other writers at Marvel right now that I feel would be better suited to the book(s). Maybe Remender? Granted, that’d be a much darker book, no doubt.

Ahhhhh just when I thought it was safe to get into marvel again….17 bucks for 4 issues! I guess I LL just wait for my lcs to put on discount after a year. Btw anyone else notice how Cap, FF, Thor and Wolverine ( I think I’m missing one more) are all having storylines where there in an alternate timeline or reality? So much for continuity huh? I know I know…..

Harper’s Island reference! Loved that show. I was so invested in the finale, its sheer idiocy didn’t even matter to me. In hindsight, the ending was awful. One of my favorite podcasts, “Axed”, did a great review of the series, complete with references to the knife-shovel used by one of the bad guys.

That Uncanny X-Force cover is totally pulling on my 80’s-90’s heartstrings. Spiral! Mohawk Ororo! Bishop! Ron Garney artwork! It’s just not going to happen, Marvel. Sorry. Cancelling my favorite books doesn’t make me want to run out and get invested in new ones.

Harbinger trade is worth the price of admission. Second-best Valiant relaunch book behind Fred Van Lente’s Archer & Armstrong.

It’s adorable how they still try to pretend that Luke is important

Huh? How is Luke no longer important to the Star Wars mythos?

I know in the real world Mark Hammill’s career paled in comparison to Harrison Ford’s later career, but that doesn’t somehow retroactively make the character Luke Skywalker now unimportant to Star Wars mythology.

I love the new Deadwardians. Whenever it comes out, I read the issue immediately. Only Chew elicits the same excitement from me. I highly recommend you don’t follow your gut and buy Deadwardians.

To be honest, I’ve fallen behind on Axe Cop, but am definitely still getting all the trade collections.

Craig: Harper’s Island was pretty crap, but it was entertainingly goofy, so there’s that!

T.: You never let me have any fun! Yeah, I was just kidding around the Mark Hamill never really became a big star while Harrison Ford did, but it does seem that while the Skywalkers are still important, Anakin has become more important in the mythos due to the recent three films and Luke kind of gets left behind.

Bill: Come on, man! Keep up!

The scale keeps tipping toward the New Deadwardians! I may have to pick it up!!!!

Tom Fitzpatrick

November 4, 2012 at 9:57 pm

Mr. Burgas, I liked Harper’s Island, and was disappointed that there weren’t gonna be another series with a “Harper” in it. :-( If you liked Cassidy, then her tv-screen husband-to-be Christopher Gorham plays a blind tech guy for the CIA in Covert Affairs.

Is that a Brian Bolland cover on Dial H? Sure looks it.

So, let me get this straight about Marvel NOW, just about everything gets cancelled, then Marvel U gets a reboot? Isn’t that what DC did with the New 52? I thought Marvel did that already with the Ultimate titles?

I’m sticking my head in the sand, man!

Oh good point about Anakin. I didn’t watch the prequels after the phantom menace so I didn’t realize

It seems like it’s pretty rare that heroes go away as long in publication time as they do in whatever story’s being told about their absence. Everyone (except Ben) was back long before the Secret Wars series ended and the Trinity was back in action long before the 52 series had run its course. It may have synced up better with Heroes Reborn–I’ve spent so long trying to forget–but Zuul knows that shouldn’t be our model for anything.

That Hawkeye solicitation text doesn’t make a damn bit of sense. Cherry looks good in the gun? Is she a human cannonball?

I dunno who I’d turn FF over to if I had my druthers, because frankly I don’t and there’s no use in thinking about it, but I will say that Dan Slott’s “Fantastic Spider-Man: stuff did great work with the big science craziness of it, even if the flippant tone was more appropriate for a Spidey book. Alas.

The prequels being so Anakin-centric did mean that it was basically All About the Skywalkers. I mean, it’s not like we spent any time with Ma & Pa Solo or keeping up with the Calrissians. Though the trailers really got my hopes up that we were going to see Chewie’s dad Itchy in his glory days.

Count my vote for the camp that thinks you should get New Deadwardians. I’ve read the first four issues, which I really enjoyed, but I stopped reading new issues after that in favor of waiting until it was over to read all at once. Now the whole series is in my reading stack and I’ll get to it in the next few weeks.

Here’s one to make Tom happy:


Now shut the hell up, Tom ;)

Also on the Pope book, the One Trick Rip Off (which I assume is being reprinted here, based on Trey’s info) is a story that appeared in the old Dark Horse Presents (101-112, I think, from around ’95) and was later collected by DH. I read that at the library, but if there’s the manga stuff he did at that time too, that’s worth it.

Yeah on New Deadwardians. As I said, and Ian reflects it, the ending isn’t quite great, but the book itself is really good overall.

ahem cough cough on Dial H. Funky!

Harbinger is damn worth it in trade. Yes indeedy. Like I’ve been saying, it’s been like a different book each issue, but in a good way.

But to complain about Valiant x-overs is to miss the point. That company was all about x-overs. It was the Marvel U, without the organic-ness that Stan had in just happening to be the guy behind every damn book. Jeez, Ninjak is in the new damn X-O book already! (Mind you, I dig X-O.)

Oh yeah, Tom, that’s Bolland on Dial H covers.

All New X-Men 6 solicited?! 1 hasn’t even come out! No wonder they need another artist!

I have a copy of Silver Surfer Parable collected. I assume you mean the original 2 issues are in one trade, not unlike the Thanos Quest book they recently did, or those DC Comics Presents 100 pagers. My Parable was from… mid to late ’90s, maybe? It’s beautiful looking, but I don’t remember how the story is. Not sure if Stan’s reined in or not.

Katie Cassidy is David’s daughter, right?

I once had my hair cut by a dude (he kinda looked like Adam Hughes, from pictures I saw of him at that time), and we were talking, and I mentioned that I read comics, and the guy said he’d read X-Men back when Storm had the mohawk. I thought that was semi-interesting given that he cut hair. YMMV.

That Hawkeye solicit text is so dumb, the Situation is ashamed of being in the same Previews as it.

And Blue Beetle doesn’t have a skull growing out of his crotch, he’s skull fucking the guy. Duh.

Took me some time to find out what this Jihad book is all about. It is actually a series named l’Empereur-Océan (translation of mongol title Chenghiz-khan, or Genghis Khan). It has even been published on the US before as The Horde. Tucker Stone did an excellent review of it back when he and Jog did a series of columns reviewing pretty much everything Humanoids published on its first, failed US venture:

The whole series of reviews is well worth reading, by the way.

I have no idea why it was renamed Jihad for the next US edition. Probably they thought it was a more appelative title?

Tom Fitzpatrick

November 5, 2012 at 6:02 am

@ T.P.: If I could, I’d hug you, but that’s not a guy thing. But the Q and W thing is good news.

Shutting up now in progress.

(Too bad you can’t) ;-)

I agree with Enrique—Loved Deadwardians—not easy to do Vampires and Zombies these days with something interesting to add. Can’t wait for the next series.

“Wait outside all night to find,
Twenty dudes in a conga line.”

Tom: Yeah, I watch Covert Affairs. When it began, it was one of those things where I thought, “Haven’t I seen that dude somewhere?” That’s why the Internet is awesome!

buttler: That’s true about Secret Wars, but Marvel went out of their way to acknowledge that it took place “between the issues” of certain titles. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but at least they tried. It sounds like they’re going to try to do that this time around, so that’s kind of nice.

Travis: Yeah, the Parable book is the two issues collected. I know it’s been collected before, but I’m sure I can’t find it anywhere!

Yes, Katie Cassidy is David’s daughter.

I didn’t want to go to the skull-fucking image, even though I thought of it. I figured you’d keep it classy! :)

Pedro: Thanks for the information. I read a few of those reviews when Jog and Tucker did those, but I think I missed that one. Beats me why they renamed it. “The Horde” is probably more appropriate.

sgt pepper: I had to look that up because I’ve never seen Flight of the Conchords, but that’s a good reference!

@Tom Fitzpatrick: <blockquote.So, let me get this straight about Marvel NOW, just about everything gets cancelled, then Marvel U gets a reboot? Isn’t that what DC did with the New 52? I thought Marvel did that already with the Ultimate titles?

Marvel NOW isn’t rebooting the Marvel U, it’s just intended as a platform for canceling/restarting/debuting new titles with new creative teams and focuses (and not every title is getting canceled or relaunched). The continuity/mythology of the existing Marvel U, such as it is, remains the same, which is what makes it different from the New 52.

Jeebus, I’m practically blind after looking at that Situation “painting” from Greg Horn for longer than a millisecond. That thing should come with a warning and free pair of sunglasses. Ugh, I remember when that was announced and promptly removed all traces of it from my memory, so seeing it here was an unpleasant reminder that it actually exists in this world…and that Paul Jenkins is willing to take credit for writing it…

Just wanted to thank Mr. Burgas for the JOURNEYMEN shout-out and for his support of PRODIGAL.

Yes, to paraphrase the Great Joss, we are still bringing the fun in.

Buckle up.

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