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The Great Comic Book Cover Homage Streak: Week 6

It occurs to me that it seems like many comic book covers are homages. Which is fine with me. I have no problem with it. It just made me think, though, how long could I go before I hit a week where NO new comic book was released that had a cover that was an homage to something (if I get that far, I’ll discount the “skip week” Diamond Comics will be having between Christmas and New Years this year)? Let’s find out! Here is an archive of all the cover homages featured in the streak so far!

This week, we’ll go with Les McClaine’s cover for Tick #101, which is homaging Jack Kirby, Chic Stone and Wally Wood’s cover for Fantastic Four #39 (Wood inked Daredevil and Stone inked the rest of the cover). Thanks to Les McClaine for confirming that it was, indeed, an homage to the Fantastic Four cover!

Six weeks down! Will we make it to week seven?


I’m glad you got the artist to confirm it as I was just ready to deny it was a homage at all it’s so different. Admittedly I hadn’t spotted the caption, which makes the difference.

The Tick’s had 100+ issues? Wow. Kudos.

Good spotted! I’ll keep it in mind :)

Was the most recent issue of Capt. Marvel an homage? I feel like I’ve seen that pose before, but it could just be a common cover layout with two flying heroes.
The same goes for the final issue of New Mutants. The ‘hands in’ is a common trope and not necessarily an homage, but I remember seeing it on a Titans issue only a couple years ago.

That one was a bit of a stretch. Considering Mr Fantastic was involved, though, that fits.

“Six weeks down! Will we make it to week six?”

Yes, yes we will make it to week 6, Brian. ;)

That FF cover always cracked me up. A blind man shall lead them… in the wrong direction from the 200 foot menace right behind them!

Seems to me like away from the 200 foot menace would be the right direction to go.

I wouldn’t have caught this homage.

Does anyone read The Tick? Any good? Man, I loved, loved, loved that cartoon show when it was on Fox (was it Fox?) years ago. Half hour laugh attack.

Wow, I wouldn’t have seen any resemblance, although the cover text certainly rang a bell.

And Jazzbo has it right. Leading them away from MegaDoom seems pretty sensible.

Wow, if it wasn’t for that caption, I’d never tag this as a cover homage. And even the caption is weird, since Madman’s not even in the lead.

Andahaion, the Tick comic is, if anything, daffier than the cartoon.

I, weirdly, have only seen the live-action series. I’d probably enjoy the Tick, but when the comic came out I was put off by the character’s resemblance to the Roach.

Is there a good reason why the original covers aren’t included next to the homage for comparison?

Loved the original run of the tick.
“Wet one?”
If you don’t get the reference, pick up a trade or something.

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