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Do You Have Questions for Fred Van Lente?

The great Fred Van Lente is not going to be able to do a public chat this Fred Van Lente Day (he’ll be tied up with some important comic book business that day), so he’s instead agreed to let you folks submit questions and I’ll ask him them on Monday and I’ll provide the answers on Fred Van Lente Day.

Sounds like a good deal, no?

So e-mail me any questions you have for Van Lente at bcronin@comicbookresources.com. Remember, he’s going to be writing G.I. Joe soon, so I expect at least seventeen variations of the question, “What are your plans for Flint?” Don’t disappoint me, America!


Will it be finally revealed that Destro and Cobra Commander are gay lovers as hinted by numerous sources? If not – why? Do you have something against homosexuality?

Questions sent! I went high and low, with 2 diff’ queries.

I’d love to know some more details about his plans for Joe without getting too deep into spoilers. The “public military superhero” angle the new series is supposed to take seems like a fresh, interesting take, while simultaneously seeming so obvious that I can’t believe no one’s done it before.

Why do we have a Fred Van Lente Day? That’s what I wanna know. Not that I don’t like his stuff or nuthin’, but I think I missed why he got his own day here.


Where are my car keys?

Are you going to finish that?

Where can I find love?

Is God so powerful that He can create a rock big enough that He himself can’t lift it?

You want that to go?

Ok, I’ll stop now.

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