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The Greatest Christmas Stories Ever Told! – #15

The countdown continues with 1997’s “A Christmas Underground” from Hellboy Christmas Special #1 by Mike Mignola.

The Hellboy Christmas Special as a whole was a great comic book, but the comic book story that made the countdown was the contribution to the Special by Hellboy’s creator, the always amazing Mike Mignola.

The story opens with a priest calling Hellboy to a “doomed” castle where an old woman lost her daughter years ago and now she is dying herself. Hellboy visits her…

Eventually, in the Underground, Hellboy finds the daughter…

When Hellboy figures out the situation Annie is in, he tries to free her spirit…

This leads to an expertly drawn confrontation between Hellboy and “prince” who has Annie’s spirit captive. Eventually, Hellboy succeeds (aided by the power of Christmas Eve itself – not exactly a great time for demons, ya know?)…and the daughter visits her mother…

Hellboy and the priest then reflect on the night…

Great story by Mignola with striking artwork (as always).


By a coincidence, I just put this one in my to-reread pile this morning. Looking forward to it.

found this story touching in the end even if the daughter looked to be taking her dear dieing mother to hell with her. and hellboys reacation when she reveals the cross. but mostly how touching in the end the mother got reunited with her daughter.

Reread yesterday. Excellent.

Halfway down the second page, there are stars visible behind the moon. :(

Tiny snowflakes, Bill, if you want them to be.

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