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The Greatest Christmas Stories Ever Told! – #19

The countdown continues with 1997’s “The Santa Contract,” from Hitman #22 by Garth Ennis, John McCrea and Steve Pugh…

John McCrea typically inked himself on Hitman and here it seems almost like McCrea did slightly looser pencils than normal, as the Pugh influence seems to be pretty strong.

In any event, in this twisted little caper from Hitman #22, Ennis presents the plot, Dr. Seuss “Grinch” style…

Yep, you see, one more supervillain has been unleashed on the world thanks to nuclear radiation (and you have to love the cute cameos of a certain nuclear power plant owner and his devoted assistant)…

I especially dig how Ennis explains Batman’s absence from the comic…

With our “heroes” off to make their contract, we see the story take a turn as our villain decides to set his sights on a specific target – Christmas shoppers!!

As you might imagine, when Tommy and Natt catch up with him at the mall, well, things get crazy.

Ennis clearly had a blast with this issue, even rhyming “gag” and “aggghhh” in that last page. Hilarious.

The issue has a bizarre moral that has to be seen to be believed…

Hilarious stuff.


This just barely made my list.

Hitman is proof that all Ennis needs to be great is an editor that won’t let him get away with too much. Legit the best book DC was publishing in the 90s and still extremely funny.

One of the best Hitman done-in-ones, and that’s saying something.

two in a row from my list

Never a good thing for a villain when he turns into a big pile of cash. Or was it a massive dollar sign? And I liked Nat’s gift for Tommy. Also, you have to love Tommy and Nat’s smiles, knowing they had a well-paying job on the way. Good times.

I bet Starman will be next.

i was hoping that this hitman story would make the cut for the calendar espicaly the take on the grinch plus making santa get whacked

it seems almost like McCrea did slightly looser pencils than normal, as the Pugh influence seems to be pretty strong

That’s how the book usually looked.

Good God, this was hilarious. I miss Hitman so much.

Heh. “Mall of Mammon”.

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