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I Can’t Cover What I Am – Superman, Batman and Robin Goofing Off

In this feature, I spotlight comic book covers that follow a specific theme. Here is an archive of all the cover themes we’ve spotlighted so far.

Today, we look at a selection of early World’s Finest covers where Superman, Batman and Robin basically just goof off together. I think it is fun if you just pretend that all of these covers happened on one really amazing day off together.


When I first suggested this a few years back, I asked for someone to come up with a theme song for their wild day off, and reader Scavenger complied with a neat YouTube video of their day to the tune of Herman’s Hermits’ “I’m Into Something Good.”

As always, thanks to the Grand Comic Database for the covers!


I love that scene in the video where Superman, Batman and Robin come out of the theatre laughing like crazy after seeing Platoon…

Nice “Naked Gun” reference, BeccaBlast.

The first comic I ever received as a kid was an issue of World’s Finest Comics. Those covers and that video are awesome.

these are hilarious

I absolutely love the golden age world’s finest covers….
i really need to start looking for some lower grade copies of some of these…also, superman’s pal, jimmy olsen, sports quite a few great covers (and stories)…

Isn’t Superman immune to skunk smell? Or is he hyper-sensitive to it? Could a fiendish villain use skunk smell to drive him off? Discuss.

I have three of those issues! World’s Finest was a great golden age book.

Of the goofing off covers, one always stands out as strange to me in this day and age. http://www.atomicavenue.com/atomic/IssueDetail.aspx?ID=29568

Yeah, that was exactly my thought when I looked at the whole cover gallery of the first 50 or so issues of World’s Finest–best boys’ day out ever.

I’ve gotten a lot of use out of this one as a user icon in the past, just because it looks like Batman and Superman are giving each other a jumping high five.


these covers showcase something that has long been missing in superhero comics ..

FUN! being a superhero used to be fun .. now it is dark and disturbed .. and in many cases, a world of horror ..

which says something about how the world has changed, I think …

“Johnson, how’s the factory assembly coming on those Superman vs. Batman Fight-O-Meters? We need those on store shelves by Black Friday!”

“Ohhhh…you wanted *Batman.* Yeah, I can see how that would have made more sense…”

Oh man, that bicycle one is hysterical.

If you think these covers are fun, you should see the covers for the Australian reprint comic series “Super Adventure.”


By and large, these covers were taken from these WF covers… except that Robin was replaced with Superboy. Try to figure exactly how they would manage that…

One almost inevitably forgets when thinking of “The World’s Finest” it’s not just Batman & Superman but also Robin. It’s the reason why (Pre-Crisis) choosing the name Nightwing made so much sense.

Shoe shine one i priceless

World’s Finest was 15 cents and not a dime back then? How come?

@ marcus

World’s Finest started as a 96 page book. It lost some of that page count as time went on, but remained larger than average. I think it only became a standard page count book when it became a team up series.

Thanks for the info

There was a matching series of covers starring the Golden Age Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern for ‘Comic Cavalcade‘. Roy Thomas paid tribute to the first of the series when he launched All-Star Squadron as a sixteen-page insert in ‘Justice League of America‘ 193.

I think my favourite is Robin unplugging the strength tester.

This Christmas, I wish I could be adopted by two super-fun gay dads just like Robin!

Please tell me this isn’t just me but…..does the rock in issue 16 look a little…..phallic?

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