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You Decide: Which Long-Running Marvel Run Will You Miss the Most?

My latest poll is up on CBR’s front page, asking which long-running Marvel writer run that just finished (or is about to finish) will you miss the most?

Vote here (the listed description omitted “long-running,” but consider that to be implied, which is why Rucka’s Punisher and Aaron’s Incredible Hulk were not on the list. I screwed up with Gage’s X-Men Legacy, though. I thought he was on the book longer than he actually was).


I voted for Gillen’s Uncanny X-Men. There are several others on the list that I may have enjoyed more as they were happening, but for the most part I’m happy with what we got of all the ones I was following. However, as a lifelong X-Men fan who will probably want to keep following the characters in some capacity no matter who’s writing them, Gillen was pretty special as far as flagship X-Men writers go. He used a an iconic cast (plus made newer characters like Hope and Danger seem at home with the iconic ones, as well as doing quite a lot for Magik’s raised stature) and put a lot of thought into who each of them were, took them in new directions, nested plots within plots and actually followed through with them. I was really looking forward to seeing what he could do with a much lengthier run. There are going to be monthly X-Men books for a long time, but we’ll be lucky if half the future writers are able to see their goals through as assuredly as Gillen did over just a few years.

……… hey, may as well come back and ramble some more, about the ones I didn’t vote for! This poll got me looking back on a bunch of these.

For the record I was a big fan of Uncanny X-Force, Hickman’s f4/ff, Journey into Mystery and Avengers Academy. They each had highs that were probably higher than the one I voted for, and were each appealing in different ways, but for the most part (especially JiM, and X-Force by the looks of it) they seem to have told a complete story. JiM and AA have no direct continuation to make us long for the previous writer (unless you count ‘in name only’ continuations, or the characters appearing in new, very different books), and I suspect I’ll be able to get similarly appealing Remender and Hickman stories elsewhere, with different characters.

Never read Brubaker’s Cap unfortunately, or Parker’s Thunderbolts or Way’s Deadpool. Fraction’s Iron Man I could take or leave, but I’m all for seeing him hopefully find more Marvel characters as well suited to his writing as Hawkeye. Thor seemed an especially bad match, and surprisingly Gage’s X-Men really wasn’t working either (seriously, what’s with that?). Nothing left to say about Bendis Avengers, though I think everyone was ready for a change, if only for change’s sake.

Matt Fraction’s Iron Man. It wasn’t always perfect, and it dragged on a bit too long, but Fraction and Larroca were doing the most unique and thought-provoking book at Marvel. When they really clicked, as seen in stories like World’s Most Wanted, they succeeded in providing the most epic Iron Man stories ever.

Gillen’s X-Men, simply for the fact that you could just tell he was just getting started. A lot of solid stories he was able to get out, but it’s a huge shame they aren’t letting him continue over a guy who while I’m sure is going to do his best, I just don’t see him being nearly as good as Gillen. Gillen had at least two more years in him, but at least the slightly better of the two post-Schism books gets to continue.

Hickman’s runs were the only ones I’m following.

Even though I liked the comics, and thought they ended really nicely, I don’t think I’ll really miss them that much, which makes me think I don’t really care about buying comics anymore. Between loads of back issues in my collection, tons of trades available at my local library, and other interests and priorities, I think, after 30 years or so, I just don’t need to buy any more comics, Marvel Now, New 52, or whatever.

But still love this blog!

Brubaker’s “Captain America” for sure. It was the only regular Marvel title I was following. I now doubt I’ll be buying any Marvel Comics, other than the occasional mini-series like “Daredevil: End of Days”.

I stopped reading Captain America after the “American Dreamers” tpb, but I’m still going to vote for Ed. He is the only person who made me like Captain America. Uncanny X-Force is good, but it’s no where near the quality that Ed put in his book for the last 7+ years. Hickman’s FF has also had a lot of thought put into that book which I appreciate, but I never bought it on a regular basis.

I’ve been missing the Avengers ever since Bendis got his mitts on them.

I actually think Uncanny X-Men was the weakest part of Kieron Gillen’s incredibly strong X-run. I loved S.W.O.R.D., Generation Hope, and A Vs X Consequences: and the final two pages of his X-Men run in the form of Consequences #5 were absolutely perfect. And then I was excited to read that I could “Follow Cyclops, Magneto & Magik’s Revolution in All-New X-Men #1.” I had assumed that Gillen was writing some new title about those three characters plus Danger and Emma Frost. So I am disappointed to find out that All-New X-Men #1 is in actual fact Bendis’s new title where he brings the original X-Men lineup forward to the present, which I’ve already read the preview to and thought was idiotic. A close second would be Hickman’s fantastic run with the Four that I suspect will not be equalled in a long time, and may never be surpassed.

I had to cast my vote for Hickman’s F4/FF efforts. I really enjoyed his take on the characters and the scope of their adventures. I’ll miss Fraction on his titles for sure, especially Thor. However, I am looking forward to the NOW! projects and will be buying Avengers again.


P.S. I’ve just remembered what hurt Gillen’s Uncanny run in my eyes. It was Greg Land – I can’t stand to look at his ‘art’, which made those issues difficult to read. And will no doubt do the same to Iron Man.

I will miss none of them because within 2 years they will be back

I voted for Bendis’ Avengers… though on second thought I shoudl have voted for Avengers Academy.

I voted for Bendis, not because I think he is all that and a bag of chips, but because I am so dreading the next run on Avengers. I was NOT a fan of Hickman’s FF run and I am afraid he will take the same muddled approach to writing on the Avengers.

I’ll miss Brubaker’s run but I think that I enjoyed it more prior to Civil War. I thought that after Civil War and Cap’s death, the supporting cast members starting getting as much face time as Steve Rogers. I’m really looking forward to Rememder and JRjr.

Uh, Dark Avengers isn’t ending?

Torn between Avengers Academy, Journey Into Mystery and Hickman’s FF, but I went with JIM in the end.

Loved Gillen’s work with Mr. Sinister. I’ll miss Hickman’s Fantastic Four/FF most, but I feel like he told the complete story that he wanted to, so I’m happy with it.

Uh, Dark Avengers isn’t ending?

That particular run is ending, though, right? The Luke Cage-led team. That’s what I meant. Even Jeff Parker said that the run was coming to an end before the new team takes over in December. The only difference is unlike the other writers’ runs, he’s actually staying on the title. Sort of like how Parker’s run on Red Hulk came to an end, he just stayed on the book for Red She-Hulk.

Avengers Academy was simply THE best series that I’ve seen over the last few years. The only other book that came close was X-Factor, which I assume is not ending.

I think Hickman on FF was the only one I was reading. I didn’t even realize Brubaker was still on Cap.

Overall I would have said Cap, but I think he over-extended himself and has gotten weaker, so it was probably time for a change. So I voted for Avengers Academy, which I actually felt a little sad was ending. I haven’t read Hickman’s FF yet so that might be a valid vote. I don’t get all the Remender/X-Force love though. It’s not bad by any stretch, but it seems to contain a lot of Claremont wordiness and decompressed stories that so many seem to complain about nowadays.

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