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The Greatest Christmas Stories Ever Told! – #9

The countdown continues with 1991’s “Metropolis Mailbag” from Superman #64 by Dan Jurgens and Jackson Guice…

In this issue, Superman lets Lois Lane in on a little secret now that she knows his secret identity and the two are engaged to be wed. Every year, along with letters to Santa Claus, people around the world send letters to SUPERMAn, as well. So Superman visits the post office and tries to do what he can every Christmas.

The letters go from the silly…

to the bittersweet, like the Holocaust survivor in the United States who discovers that her sister that she felt was long dead is actually alive but near death herself in a nursing home in Germany…

Then there are the brutal letters that Superman can’t do anything about, like a woman who needs a heart or this extremely sad letter from a young boy…

Superman goes to lend some moral support at the very least, but ends up too late as the man has already died. The boy is not forgiving…

Finally, one little bit of Christmas joy. The Daily Planet used to do a Christmas party for kids, but due to a long-forgotten then-current 1991 plotline, the Daily Planet workers were on strike and thus the kids were going to be stiffed this year. Luckily, through a call to Bruce Wayne for money for presents and then a visit to Professor Emil Hamilton (who later turned out to be a psychotic villain – oh, DC Comics, you rascals you) for help on how to create a facsimile of Santa Claus’s sled, we got the following…

Awesome stuff. Such great artwork by Guice and a charming story by Jurgens.


nice i remembered tearing up when i read the story including the reunion superman does with the sisters and him telling the boy sadly even the man of steel has limits plus also loved that superman made sure that the kids did not get stiffed

I’ve read most of the Superman stories put out in the 90s, but I never read this one before. I’ll have to check it out.

“Sure, Superman. You can take some of our reindeer and fly them around high in the air. There ‘s no regulations against it.”

I’m pretty sure there was an issue during the time Superman was “dead” where a bunch of superheroes answered the letters.

“I’m pretty sure there was an issue during the time Superman was “dead” where a bunch of superheroes answered the letters”

Yes, indeed there was. It was also an excellent issue

I wound up going with the second of these issues when I made my list, but this is a very good one, too. It was tough deciding between the two.

One of my favorite Superman stories of all time.

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