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Check Out John Lees’ The Standard

John Lees is a smart fellow. He wrote an excellent piece on Scalped for the blog awhile back. He has a comic book coming out in January called The Standard (with art by Jonathan Rector) that you can tell your local comic book retailer to order on this month’s order form. Here is how Lees’ describes the Standard:

Over 40 years ago, scientist Gilbert Graham became The Standard, the world’s first superhero. When he retired, Alex Thomas – formerly his sidekick, Fabu-Lad – took on the mantle in his place, transforming The Standard from superhero to celebrity. Now, a young girl is missing, and Alex has promised to find her. Can he become a hero once more? Or does fate have other plans for The Standard? THE STANDARD is a six-issue mini-series that will release bi-monthly.

Click here for THIRTEEN sample pages!


The first few pages of the sample didn’t grab me. Thank goodness i kept reading as it definitely has me interested in seeing what happens next.

mmm, I hope the kidnapper is not Gilbert, magically returned from the dead, sucking on youth.

Ooh, that’s nice. They definitely were smart in putting up that many pages to preview, as the early part is nice setup, but on its own something we’ve seen before. But this looks cool, and I’m emailing my retailer to add this on.

From what my comic shop guy said, orders have to be in today, the 24th. So if you guys think it looks cool, get in touch with your retailer right away.

I’m also digging ComixTribe’s Scam mini. Good stuff there.

Thanks for the recommendation, Brian. Because I need to spend more on comics. ;)

Thanks for your interest, guys! If you’re at all keen to check out The Standard, there’s a little print-out form at the bottom of that preview you can fill out and take to your retailer. As Travis says though, you only have today to do it!

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