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The Greatest Christmas Stories Ever Told! – #7

The countdown continues with 1996’s “Christmas Knight” from Starman #27 by James Robinson, Steve Yeowell and Wade Von Grawbadger…

The issue centers around two concurrent plots. One, the large O’Dare family (the red-headed cops who were major supporting characters in Starman) gather together to celebrate Christmas with each other (as well as with Ted Knight and the alien Starman, Mikaal) while Jack Knight, on his way to the party (while first getting ingredients for a punch), runs into a down on his luck Santa Claus…

The rest of the issue intercuts between Jack trying to find the man’s locket from the people who stole it from him and the various O’Dares ending up at the party (as we get updates on each of their respective lives). Along the way, though, the homeless Santa discovers a certain spark as old parts of his life long forgotten kick into action and he becomes just as much of a hero as Jack is during the night. Finally, when the day is “saved,” the two men part, as he lets Jack know his name is Pete. Of course, Jack can’t leave it at that…

So great.

Yeowell (whose name is spelled incorrectly in the credits, which is odd) does a striking job with all of the character work in the issue. Those facial expressions! Just outstanding. Robinson’s story is warm and heartfelt. A brilliant recipe for a Christmas classic.


I kinda knew this was going to be on the list somewhere before the countdown even started, but I’m honestly surprised that it ranked so high. Guess there are even more Starman fans around these parts than I thought.

Must be dusty around here – got a little something in my eye again . . .

We need more from the Starman end of the universe in DC today. But knowing them they would probably turn it into a dark place like everywhere else.

Starman holds up and stands the test of time. Great to see it on the calendar!

This is the first one in the countdown I had on my list, great story.

Damn, I forgot how some of those panels look. At times it’s great but turn the page and it really looks poor, especially the backgrounds and that white blank space that is supposed to be snow on the ground. Somehow that minimalism is too evident here.

@Nicole —

Modern DC can ruin/90s-ify ANYTHING.

@urbanlegend —

The illustrations in Starman were never on the same level as the writing. Not to say they were crap or anything, but it was the weak point of the book, if only relatively speaking.

This is the second story from my list to show up. Excellent issue, a standout even in a series that could do no wrong.

Reading this I remember why I loved Starman so much, really need to pick that series up again.

i loved this story in starman. not only jack bound and determine to get pete his locket back but also barry saying from one old solider to another welcome no tears tonight

My #1 choice right here. Such a great, emotional story.

I’ve never read the book and this doesn’t seem to be made clear in the last page, so I was just wondering–does Pete get the locket back?

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