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The Greatest Christmas Stories Ever Told! – #2

The countdown continues with 1988’s ” “Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot”” from Christmas With the Superheroes #2 by Alan Brennert and Dick Giordano…

The story is a Deadman tale, showing how Deadman spends the holidays…

He tries to take a piece of other people’s holidays, but he realizes that that is pretty wrong of him, so he goes off by himself and decides to wallow in some self-pity…

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Talk about capturing the spirit of a character in just a few simple pages.

Wonderful work by Brennert, who we really ought to convince to write some more comic books. Forget those popular novels you write, Brennert! Why be content to have an acclaimed novel like your latest release, Palisades Park (read reviews of it here), when you could be writing comic books to please me?!?

And, naturally, the art by the late, great Giordano was strong, as always.

Great comic.


I realized this one was coming about 10 and figured it had a good shot at number 1.

I was amused by all the people discussing possible remaining comics when we got to number 3 who seemed to forget about this one.

This is only the third story from my list to show up. I figured this was a lock for the top three, and quite possibly would land the #1 spot. I definitely agree about Brennert; several of my favorite bronze age stories flowed from his pen.

I think this is only the second one from my list to show up. So it goes.

How is this not #1? Is #1 going to be a joke or something?

Brennert’s terrific. I have Palisade Park out from the library but haven’t started it.
This is the first one from my list (and came in at number one or two, I think). There’s just one of mine that might take the top slot.

Pretty much everything Brennert wrote for comics is brilliant.

I agree. . I’ve never seen a Brennert story without insight, intelligence, warmth and honour.

I prefer it this way, I think. I’d hate to see him start a regular gig and lose the ability just because he’s doing it over and again.

Sad that Kara in this tale was more Supergirl then the rage filled one we got now, and she didn’t even exist really here.

No mention of how this story got Mark Waid fired from his editorial job?

Wait that’s Kara, as in Supergirl? I know its a unique name and in hindsight what they were probably going for. But when I first read it I dismissed the idea, because she looks so much older and more mature for someone named SuperGIRL.

Totally surprised this isn’t number one — now I’m wondering if my other “lock” for the top three is even on the list at all.

Funny part is I even commented in the Legend about Ordway threatening to quit over this story, and I didn’t remember to add it to my list.

If I had voted for it, it certainly would have been #1. ;-)


Also, related fun-


You can say there’s no such thing as Kara, but as for me and Brennert, we believe.

Even though I commented in that old CBUL post, I didn’t remember it. Despite the obsession with keeping everything Crisis Correct, it’s still hard to imagine this story really represented the thin edge of the pre-Crisis wedge returning.

Wait, so is that actually a mask that Deadman wears all the time? Or was that some existential, pulling-off-the-face-he-hides-beneath thing?

It’s a mask that he wears, but since he is a ghost, it is a bit tricky, you know? As in, is anything he wears actually there?

Yeah, the mask is part of the costume Deadman wore as an acrobat, the costume he died in. “Deadman” was also his stage name as an acrobat, not something he took on because, you know, he’s dead. He can take the mask off, but mostly he doesn’t bother.

The “Deadman” name went along with performing without a net. And then, ironically …

A great story. I’ve been looking for this but haven’t been able to find it until now. Thank you for posting.

I’m delighted to see this story so high up, it’s one of the few comics that ever got me choked up. Just perfect.

Really surprised this didn’t make #1.

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