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3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 048

Hey! It’s our 48th episode!


Inside this episode! We have an advance review of Jeremy Whitley and Emily Martin’s Princeless #1 (from the second mini-series coming in February – pre-order now!) and Kelly Sue DeConnick and Stephano Caselli’s Avengers Assemble #10.  Our interview with Renae De Liz seems to have fallen through – but please go check out her Kickstarter for a fantastic Peter Pan Adaptation, which is in its final days and already super successful!  For our hot topic we discuss Gail Simone leaving Batgirl, and possibly all of DC, and what these continued bad decisions mean for us as DC readers. Chick of the Week, for a variety of reasons (including super appropriate timing) is Karen Berger. We take a few minutes to promote some stuff we’re up to, Sue talks about the Toys For Tots contest she’s running on DC Women Kicking Ass full of insanely awesome prizes.  Sue is also being featured on the Bleeding Cool “Personality of 2012″ poll – we’re split on whether it’s a good thing or not…so vote…or don’t…? We’re not sure! Kelly reminds people that The Girl Who Would Be King is available for sale digitally on Amazon (only $2.99!) and limited edition hardbacks and swag are available directly through Kelly (email her at: 1979semifinalist[at]gmail[dot]com), but if you want your books before the holidays – you must order today – Monday 12/17/12!

Here are the breaks:

Princeless #1 Advance Review – 00:59

Avengers Assemble #10 – 8:45

Hot Topic! – 19:20

Chick of the Week – 36:12

3 Chicks Review Comics is a podcast featuring female comics lovers and bloggers Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass and Kelly Thompson from She Has No Head! Tune in to CSBG every other Monday at noon as we review comics and discuss hot topics of the week. In addition to the blogs above, you can also follow us all on twitter as well: Kelly and Sue.  Special thanks to Nik Furious for our awesome 3 Chicks theme song.

*As always beware of spoilers if you haven’t read the books in question! Advance reviews are always spoiler-free!


Hey, there. I was supposed to message you for Renae about the interview. SO sorry I forgot to, but thank you so much for promoting anyway and as soon as things settle a bit I’m sure she’d love to talk with you. MY FAULT!! THANK YOU!!! :)


I haven’t read Kelly Sue’s two issues so far but I hope it isn’t like Bendis’s team books. It’s something I just can’t stand. When you have everyone on your team trying to be a smart ass like Spidey and dropping one liners you are a doing a terrible job. Bendis is guilty of making everyone sound the same and fizzling out in the end after building up his story arcs. I am glad we have Hickman on the Avengers books now which will make them readable. No more endless word balloons or talking heads. Shit gets real old fast. Unfortunately the X-franchise seems like it is going to suffer from Bendisms. It is gonna hard to read characters like Erik, Scott, Emma and Ilyana written out of character with what Bendis considers “witty” dialogue. The preview for X-men # 4 with those endless balloons and Cyke monologue was bad.

Casselli is a good artist. I just wish he was still on Spidey instead of another Avengers book. I would glad if Ramos was off Spidey and we had Stegman and Casselli on alternating arcs.

Thanks for another episode. I’m not sure if Kelly is doing DeConnick any favours by comparing her to Bendis. For me, the biggest problem with Bendis’ writing is that he actually changes the voice of the characters. Whedon, on the other hand, mostly manged to retained the authenticity of character voices while writing them in a more informal setting duing his Astonishing X-Men run. I’d suggest DeConnick’s writing in Avengers Assemble tended to achive the latter rather than the former, which is probably somewhat preferable.

On the Bat-sacking:
I’m still rather confused as to the precise line of succession for Batgirl. Gail Simone is solicited up till #17, but has stated quite emphatically her last issue is #16. Recently released solicitations state that Ray Fawkes’ first issue is #18. That leaves me wondering who is actually going to write #17, especially as there isn’t that much time between Simone’s removal and the shipping date of that issue. In 1963, “Alan Smithee” stepped up amidst similar controversy to fill in on Daredevil. Could Batgirl #17 be the latest addition to his already substantial resume?

Oh boy. I imagine you all have a lot to discuss in light of the recent Gail Simone news, but I want to know why you feel they reversed their decision on Gail Simone.

I am thinking that it’s not just a happy “the fans demand it!” decision, but more of an “Oh crap, we’re looking very bad for dumping one of our biggest creators, and one of our biggest female creators on top of that.”

I could be totally wrong, but tell me how many people have been dropped and picked back up so quickly like this in comics? Good for Gail, but WTF?

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