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You Decide – Where in the World of Comics Would You Most Like to Spend Thanksgiving Dinner?

What famous comic book locale would you most like to spend the Thanksgiving holiday? Click here to cast your vote.


The City from Transmetropolitan. I’d be thankful to get all those drugs with comparatively few side-effects, thanks to the anti-cancer traits and whatnot.

I voted for the Watchtower as a proxy for my real choice: the JSA Brownstone.

jean grey’s school for…

you know it’d be a chaotic disaster but the memories would be worth it

Man I clicked Avengers Mansion before remembering Jarvis transfered to Stark Tower with the Main Avengers Team, I guess it’s Turkey Tibetan style for me this year. Actually, disapointed Volstagg’s house wasn’t available, I’ll be he puts out a big spread of godly proportions. Really, the worst option has to be Aunt May’s house….I mean really she mostly just cooks for two, so it’s probably just swanson dinners for her and Pete this year (well, maybe not Pete). The Hall of Justice probably only has vending machines (plus you got to hang out with what ever Superhero pulled the Thanks giving shift) but at least you’d get to mess around in thier trophy room or what ever.

…definitely somewhere in the Hernadez Bros Universe!

Well, any superhero headquarters is out, for obvious reasons. That leaves the Kent farm, complete with visiting-Superman issues, or Lodge mansion, where you’d probably have to stab Jughead to get a turkey leg.

I’m with Neil, above. Roast Martian jack-dog stuffed with Welshman for all!

The Watchtower. On the year that the JLA hosts the Thanksgiving dinner for the JSA.

Surprising omission: the JSA Brownstone that, in the comics, had a regular Thanksgiving tradition.

The key word was “famous” comic book locales. Zing, JSA!, zing!

Ma Kent would probably have the best turkey with trimmings.

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