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Temptation’s Page – Archer and Armstrong #1, Page 17: Voting Time!

Okay, here are the people who have submitted their take on Page 17 of Archer and Armstrong #1 by today’s celebrant, Fred Van Lente (which was originally penciled by Clayton Henry)!

Read on to see the script page and then the entries! You will have a chance to vote for your favorite. Your votes mixed with Fred’s (and perhaps me if need be) will decide the winner!

That’s the script, now here are the pages! Click on almost all of them to enlarge them!


Till Felix

Jason “Gonzo” Gonzalez

Isaac Goodheart

Mike Morrocco

Alonso Nunez

Nick Perks

Rob Peters

Todd Studeny

Brendan Tobin

Bill Walko

Ryan Waters

Earl Yi

Okay, which page did you like the best?

Results will be revealed…hmmm…let’s say Tuesday night!


Bill Walko created something very similar to my page design.

But then I realised I can’t draw and gave up after doing simple layout sketches.


(My design involved the first panel being from behind Armstrong, only seeing his hat and seeing the giant shocked/surprised eyes of the biker through the discoloured liquid (litterally) spewing forth)

It’s nice to see so many interpretations of a single text. Most of us did the first panel quite similar, though, with Armstrong vomitting from left to right :D

I really like the pages of Chaz and Bill Walko. Gonzo’s kinda cool, too. But my vote’s gonna be Chaz’.

Great work all! I’m impressed!


Awesome to see how the same script can be interpreted so many different ways. It’s also interesting to see how some of the panels are laid out almost the same in some of the pages. Great work, everyone!

I’m also kicking myself for not submitting a page. I love a good challenge, but I have my own comics and deadlines to worry about, it just wasn’t feasible. Maybe next time.

Earl Yi all the way!

I’m voting for Chaz! I like how he drew his vomit!

All of them look great. It just felt good to just draw something, and next time I will really sit down and take my time. Honestly all of them have their own great style, kudos to all for taking time out to do it.

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