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Happy Fred Van Lente Day!

It’s that special time of year again, that most awesome of holidays, Fred Van Lente Day!

In honor of the occassion, we’ll be getting back to the roots of the holiday with reviews of the Comic Book History of Comics and Van Lente’s first Archer and Armstrong arc, as well as revealing the entries for the Archer and Armstrong Temptation’s Page challenge!

Plus, an I Love Ya But You’re Strange featuring a Van Lente-penned comic!

Plus, this week’s topic for The Line it is Drawn suggestions will be Van Lente-related!

Finally, best of all, the transcript of the chat I did with Fred this week will go up later today!

Happy Eighth Annual Fred Van Lente Day, everyone (well, eighth annual OBSERVED, of course, Fred Van Lente Day goes back centuries)!


Bring it on! I’m ready for all the Lente Van and Fred you’ve got!

I still want to know why FVL Day occurs on St. Nicholas Day. Or is this a case of the Catholics usurping the holiday of another religion in order to promote their own?


My one and only FVL story.

And it is pointless.

Couldn’t make it to a convension that he was doing in Melbourne, Australia. So I dropped my copy of Action Philosophers off at my local store as the owners are awesome (All-Star Comics, woooo), with a rambling note written on a paper bag explaining why I wasn’t there but that I was jealous that he, unlike myself, had managed to do something good with a knowledge of Philosophy (yeah, that was the best major I could think of doing in Uni). Nice enough to sign in for me still even though I wasn’t there in person.

Hopefully he got a laugh out of my ramblings.

See, pointless.

Good guy, love his work.

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