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Temptation’s Page – Archer and Armstrong #1, Page 17: Winner!

Okay, here is the winning challenger who submitted his take on Page 17 of Archer and Armstrong #1 by today’s celebrant, Fred Van Lente (which was originally penciled by Clayton Henry)!

Read on to see the script page and then the winning entry (based on your votes and Fred’s vote)!

Now do note that the entries (you can check them out here) were freakin’ AWESOME. Fred said as much to me when he voted, he said he was shocked by how good they all were. And he’s totally correct. They were amazing. The person with the most votes, though, through a combination of public vote and Fred votes, was…

Earl Yi

Congrats, Earl!

Check out Earl’s DeviantArt page here!


Not my cup of tea at all, but congratulations.

First panel is outstanding. Really sets the tone well.

The one thing I noticed we never saw, what did the actual published page look like?

That’s right, I’d like to see the original page by Clayton Henry, too.

Congrat’s to Earl :)

Congrats to Earl Yi and all the participating artists! It was fun to be part of such an impressive group and see all the different interpretations! I think its safe to say that vomit is pretty damn fun to draw!

Thank you, Brian and Fred!

You could buy the comic to see the published page…

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