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Tarzan and the Phantom: Showdown at the Skull Cave

John Trumbull’s piece for this week’s The Line it is Drawn was a bit too late for the initial post, but I’ve added it now. Here it is here, as well, based on a BigMike20X6 suggestion of

Tarzan & the Phantom

(click on the image to enlarge)

Here is John’s website.


This is a team-up I’d like to see.

reminds me of Philip Jose Farmer’s books

reminds me of Philip Jose Farmer’s books

It’s funny that you say that. I actually picked the Jan. 1912 date from Farmer’s chronology for Tarzan. Since I needed a reason for Tarzan & the Phantom to fight, I figured an immortality treatment was a good MacGuffin. :)

Speaking of Phantom team ups, bet none of you knew about this one: http://www.schapter.org/wiki/Zigomar_vs._The_Phantom :)

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