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Temptation’s Page #2 – Archer and Armstrong #1, Page 17

Here is the return of our popular art challenge that asks you to try your hand at drawing a comic book page from the script of an actual notable comic book writer. This time around, the page comes from the first issue of Valiant’s current relaunch of Archer and Armstrong, written by Fred Van Lente.

Your challenge is to draw a comic book page from the script page Fred has supplied us and e-mail it to me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com by December 3rd at 11:59 PM Pacific and then everyone will vote on which page they liked best (Fred will also play a part in deciding the winner) and the winner will be revealed on December 6th (which just so happens to be Fred Van Lente Day here at Comics Should Be Good). The winning page will appear on the official Valiant Comics website!

Sounds fun, right?

Read on to see the page!

NOTE: You don’t have to include the text at all. You don’t have to ink the pages and you don’t have to color the pages. You can do any and all of that if you’d like, but all that is required is to do pencils for the page (that said, do make sure to make room for the text).

The set-up for the page is that Archer has been sent to find Armstrong, who Archer has been led to believe is evil and needs to be killed. Archer is tracking him with this fulcrum (you’ll need to see what the fulcrum looks like for the page)…

Here is page 16, as drawn by Clayton Henry, so you can tell what Archer and Armstrong look like (Armstrong is the big guy with the beard and the satchel bag and Archer is the little guy with the shaved head)…

Now here is Fred’s script for Page 17…

There you have it, folks! You have until the end of the month (December 3rd at 11:59 PM Pacific time, to be precise) to e-mail me your pages! That’s a goodly amount of time to draw a single page, right?

Remember, e-mail your pages to me (as JPGs) at bcronin@comicbookresources.com.


The Crazed Spruce

November 9, 2012 at 3:01 pm

I take it, then, that the big guy in the brown suit and trench is Armstrong, and the guy in the blue T-shirt with the star on it is Archer?

Yes. I’ll edit that in there!

I think a page starting with projectile vomiting is just asking for trouble.

And here I think a page starting with projectile vomiting is asking for AWESOME!



This will end poorly for you all, I cannot draw.

Well, I’ve now seen the quality of previous challenges… I’m out.

[…] here to see the script page and learn how to […]

totally entering

I’ll try to enter, too, but shouldn’t this one be ‘Temptation’s Page #2’? Or was this page from “Batman Confidential” ‘Temptations Page #0’?

You’re absolutely right! My mistake. Corrected now!

Damn, how is this crazy transition from panel 3 to panel 4 supposed to work?

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