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The Greatest Christmas Stories Ever Told! – #10

The countdown continues with 2005’s “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santron” from Marvel Holiday Special #1 by Jeff Parker, Reilly Brown and Pat Davidson…

We begin with a young woman who seems to have built a Santa Claus robot. However, she is surprised by one response by her Santa robot that she was not expecting…

Over the next few pages, we see the Avengers Christmas party, which has a lot of wacky bits like the young hero Gravity being continually turned away at the door and also Yellowjacket and Iron Man creating a mobile mistletoe so that it is always on top of Spider-Woman (clever bit, but also kind of sort of on the creepy side by the male Avengers, no?). We also see the Santa robot making its way to the Avengers when finally he makes it down the chimney…

Yep, you called it, the female scientist used an old Ultron to make the Santa robot!! It’s SANTRON!!!

After a long battle, Yellowjacket and Spider-Man re-furbish the hovering mistletoe into something that could mess with Ultron’s insides. But how to get the device INSIDE of Santron? Simple, disguise it as a Christmas cookie for Santa!!

The Avengers then track down Santron’s creator and we learn her origin…

She expects to be taken to prison but the Avengers have another idea all together…

Aw, Cap!! That speech makes up for your willingness to take advantage of Spider-Woman earlier in the issue with the mistletoe!

Great story by Jeff Parker and Brown and Davidson did an excellent job on the art. An instant Christmas classic!


In the “naughty” scan, was that supposed to be Spider-man in the back row, or did Deadpool crash the Avengers’ party?

Pretty sure that was Spidey, Basara. Anyway, this is a neat story! I sort of wish there were more issues that didn’t take themselves so seriously, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t sell. But hey! At least this happened!

It looks like either Deadpool or a really weirdly shaded drawing of Black Panther.

If you’re talking about the head between She-Hulk and Ant-Man, that’s a very red-scaled Black Panther, not Deadpool.

Ahh, so many insane Christmas stories.

Why is the Christmas tree carnivorous?

Why is the Christmas tree carnivorous?

Doctor Strange got the tree from another dimension. It turned out to be a dark dimension.

interesting not only to see the avengers do a take on the old yes virgina there is a santa clause thing. but doctor strange actully at a get together along with wolverine.

This was always a favourite holiday tale of mine, especially as it features Spider-Man in such a prominent role in an Avengers story (instead of sitting around, which he seems to do more of today).

Nice speech there, Cap, but Spidey still got the best lines.
Interesting Christmas tree. Doctor Strange living up to his name?

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