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The Greatest Christmas Stories Ever Told! – #12

The countdown continues with 1948’s “The Golden Christmas Tree” from Four Color Comics #203 by Carl Barks…

The story opens with the boys asking their Uncle Donald for a Golden Christmas Tree…

Uh oh!

Luckily, Donald figures out that trouble is a-brewin’ (witch pun intended!)…

(I like the motivation for her Christmas Tree destruction rampage)

Donald tries to rescue the boys and this begins an awesome battle of magical transformations as the witch shapeshifts into different objects to prevent Donald from rescuing the boys. Barks was inventive as all get out and he used his imagination to great effect in their battle sequences. Here’s probably my favorite…

That’s a GREAT bit, right?

Anyhow, ultimately, Donald figures out that the witch’s power comes from her broom. She is trapped in the shape of a gasoline can (she was trying to burn the boys alive) but now Donald has been driven mad with power…

Great stuff. This is not the only Barks’ Christmas tale that ends with the boys getting multiple gifts. None of the other stories made the list, though.


HO-LEE SHIT! I did NOT expect to see this so high up on the list!

Glad to see I’m not the only person who voted for it. I was beginning to think it wouldn’t be on here at all.

People, show some restrain ! I mean a talking Duck takes this spot ? I understand it’s THE Duck but ….CONTROL your emotions :)

Donald kicking the gas can would have been better if it was possible to write his usual angry gibberish.

nice been hoping this one made the list. espically how Huey , Luey, and Dewey. learn the hard way be careful what you wish for. when they wind up with their golden xmas tree.

Wow. I thought the nephews were a bunch of whiny, spoiled little brats when they sat down to cry just because they didn’t get the color of tree they wanted. But then, they were willing to climb a freaking MOUNTAIN to get one. I guess they were just really dead-set on that damn tree.

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