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3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 046

Hey! It’s our 46th episode!


Inside this episode! We have an advance review of Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples Saga #7 and Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth’s Stumptown #1.  We then have Maddy back for good old times! We do another HODGEPODGE talk this week and then Sue gives us a chick of the week that just got her own book! Katana! Ooh! And don’t forget to vote in the finals for the DC WOMEN KICKING ASS Most Kickass DC Woman Tournament! – Listen after the credits break for the finalists (and for me being a baby)!

Here are the breaks:

Saga #7 – 00:58

Stumptown #3 – 19:22

Maddy is back, Again! HODGEPODGE!!! – 26:11

Chick of The Week – 80:02

3 Chicks Review Comics is a podcast featuring female comics lovers and bloggers Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass and Kelly Thompson from She Has No Head! Tune in to CSBG every other Monday at noon as we review comics and discuss hot topics of the week. In addition to the blogs above, you can also follow us all on twitter as well: Kelly and Sue.  Special thanks to Nik Furious for our awesome 3 Chicks theme song.

*As always beware of spoilers if you haven’t read the books in question! Advance reviews are always spoiler-free!


Marvel Now is not a reboot. More of a marketing initiative and entry point for lapsed readers. Every Marvel event whether Fear Itself or Siege or Secret Invasion is usually followed by a ” banner” event which defines the status quo and mood of the books going forward. Like for example ” Heroic age” and “Dark Reign” which are not events or mini-series by themselves. Marvel has been pretty insistent on sticking to a sliding, flexible timescale and not abandoning heir continuity. Also you are going to see a much staggered release of number ones.

While I agree there a lot of Xbooks and Avengers titles, they only seem alien to Sue or Maddy because they are not familiar with the line. DC is as guilty with the Bat line.

Spidey has had many jumping on points for readers and there are only two ongoings. Avenging is like the old Marvel team up book.

Big time, Brand new Day recently. Superior now.

Also best creative for the Marvel NOW books ? Dean White, Hickman, Opena for Avengers. It will be GLORIOUS !!!!!!


Sure, say it’s a review of Saga # 1, so then you can spoil the hell out of Saga # 7, which is the issue I assume you’re talking about. I’m on to your spoiler game, young lady!!!

*Shakes fist at computer screen* DAMN YOUR SPOILERS, KELLY!!!

Still haven’t caught up on WD…

Sorry Travis – that’s obviously a typo – but did we really spoil anything? Since it was an advance review we tried to keep it really spoiler-free…?

Sorry regardless!

Saga #7 was quite good, probably the best issue so far, but before you guys go thinking that Vaughan invented the wheel and the closed-face sandwich, lots of Image books before this one have taken months off to get the trade out and give the artists time to catch up. I know Vaughan can cure syphilis WITH HIS MIND!!!!, but he didn’t think that up!

With regard to Southworth and Renzi’s coloring of Stumptown, I wondered the same thing, and here’s what Southworth answered over on Facebook:

“Your comments about/objections to the coloring are totally useful to me. One thing about doing a piece of art is it’s very difficult to assess it objectively for quite some time after you’re done, sort of like looking at your kid and trying to figure out whether he’s handsome or not. I’m not totally sure that I disagree with you about the softness and whether it’s appropriate to the book. There’ve been a lot of changes in the way in which I draw the book, just as result of my experimenting, but one thing in particular I’ve tried to do is soften the women’s faces so that you got a sense of smooth, warm skin on them. That has led to my introducing more and more greyscale work into the book, and over the course of the issue you just read it really starts to make its presence known. By the next issue, every page is using the same technique, and that’s also true of the issue I’m doing now.

But in doing that, I’d hoped that the colors would make the transition a bit smoother (though the transition from issue 2 to issue 3 is not smooth at all in terms of color). We’ll see how it all pans out…”

It sounds like he and Renzi are just experimenting with the way they color. I agree with you guys, but maybe next issue they’ll have a better handle on it.

Oh, Kelly, I’m still busting on you about that Walking Dead thing last week! That’s all. I noticed the typo and went with it.

BKV certainly helps me avoid the clap. One look at him and I don’t wanna have sex anymore. Wakka wakka wakka!!!

No website mention of the fantastic new Avengers Assemble book by Kelly Sue DeConnick? If anyone hasn’t read it, they should. Its a Whedonesque comic with snappy dialogue, a sense of humor which is actually funny, and it acts as a great bridge between the Marvel Cinematic and Comic Universes.

(apologies if this was mentioned in the cast itself. Currently downloading, but just surprised it didn’t look like it was getting covered)

It just came out today.

Hay Kelly, Sue & Maddy,
I left a comment over at Sue’s site this week regarding my enthusiasm for episode 45; I was totally in sync with Kelly (all of you really)…talking out loud in my car, laughing…oh good times. So here we are…for me a few days later (I am a total sporadic, ebb and flow listener)…yelling in frustration at Sue and Maddy (who don’t know me…ask Kel…I am a harmless SOB). Now I got out of the car and didn’t finish listening…so Kelly may have set you strait by the end of the pod cast…(and the answer of Marvel Now! continuity has been addressed her in the comments…so…what eves)…{holy shit…I sound crazy…AWESOME!}…
Essential background to understand me here:
I LOVE COMICS…since age 4 in 1989! But I am very particular in my taste (we are all…otherwise I would not be yelling in my car at your three). I am totally supportive of your mission here (Kelly can back me up on that). Women characters and creators are absolutely the most important demographic needed in our industry…oh yeah…Cartoonist trained at SCAD…anyhoo…that said…if the writing and the art don’t mesh and fit my interests (as another western liberal/moderate half-jewish cartoonist punker tumbleweed from Berkeley MALE)…well I can’t waste time or money on it…nor can I even stand reading it. So even if a book is great for y’all…it doesn’t always click. Which is GREAT….MORE DIVERSITY.
Part of my issue is that I have been on a crusade against the corporate behemoths of WB and Disney…I love most of their products…the Star Wars accusation should have totally stoked…who doesn’t like all in one shopping. However (and Kelly and I have talked about this), as a cartoonist and someone who values the history of my medium, I have a hard time just standing by and seeing Cartoonist being bent over and fucked. Each case is morally, legally and nostalgically complex. Essentially, the vast majority of contributors to our medium have fucking tragic lives. And Marvel & DC have gone out of their way to do the right thing. Now Disney and WB continue this behavior. We are talking about the men and women who created Americas modern mythology (Lucas & Disney aside) having issues like…food on the table, housing, health care…you know basic stuff. Let alone, being cheated or tricked out of billions. When the Avengers Movie was coming up…I was on a huge soap box for Kirby…but once the writing was on the wall…I conceded to reality. There are living artist and writers who deserve to make a living…even if it means selling your soul to the devil. And I really want to buy into that arraignment…if it means the creation of work that outlives this tragedy.
As a kid I read a lot of different stuff from Clavin-Tin Tin, Love & Rockets-Elf Quest, Batman-X-Men…but I “Made Mine Marvel.” Like Kelly…X-Men was the pinnacle (why at the time it was seen as better than Love & Rockets or Tin Tin…I don’t even know…not so now; certainly no Clowes, Ware, Woodring or Tomine). I pre date Kelly on this X-obsession…so for me the sweet spot was Uncanny X-Men 141-255, Wolverine (limited series), Longshot (limited series…proof Ann Nocenti is AMAZING…MY SECOND FAVORITE SUPERHERO OF ALL TIME…ONLY TO KITTY PRYDE…YEAH JEWISH GIRLS…AND JOHN BYRNE!), New Mutants 18-37, X-Factor 1-11 & Excalibur 1-24. Essentially I gave up a few issues into the old new X-Men title. So I have been slumming it with “real” indy comics…secretly plotting to return to Fan Boy statues…I can be a cartoonist snob and a real geek at once. I am a Gemini. At one point Moore’s Tom Strong and Prometheus gave me hope…than Rucka & Williams III’s Batwomen (loving Williams current WW, Batwomen plot). Y’all turned me onto Snyder and Copullo’s Batman…so the dc52 did get me in. And anything Darwyn Cooke does turns to gold.
However, what I want to like is MARVEL. I thought Schism would do it…almost did. I didn’t read every UvX tie-in…but the main story was ok enough for me to get excited about Marvel NOW!…which…being burned as long as I have, didn’t help that the title sucks…So like 52 (but without totally fucking continuity)…Marvel gets yet another chance. And I am not one of those people who can read a comic that has poor visual storytelling and/or is aesthetically unappealing TO ME (sorry Saga)…I don’t bow down the this new to me era of writer Gods…none of them can write like Hernandez, Ware, Tomine or Clowes…and they can’t draw like them for sure. So this Marvel Now! Stuff needs to really work. So far so good. First…leading up to it I have been surprised at how I have enjoyed Miles Morales as Spider-Man, and yes how Amazing Hawekey has been (there needs to be more of that approach for sure)…other stuff I don’t like, but support include Captain Marvel. So the lead up has something going for it. Post Schism I went with Jason Arron to Wolverine & X-Men (Kitty is there…the school is great…I hate the villains…but like the fun approach)…I liked the art on Schism…but hate Emma and Scott…so couldn’t continue on with the Uncanny X-Men. I am not a huge fan of any of the artist and writers going into this. But the pitches are intriguing. I am actually only looking for one maybe two good books to keep reading (like Batwomen & Batman). Uncanny Avengers was good (not GREAT). I like Havok’s role and have always liked Rogue and Wolverine. Cap is really a jerk…but an entertaining one and Wanda is interesting now. I hate Red Skull…but now I have a reason too. That one coffee panel was awesome CHEESE. All New X-Men No. 1 essentially was the pitch…but it is pretty and nothing to object too really. I really like time travel…but this is a REALLY INTERESTING plot device. This could be that book I stick with. Only issue was…Scott was in jail (with good reason) in Uncanny Avengers and out in All New X-Men…what happened?
What next:
If Cap is a Kirby Sci-Fi Indiana Jones…I am in.
I downloaded Fantastic Four 1…but I did it for the outer space and Alan Davis rip off art…I have not read it…but I think I am going to hate it.
FF could be a total winner: Allred (I like his aesthetics…but have never fallen in love with any of his comics) + Ant-Man, Miss Thing, Medusa, and She-Hulk…that is an awesome cast.
Jason Arron has been hit or miss for me…let’s see how Thor: God of Thunder goes…I like the concept…but I think I hate the art…I will read it over vacation.
X-Men Legacy: I read a plot idea I like…I like Legion…but downloaded and not read yet…bad sign.
Everyone loves Jonathan Hickman…and one of the Avengers or New Avengers plots I liked…can’t remember which one…we will see if either make it.
I am buying Spider-Man 700 and The Superior Spider-Man by Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman have me psyched…Dan is that advocate that Sue was talking about.
Uncanny X-Force has a cast I can’t at least give a chance to…STORM, SPIRAL, PSYLOCK, PUCK…come on…don’t screw this up!
Ok I will give Fearless Defenders a shot…I loved the old series and Valkyrie is an awesome concept.
I don’t know how much time or energy I have for Scott I am willing to pay for…so Uncanny X-Men…eh?
You may have convinced me to give Journey into Mystery a try.
I am thinking I will end up reading, Hawkeye, Wolverine & X-Men, All New X-Men, FF, The Superior Spider-Man & Uncanny X-Force. If all of those stick…I will be shocked.
Bottom line…superhero comics are always a mixed bag…but this IS an opportunity to try out Marvel….NOW! (yeah shitty title…not even funny). Hay you may even see why Marvel’s characters are WAY better then DC’s….when done right.


Sorry about earlier. Just finished the Pod Cast. Thanks for the My Little Poney tip…I know one comic fan who will be reading that. As to the All Ages…whatever. I read Elf Quests orgy scene at age 8, Wolverine’s limited series at age 9 and Green Arrow Long bow Hunter at age 12…I am pretty sure I saw some Crumb comics at age 10…My daughter has read (had read to her) the complete Calvin and Hobbes and all the Tiny Titans…so not much there…but she was 4. I am sure she will brake into my comic collection before I would introduce it…but I am not loosing sleep over it. I know it won’t screw her up (from exsperince)…I also know the adventure into the forbidden will make her a comic fan more then me exaposing her to what I think is good and age appropriate. Same with any art, book, film, game or music. She will get what she can relate to…the rest is just planting seeds for a future of exploration.

@Brian- yeah, but they talk previews and books that are coming out in the upcoming week all the time. Just surprised it didn’t get a mention.

@kevin In order to do a preview review it requires we have the book in advance of publication. Dark Horse, Image and Oni have all provided review copies. Marvel does not.

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