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The Greatest Christmas Stories Ever Told! – #20

The countdown continues with 1988’s “‘Twas the Night” from Uncanny X-Men #230 by Chris Claremont, Marc Silvestri and Joe Rubinstein…

To set the issue up, the X-Men are thought by the rest of the world to be dead. They have taken up residence in the Australian headquarters of an evil band of marauders known as the Reavers. They meet a mysterious mutant nearby who they call Gateway who can teleport people around the globe. During the early parts of the issue, the X-Men are getting used to their new living arrangements.

One X-Man who is having a hard time is Longshot, who has the ability to know the history of an object when he touches it. Well, this power really messes him up when he comes across the Reavers’ treasure trove of stolen goods…

The other X-Men are a bit wary of whether he really can tell the history of an object. So Long shot demonstrates…

The X-Men resolve to give back as much of the stolen goods as they can, so they begin working out a system of devising who owns what…

The X-Men then used Gateway’s teleporation powers to travel the globe and return all of the stolen property that they can find owners to…

However, the X-Men were a bit distracted. They didn’t even realize that this was all on Christmas!!!

In a subplot, Rogue tries to befriend Gateway, giving him a Christmas present at the end of the issue.

This was a very sweet story by Claremont and Silvestri and RUbinstein did a very nice job on the artwork.


I really hated that era of the Xmen, but this wasn’t bad.

One of mine made the list! Probably wouldn’t have made it, if I didn’t vote for it.

nice even thought i did not care for the x-men time in Australia. still found this a touching story espially wolverine who was cynical admiting storm was right and Rogue trying to give Gateway some holiday cheer too

I love the X-Men in Australia, including this issue. This was my #5 vote. So I helped it make the list at least as much as John Klein III.

Weird. This doesn’t look familiar to me at all, so I thought maybe I’d given up on the X-Men entirely an issue or two before this. But no, it was an issue or two after this. I guess I’d forgotten it because I’d pretty much lost interest in the series by the time I read it, so it didn’t make much of an impression.

This was my number 8 choice. If I hadn’t voted for it then it would have probably still have been included.

It had special significance to me due to the scene in Corby, Northants, England – where I am sitting right now,
though I don’t recognise the area shown – of course, it is a large enough town I don’t know all the areas (but unfortunately not large enough to have it’s own comic shop). While a number of comics may have been drawn in the town (by local artist Alan Davis) this is the only scene I know of set there.

Good choice! Would’ve been one of mine if I voted (couldn’t think of 10).

Longshot’s face in the last panel of the second to last page and Dazzler’s face in the second panel of the last page are both at such a strange, offputting angle.

@JoeMac: Longshot almost looks like a “troll face”, but with his eyes and mouth closed.

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